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I killed everyone in the cave. I killed the person with the key with an arrow with ability to pass through the rock, well now the key shows up inside the rock wall but there is no way to access it. I have left and come back, more druids show up and I kill them but key is still in the wall. Therefore I cannot get the guy out of the cell and complete the quest. Thanks for any help.

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Hey @loonycat67

This is a known issue we are currently looking into. Can you upload your save game to the cloud in-game and let us know when this has been done so we can forward your save on to the dev team please? 

A workaround has been found for one user so far but it is a bit of a slow one but you are welcome to try it:

  1. Fast travel to Rathdown Trade Post (roughly 1000 meters away from the site)
  2. Wait more than 21 min (you can do other things in the mean time, as long as it's far away still)
  3. Go to Tuam
  4. Enter the cave again
  5. Everything should be respawned and you should be able to get the key from one of them.

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