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From time to time after TU 1.4.1 was released I get this strange glitch when I kill enemies.

It doesn't matter where I am or who/what I kill, but when the killing is done I believe I can see a glimpse of "confirm kill" sign, and then it disappears.
It never happened before.

4 months ago - Ubi-Froggard - Direct link

Hey @bielik01

Apologies that this thread never received a reply. I'll forward these videos on to report this for you too.

4 months ago - Ubi-Borealis - Direct link

Hello there @bielik01!

The development team have been taking a closer look at this report, and they would like you to provide some additional videos for us. In the videos you have provided, they're unable to see the "Confirm Kill" icon you're referring to. I've taken a look at your videos and I can see a brief white flash after you kill some of the boars / wolves (0:07 in your first video). Is this what you're referring to?

If you could provide another video that demonstrates the issue you're encountering more clearly, that would be very helpful.

Thanks! 😊

4 months ago - Ubi-Borealis - Direct link

Thanks for clarifying that further for me, @bielik01. I'm going to pass this information along to the development teams to assist in the ongoing investigation.

If you're able to capture any more footage that shows this issue happening more clearly in-game, please would you be able to share it within this thread? I can then add this to your report to the development team.

Thanks! 😊

4 months ago - Ubi-Borealis - Direct link

I understand, @bielik01. I've provided the timestamps of the white flashes to the development team to see if this can help to highlight the issue occuring in-game. If we require any additional information from you, we'll reach out within this thread.

In the meantime, I would keep an eye out for any future updates within the News & Announcements forum.

Thanks! 😊

4 months ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link

Hey @bielik01, appreciate your input there and will make sure to forward this over together with the rest of the information provided! 🙂

Should you happen to have any further queries or run into any other difficulties, do not hesitate and drop us a message at any time!

4 months ago - Ubi-Viral - Direct link

@bielik01 Thank you for providing this. We will pass it along.

3 months ago - Ubi-Gizmo - Direct link

Hey there @bielik01, thank you for getting back in touch. I want to apologise for the delay, I have taken a look into it from my end and I can confirm that the development team are still actively looking into it. Once we have more information to provide, we will post it below and let you know.