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Latest Patch Notes[PC] Consulate Hot Fix - 30th March 2020 (about 12 hours ago)


Year of Pig Skin

about 7 hours ago - UbiMorning on Forums - Thread - Direct
As Astor mentioned, it is no longer available to be purchased.

Revert Explosive Changes

about 8 hours ago - UbiMorning on Forums - Thread - Direct
For those who are unsure of the changes, here is the blog post explaining the changes that were made.

MP5 Recoil

about 8 hours ago - UbiMorning on Forums - Thread - Direct
I'm fairly certain there shouldn't be a difference from a base point of view? As Xcel mentioned, are you able to show a video comparing the two?

[PC] Consulate Hot Fix - 30th March 2020

about 12 hours ago - Ubi-Watermelon on Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey everyone,

A hot-fix for the lighting issue on Consulate will be pushed today, 30th March.

Platform: PC Only
Time: 10:00 EDT / 14:00 UTC
Estimated Downtime: 20 minutes
Originally Posted by DarthCynical
From what I've seen of the last couple of these things, it all looks like junk I would never use, and would only serve to further clutter up an already horribly cluttered charms and skins customization section that has no way of sorting the chaff from the grain.

So yeah, either a way of opting out altogether or a nice, simple way of organizing charms so that it doesn’t take an entire op selection phase just to change one. Both would be nice. Nice, indeed. Nice, nice, nice.
So to clarify, are you looking for a way to hide the BP from menus, or do you just not want the content that's in it?

Revert Explosive Changes

1 day ago - UbiMorning on Forums - Thread - Direct
Thanks for your input guys! Is it mostly irritating with C4s in particular? We are looking into feedback from the community on these changes at the moment.
Originally Posted by AnalBreacher24
"But Doc and Rook are a 1 Speed Op!" So? They have nothing to do during prep phase, other than reinforce walls and Rook putting down his armor in 2 seconds. Their lack of speed does not hinder them from moving around and spawnpeeking as they please. Their weapons have no recoil for the first important shots, and thanks to their armor, class, you cannot even kill them quickly like a Jäger, outside of a headshot.What is the counterplay other than to "git gud"? Doc may even heal himself back, unlike Jäger, who got punished for spawnpeeking by AT LEAST maybe losing some HP, making him easier to kill later.It becomes even worse, when you have BOTH of them on the same team at once, forcing you to deal with Über-Tank spawnpeekers that also have heals. ...
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Ubi doesnt give a damn about hackers

1 day ago - UbiMorning on Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey everyone! Please note we have noticed an increase in cheaters with the new season, and our team has been working to address this at this time. I don't have any details to share on the process, but we appreciate you guys sharing your concerns.

As for KBM usage on console, as said previously, native KBM support is disabled on our end. There is nothing further that can be done at this time. We strongly suggest reaching out to console manufacturers about support for KBM and third-party tools.

29 Mar

None of the current editions come with the base 20 operators anymore.
Hey there! For audio bugs, please see this thread for assistance. Thanks!

Montagne shield toggle option

2 days ago - UbiYubble on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by SycoLemur
I posted a forum last year and yet nothing has been said or done. I used to love playing Monty back when you had to hold the button for his shield to be extended. It was intuitive to me and pretty easy to use. Quite a few people wanted a toggle option added in and I have no problem with that. The problem is that Ubi has not implemented as an option but rather forced me to use toggle which I absolutely hate. I don't really care if you like being able to toggle it, I just want it to be an option. The response I got before was, "I don't think there is any plans to change it back since it was recently changed." Im not asking for it to be changed back, I just want the option to do it how I want to. With recent nerfs to ADS speed and with Oryx being introd...
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Originally Posted by neb600
They should keep this and add the ability to shoot out lights. The lower lighting is way more interesting thatn the super bright maps that currently exist
I'm actually super surprised to see some players genuinely liked the dark lighting.

28 Mar

I've deleted the other two threads. Please refrain from making duplicate threads about the same topic.

As we have previously stated, native KBM on console is disabled on our end. There is nothing further we can do at this time. We suggest reaching out to the console's manufacturers regarding KBM usage and third-party programs.

Rainbow six siege community is garbage

2 days ago - UbiMorning on Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey there! The best way to respond to toxic players is to use the reporting function and muting them in text/voice chat. Being toxic back is the exact reaction they want, and you are only feeding their goal. Please be mindful of this in the future.

Amuleto Pez Sonriente

3 days ago - UbiYubble on Forums - Thread - Direct
Hi Jery,

Unfortunately, I'm only able to provide Support in English. However, you can reach out to the Ubisoft Support team in your region for additional assistance.

Thank you!

Aprils fools challenge

3 days ago - UbiYubble on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by Stinger_a1
Well thinking outside the box being April Fools day.....Just sign into the game on the 1st........Could be anyone's guess.....Mean while back at the ranch watching everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off lol....
Possibly. Maybe you should grab three friends and find out.
The House lighting is as intended and has not been changed or bugged.

27 Mar

I don't think those bundles are available anymore. You can find those operators in specific editions of Siege.

Battle pass ideas

3 days ago - UbiMorning on Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey guys! We appreciate you guys sharing your feedback, but let's make sure it remains related to the Battle Pass content. If you're interested in sharing other ideas, you are more than welcome to create a separate thread.

Unable to buy R6 Credits.

4 days ago - UbiYubble on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by HeisenbergSnake
Whenever i try to buy r6 credits, either nothing happens, or i get an error, then i get email that says that is a potential fraud and that transaction is blocked.
But its my credit card, my steam account and uplay account. I don't know why is there a problem.
Thank you.
You should be able to purchase now! We had issues yesterday, but things look to be a-okay.
Originally Posted by croken717
Sooooo...is anything being done about this? This mechanic is clearly broken, and needs to be reverted back to the old way until the shrapnel changes can work as intended. I'm tired of seeing frags land right on top of people, or C4's land at their feet, and they live through it.
Right now we're just gathering community feedback on the Shrapnel system and bringing to the devs so they can look it over. Videos of these types of interactions would be super beneficial for our notes as well, so if you happen to come across any or make some yourself, feel free to drop them in the thread as well.

New BP and the lazy designers...

4 days ago - UbiYubble on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by SCOTTSON1
Can we get a thread dedicated to ideas from the community in what they’d like to see in future BP’s?
Sure! Feel free to start the thread if you like, and we'll add that to our notes as well.

New BP and the lazy designers...

4 days ago - UbiYubble on Forums - Thread - Direct
Thank you for this thread, folks. We'll be sending your feedback to the team at the end of the week.

consulate lighting change

4 days ago - UbiYubble on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by D4NW0LF
They be on it already - https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...-for-Consulate
Yup, we definitely... Read more
Been seeing this conversation a lot recently! Some players would like the option to choose between the two since certain colors look better with the black or beige version of the Holo.
When do they post? (GMT +0)
Something missing? Let us know and we'll add it!