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Dear Ubisoft,

Completionist all the way trophy is bugged,

i got all the wealth, artifacts and mysteries in every region, i'm in end game lvl 400.

the regions i got them all:


i didn't completed the main story yet maybe it has to do with that perhaps, or i got the feeling it has to do something with that East Anglia and Vinland wealth bug, 16/17 and 4/5, i managed to get these and no trophy popped,.
My mission The lost Cauldron is bugged, but i got everything there aswell (wealth artifact and mysteries)
i can make screenshots of all 100% completed regions if must.

i hope for a solution, cause i don't want to redo all over again

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Hey there.

Sorry to hear you're affected by this.

Can you provide us with images or even better video of your map showing you have completed everything in order to unlock the achivevement? