25 Sep


Please consider that MM does not take into consideration the fit of ships when determining how games and teams are matched.

Additionally to this, 3 CV games are limited to lower tiers and only occur if initial match making is unable to create teams with 1/2 CVs.


Some players no matter what is said will always claim something is broken, as I said in the sentence before - there will always be room for improvement. You're taking me a little too literally here.

Please recall that 3 CV games are limited to lower tiers and have a much lower chance of occurring - but there is still tactics a player can deploy to make it considerably more difficult for the CV to be effective against them.


Unfortunately these tags do not have the ability to be automated so that would rely on a community staff to manually add them which is not the best use of staff resources.



Needless to say this has derailed considerably from the initial intention of the thread - you all know what happens now...

Ultimately, we are monitoring bots on all servers at all times, we do regular sweeps and ensure that bot accounts are addressed. They receive a warning before being removed from the game.

If a player has an offensive / inappropriate name, please report it through the ticketing system and if it is deemed inappropriate they will be renamed.

In regards to what the thread has derailed into, I encourage you to review the forum rules and cease behavior that is in contradiction to it.

For us here at Wargaming, it doesn't matter what race, gender, nationality, etc that you are - you are a player and your opinion and concerns will be listened to the same as any player.

Focus on what unites us, not what separates us.


Heyo Mephiztopheleze and everyone else.

So while in your eyes, it may not be, the health and interaction between CVs and DDs is in a much better place than it has been in a very long time. Is there room for improvement? There always is with everything in life, but these interactions are no longer as "broken" as what they have previously been, both in pre- 8.0 and in the first few patches after.

Yes, CVs have the ability to spot you - however:

They can no longer spot the entire map at once anymore

They have to assess the opportunity cost of doing so since they can only play with one squad now

While they can drop a plane on you, this plane isn't super strong and at most lasts ~60 seconds

CVs are no longer able to detect torpedoes via planes

Air detection range is extremely small if DD AA is turned off

Yes, CVs have the ability to do dama...

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Heyo Anij,

We know that in sounds were bad, it was not intentional but caused by a series of bugs with the new sound engine. Majority of issues were resolved with the Hotfix that was specific to the sound engine, details of it can be found:

We furthermore followed up with a PSA on adjusting sounds following on from the engine here:

Instead of unjustifiably calling for staff to lose their jobs, if you are still experiencing sound related bugs, help document them in the appropriate thread so that we can see to making work on getting them resolved.



That change completely slipped my mind. Amended.

As per the video updates, I'm sure in time they will be updated and addressed if/when major changes occur to mechanics.


Heyo Skyfaller and everyone else,

First of all, thank you for the feedback on Sub mechanics so far, I'd like to take the opportunity to address some of your concerns.

Just a quick reminder that Sub mechanics and vital related numbers are WIP and subject to change and adjustment

Regarding the Ping Mechanic:

The ping mechanic is "game-y" because funnily enough, World of Warships is a game. While we do take historical circumstances into consideration during the design and development process, concessions do have to be made to ensure ships and classes are fun to play and have a role within the game. Landing pings while at close range (<5km) is relatively easy, but so is landing shells and torpedoes at similar range, but considerably harder the further the range increases - something even CCs attested to in the recent testing cycle. The "ping" system acts almost as a skill check, something that is considerably more interact...

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Accidents happen, we've all done it before.

Just reach out to support and they can help you with getting it restored.

I will caution you that these restorations can only be done so many times for a player, please ensure you are being cautious in future when selling ships/etc :)


Hey Everyone,

Things seem to be getting a little out of hand in this thread so lets try and stick to the facts and instead of demeaning each other work on helping out OP so they can understand better.

Firstly, as a few of the replies have already linked some great videos that explain some of the mechanics at play; namely these ones in my opinion are a good start:

The main mechanic it seems you are facing is to do with Damage Saturation, that is if you continue to fire at the same location on a ship, you will cease to do significant damage on that space. It is likely your first 2-3 shells performed as intended doing appropriate levels of damage and then your subsequent 3-4 shells were treated under the damage saturation guidelines which saw significantly reduced damage output.

Ships are divided into several sections or compartments, each with their ow...

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Heyo everyone,

For a little insight onto why there is staggered release of invitations, the server we are using for these tests is not one of our primary servers and is typically used as an internal testing for smaller groups of players / staff. Due to this, we are cautious of its stability during larger scales of tests. We initially opened the client to staff, CCs and privateers, and with each day based on stability released additional invites to the player base at large across all regions. The order in which players applied to test does not matter, it is a random draw.

We are hopeful, as stated in the article, to eventually grant testing access to all interested players across all regions. It is important that the server remains stable otherwise no one will get the opportunity to test in a viable environment.

There will be more opportunities to be involved in testing as we intend (will be based on needs) to hold multiple sessions to...

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Heyo Captains,

Just a small reminder that you have approximately 3 days left to finish Ranked Sprint Season 8 and receive your rewards.

What has been your ship pick for this season?

Details regarding Ranked Sprint seasons 8 and 9 can be found here.


24 Sep

Thank you all for participating in What's Your Birthday With!

We enjoyed reading about some of your fondest Warships memories.

Our luck 4 winners who will be granted their birthday wish are:

1. @Lord_Magus: Submarines are going ahead so you'll have to hunt them down in your brand new Lenin.

2. @Baby_Skeppy: Please don't hold any trials on board your brand new Salem!

3. @Falran: From all of us here at WG, congratz on your new Kidd

4. @L0rd_Vulcan: Little early in the year for Santa to stop by with his Coal, you may need to cause some havoc in your new Jean Bart before Christmas!

As a token of our appreciation for everyone who submitted a valid entry, we will also credit the following participants with 10x Anniversary Camos All prizes will be credited to your account within a few days. :

Thank you all onc...

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Unfortunately there is not a means to turn off this feature at this time.


Heyo Everyone

Just to clarify a few points on this matter:

If you disable your chat, you will still see the F-commands in chat so there are ways to communicate with your teammates

Map pings are still visible regardless of chat status

You also have the ability to disable chat from specific players as well if they are acting in a way you do not like

The new chat options allow better filtration and protection for our players, particularly our younger ones too.


In this case we had the unfortunate overlap with a Player Gathering on the event day, typically speaking staff are available when weekend events occur.

Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused by this and hopefully the compensation is suitable in this case.

We are optimistic the same issue will not occur on the 5th of October, and if something does pop up, community staff will be around.


23 Sep

Capitanes y comandantes! ¿Tengo un desafío para ti!

En honor a Unsinkable Sam entrando en el juego, nos hace preguntarnos sobre otras mascotas que nuestros Capitanes puedan tener, así que ...

Me gustaría invitarte a compartir una foto de tu mascota con los otros capitanes de World of Warships

Entre el 23 a las 12:00 UTC y el 29 a las 12:00 UTC de septiembre , responda a este hilo con una foto de su mascota y díganos su nombre.

Por ejemplo:

Este es mi amigo felino Muzet, o Mu para abreviar. Ella se niega a sentarse en las vueltas, pero en cambio insiste en que la sostengan por encima de mi hombro.


5 ganadores seleccionados al azar recibirán 1x Contenedor Sam Premium cada uno


Cualquier persona que envíe una entrada válida dentro del período recibirá: Camos de aniversario 10x


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(Instrucciones en español / Instruções portuguesas)

Captains and Commanders! Do I have a challenge for you!

In honor of Unsinkable Sam making his way into the game, its got us wondering about other pets our Captains may have, so....

I would like to invite you to share a picture of your pet with the other Captains of World of Warships

Between the 23rd 12:00 UTC and 29th 12:00 UTC of September, reply to this thread with a picture of your pet and tell us their name!

For example:

This is my feline friend Muzet, or Mu for short. She refuses to sit on laps but instead insists on being held up to be over my shoulder.


5 randomly selected winners will receive 1x Premium Sam Container each


Anyone who submits a valid entry within the period will receive:
10x Anniversary Camos

Capitães e comandantes! Eu tenho um desafio para você!

Em homenagem a Sam inafundável que entra no jogo, nos faz pensar em outros animais de estimação que nossos capitães podem ter, então ....

Gostaria de convidá-lo para compartilhar uma foto do seu animal de estimação com os outros Capitães do World of Warships

Entre as 23:00 12:00 UTC e as 29:00 12:00 UTC de setembro , responda a este tópico com uma foto do seu animal de estimação e diga-nos o nome deles!

Por exemplo:

Este é meu amigo felino Muzet, ou Mu, para abreviar. Ela se recusa a sentar no colo, mas insiste em ser sustentada por cima do meu ombro.


5 vencedores selecionados aleatoriamente receberão 1x Premium Sam Container cada


Qualquer pessoa que enviar uma entrada válida dentro do período receberá: 10x Camos de Aniversário


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Thanks for reaching out, this is however the information for WoWS not WoT, I suggest checking out their forums for more information:



21 Sep

Heyo Captains,

Today is the day and the Third iteration of Clan Brawl is upon us - with a brand new 3v3 format!

Gather 2 clans mates and yourself and get ready to fight. One DD, CA and BB per a side - whats your winning composition?

Decide when you will fight, each Clan will be able to select its preferred prime time:

ASIA 4:00 AM — 9:00 AM PT

CIS 8:00 AM — 1:00 PM PT

EU 9:00 AM — 2:00 PM PT

NA 6:00 PM — 11:00 PM PT

Get ready to fight for valuable rewards for your clan.

All the details for Clan Brawl can be found here.

Yup! We found that out today XD

I sent out a follow up email suggesting parking at the Harborside Garage which is $6 for 4 hours

18 Sep

If you do not see the TST Region, then you just need to relaunch the WGC to be able to select the client.

You need to close the WGC from the task bar completely, as such:


Have you reloaded the WGC completely as per the instructions?


This could not be further from the truth.

Everyone, repeat after me; There is no manipulation made to the MM based on a players skill

Players who play in three man divisions (often with those from the same clan because hey, they're friends) have better chances of winning due to external factors such as:

Compounded individual skill

Use of external communications (voice coms)

Coupling of compatible ships that work well together

But again, and I repeat; There is no manipulation made to the MM based on a players skill

The only "sway" on MM has to do with how often you get up-tiered which was released with the last patch.