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20 Sep

And now for me. Hello everyone, it’s me Jonathan, here to write about some of the content I have helped with creating for Finland for the upcoming expansion. I have been jumping around and helping my fellow content designers wherever help has been needed for AAT, whilst working on other stuff in the background.

The White Death
During the winter war, the Finnish fought fiercely to stave off Soviet attacks, cleverly using a combination of their (as mentioned in the previous Finland Dev Diary) Motti Tactics alongside snipers, who had been trained either by the Suojeluskunta (Finnish voluntary militia Civil Guard) or as hunters or Jaegers. Among these snipers was Simo Häyhä, who thanks to Finnish propaganda later came to be known as the White Death. The White Death however, despite being said to have been attributed to Häyhä by Soviet soldiers, to them rather symbolized the severe cold in the deep forests, and the tenacity of the Finnish people in a more general sense.

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Moi! It is Mano de Zombi again to welcome you all to a new HOI4 Dev Diary for the upcoming DLC Arms Against Tyranny, and just a heads up this one is going to be split in two here on Steam since its a hefty one!

Today we’ll be talking about the alternative history available to Finland with the new DLC. In case you missed it, you can read more (a lot more) about the Historical content for Finland ... Read more

19 Sep


Now that the QnA is wrapping up, we've got yet another announcement for you all:

We're proud to introduce HOI4 Frontlines - the brand new Hearts of Iron E-Sports community hub to help you set up your own Paradox supported HOI4 multiplayer events!

Find out more below!


13 Sep

Hey there, everyone, Carlo here. As Content Designers, and developers, we not only make content, but we’re always trying to find new tools to do our job better and faster. And since HoI4 is crazy moddable, these tools are available to modders too, these are some of the new things you’ll be able to do when making mods, starting with Joint Focus Trees.

How do you make a Joint Focus Tree? Well, at its core, a JFT is a Shared Focus Branch, one where depending on conditions, has a set of member countries, and the completion of the focuses is shared between them, and different effects apply either to the country completing them, to the rest of the countries or to all of them equally.

After that it’s all Joint Focuses, and they’re different in a few ways. First thing you’ll notice is the text_icon parameter, we’ll talk about later, b... Read more

06 Sep

Velkommen tilbage to Danne’s Danish corner and the country where one of its leaders looks like Santa Claus while another one is literally named Christmas. It’s time for another Danish bashing Dev Diary, where we’ll look at what kind of alt-history shenanigans Denmark can do to avoid their world-breaking record for fastest capitulation. Will they be able to withstand German Panzer divisions? Will they be able to ally with the Germans? Will they be able to avenge their humiliating defeat of 1864? Will anyone finally make sense of the Danish language? Of all these questions, I have the least hope for the last one…

Before we get started, you might want to read up on the Historical Dev Diary[forum.paradoxplaza.com] if you haven’t done so, and keep i... Read more

31 Aug


Arms Against Tyranny is on the horizon, and with it, our latest Pre-Order bonus track Säkkijärven Polkka!

In this latest video, we're letting you get behind the scenes in its production!

Make sure to check it out here[pdxint.at]


30 Aug

Good morning/evening/night!

Summer break is over here in Sweden, most of the team is back from vacation and it's full steam ahead towards the finnish line. As mentioned in the last Swedish DD there’s two designers for the Swedish tree, so you might see both of us answer in the comments below. Without further ado

Communist Sweden In game the path to communist Sweden is to the left side (we finally managed to have the communist path on the left and the fascist one one the right) of the democratic historical path where you instead choose to align with the Swedish trade union to unlock some communist advisors

When your support for the cause is high enough, you can flip communist with the leader Nils Flyg. This guy definitely does not fit into the HoI mold as he became disillusioned with the Soviet Union and became pro-axis.

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28 Aug


The Steam Strategy Fest is starting now! We've got the deals for you all to get the packs you want or need for up to 70 percent off!

Base Game
  • Hearts of Iron IV 70% off
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Starter Edition 70% off
  • Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone 30% off
  • Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back 30% off
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus 50% off
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor 60% off
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Together For Victory 60% off
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger 60% off
  • Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance ...
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24 Aug


Our next Feature Breakdown Video on Arms Against Tyranny is here!

With it comes a look at the Finnish Focus Tree and a look at the first Major Feature of the Expansion: The International Market!

Make sure to check out the video here[pdxint.at]


23 Aug

Hej everyone, it’s me, Carlo! Katten has been staring at me from the other side of the office all morning, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for me to write another Dev Diary! Now, I’ve already talked about Historical Norway, the Joint Focus Tree, and modding stuff so there’s only one more thing I could write about, and that’s our favorite kamerat, LevTrotskij.

Known outside of Norway as Leon Trotsky, he was one of the most prominent members of the bolsheviks in the Soviet Union, renowned marxist theorist, known for his permanent revolution, and even more permanent exile. He was Lenin’s successor apparent, but Stanlin’s political maneuvering forced him out of the government and eventually out of the Soviet Union. After that, he was allowed to move to Norway, with the newspaper editor, Konrad Knudsen. So far so good.

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17 Aug

Esteemed Generals!

