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Originally posted by BBB_HMM: thank you guys. know the devs are working hard.

just curious if the black squares on all the B&B DLC UI for mac will be sorted with this one?

The fix for this issue is a bit more complicated that we anticipated, so it won't be included in this hotfix, but we will prioritize it so we can include it in the next one.
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Greetings Commanders,

Our work to improve the current state of the game continues this Monday with the release of hotfix #2. We are still working on a few fixes and finalizing the patch notes, but we want to reassure you know that we’re continually looking into the issues you have reported to us.

We would like to highlight that in hotfix #2 we aim to address the problems with birth control in the domes, drones trying to get to places they cannot reach, and missing images for anomalies.

We expect the hotfix to contain more fixes than this, and we're currently testing solutions for multiple other issues. We're hoping to have fixes for the hazards not triggering correctly, and duplicate anomalies. We'll continue to monitor the progress of these fixes and are hopeful that they will be in Monday's hotfix, but it will depend entirely on our internal testing.

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13 Sep

Game version: 1007874

Gameplay Improvements
  • The lander rocket now loads items in increments of 1 instead of 5.
  • Moved the cave-in clearing tech earlier in the tech tree, now appearing between position 5 and 8, instead of as the 13th tech.
  • Change the order in the cargo screens, grouping buildings of the same type together.
  • Rebalance rewards for recurring Recon Center discovery events.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed colonists and drones getting stuck in food stockpiles. Attention: the fix requires the rebuilding of depots and food production buildings that display broken behaviour!
  • Show the Lander Rocket immediately amongst the pinned items on Mars when it does its last second launch as an Asteroid goes out of range.
  • Lander Rocket now properly loads all drones when launching at the last second as an asteroid goes out of range.
  • ...
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

09 Sep

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Greetings Commanders,

We would like to let you know that our team is working hard to address some issues you have flagged with the Below & Beyond expansion and free content update.

You can expect the first hotfix to come out on Monday, September 13th, simultaneously on all platforms. It’s going to address the problem with disappearing pipes and cables, and change the Asteroid Lander increment from 5 to 1, among other fixes and tweaks.

We are also trying to help out players who are struggling with continuing their game on the pre-patch save files. While the hotfix should fix some of the more persistent issues on the old save files, for the best experience we recommend starting a new save file.

Finally, we would like to thank all the players for your patience, understanding, and the time you spent on sending the feedback and reporting the bugs to us.

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07 Sep

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Game version
PC: 7299998
PlayStation: 01.25

Below and Beyond
  • A new area to explore right beneath your colony. Uncovering what the Martian Underground has been hiding from us, perhaps we can even find something rivaling our wonders.
  • Expand your colony into the Underground, providing shelter against the hazards from the surface and bringing you closer to richer deposits.
  • Be careful, as there may be underground marsquakes that can lead to dangerous cave-ins.

  • Venture to asteroids as they fly past Mars, giving you a limited window to visit them.
  • Set up temporary mining outposts to extract as many rewards as you can from each asteroid.
  • Bring back Exotic Minerals, a new resource exclusive to asteroids, to improve your colony on the Martian surface and its underground.
  • ...
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Get ready to dig below the Red Planet’s surface and experience a hole new world, because Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond is now available!

With the Below & Beyond expansion, you can expand their colony’s horizons into underground caves and lava tubes, and beyond the surface to fleeting asteroids. The redefined Recon & Expansion tech tree gives you the tools to build, discover and evolve your colony. Construct underground buildings and bases to provide the colony with additional levels of protection against natural disasters. Leverage technological discoveries to mine passing asteroids for exotic resources - just make sure to get back before it leaves orbit!

Also, don’t forget about the brand new Mars Lifestyle Radio with its 16 original tracks. Available on all platforms!

06 Sep

03 Sep

Dev Diary #3 - Tech Tree and Free Update

Welcome back, Commander!

Good to have you with us one last time, we've got one more update for you about the development of the new Below and Beyond project. It's me again, Bart Vossen, design lead on the Below and Beyond planning and development team. Previously we went into the development of ... Read more