As the warmth of summer fades and the brisk embrace of winter draws near, we are thrilled to unveil the pre-order for the upcoming expansion, "Arms Against Tyranny." Mark your calendars for its grand release on the 10th of October.

To add an... Read more

09 Aug

Hey everyone! I’m Plankie and one of the programmers on Hearts of Iron. Large parts of my work consists of feature work, bug fixing, and general game improvements. My absolute favorite part of game development is working with the AI and trying to make it more fun and interesting and immersive to play with. So, in this week’s dev diary I’ll focus on showing how the AI interacts with one of our major new features: The International Market

On a very high level, there are a few things that the AI needs to be able to do in order to utilize the market:

  • Gain market access so that we can see what other countries have put up for sale
  • Sell equipment to others, i.e. putting equipment up for sale on the market
  • Buy equipment from others, i.e. decide what we want to buy and how much

It also needs a surplus of equipment to sell, but fortunately the AI already knows how to produce equipment, s... Read more

04 Aug


As many of you saw, the Open Beta has now been closed, but that doesn't mean we don't want to hear back from you. We know the Beta sparked a lot of discussion, but R&D want to hear directly from the frontlines!

If you participated in the Summer Open Beta, let us know in this survey below how its been for you.

Fill it out here -> https://pdxint.at/47f0R6O

That's all from us today, see you next week with yet another Developer Diary, and have yourselves a great weekend!

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02 Aug

Greetings all,

We’re still well in the middle of Swedish vacation time, but our regular schedule is not entirely interrupted: today’s diary covers a few of the smaller features being added in AAT.

Special Forces Doctrine
For a while now we’ve wanted to give countries a way of specializing their special forces. Numerous militaries relied heavily on these elite troops, and some branches of what HOI4 terms ‘special forces’ really found their identity during and around the second world war.

I believe we’ve reached a good saturation point for equipment designers, and I wanted to tackle special forces in a manner that better befits strategic capability over detailed stat modification. The prolonged global conflict our game portrays led to significant doctrinal development when it comes to how militaries employed elite forces, and this seemed like a good place to start.

In AAT, a fourth doctrine page has been added:
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26 Jul

Joint Focus Tree Dev Diary

Hej hei folks! Carlo here, and I’m super excited to present this new feature, probably the first to be made with multiplayer in mind. Just remember that this is all work in progress so you’ll definitely see stuff that will change for release.

Let me start with a hypothetical scenario:

You and your friends decide to play a co-op campaign of Hearts of Iron. You get your healthy snacks and drinks, jump into a voice chat and load the game, hoping to play as Monarchist Poland. There’s one problem though, one of your friends wants to play as monarchist Lithuania, and hopes to annex Poland and the other Baltic nations. If this has happened to you, then you’ll love the Joint Focus Tree. Actually I’m sure you’ll love it even if it hasn’t.

As nations that start the game disadvantaged against the big majors, a lot of minors rely on absorbing the countries around them to be able to compete. This happens with the Baltics, China, Sout... Read more

19 Jul

Hello there, it's me C0RAX.

This week we are going to talk about some of the small features coming with Arms Against Tyranny, these are small things that add or change the game to increase the QoL or add to the game.

So this week we have 3 main groupings;
  • Division Structure
  • Economy
  • Presets
Division Structure First up we have division structure changes. The way you make a division has been fairly static for quite some time. With this update there are some new changes that increase the challenge and compromises you will have to make when designing your divisions.

First up we have some changes to the categories for each brigade that you choose when you pick the first battalion for each vertical column. Previously we had both artillery, AA and AT in the same category as maneuver units like infantry and tanks. This is no longer the case; artillery, AA, and AT are now in their o... Read more

13 Jul

Not only do we have a Developer Diary this week for you, but we also have some intel from the Development team about some of the features coming to Arms Against Tyranny! This is the first video fo a few that we have planned for you all, so we hope you enjoy!

Make sure to check it out The Video[pdxint.at]

12 Jul


Hello everyone!

My name is John and I’m the 3D artist for Hearts of Iron IV here at Paradox! For this week's Dev Diary, I will be giving you all a behind-the-scenes look at my role in the team and our process for making the 3D art for Hearts of Iron IV.

My role is to create and manage all the 3D art in the game! Not all 3D art is created by a single individual, however. To save time we also have help from various talented outsourcing partners to make sure we can have as much juicy art ready for release as possible!

During this diary, there may be some terminology that may or may not be familiar to you but I will try and make sure that everyone can enjoy reading this and get a glimpse into the 3D art for Hearts of Iron 4.

Creating, tweaking, and managing all this 3D art is a lot of work but it is also a fun and rewarding process so let’... Read more

06 Jul

Hello there, it's me C0RAX.

A bit of the different DD than you’re used to this week. I'm here to introduce a new thing I will be doing over the summer. This summer for weeks we will be giving you the chance to test some of the balance changes coming with the 1.13 Stella Polaris patch. These changes are hand picked for testing in order to get feedback from the community on specific changes that might have large impacts. These changes will affect all three major combat groups (Army, Air, and Navy), and vary from value changes to some new functionality and behavior so be sure to read the change list so you know what you're getting yourself into.

So let's go into how this is going to work. From July 6th until August 3rd there will be a special Summer Open Beta branch on steam, this ... Read more

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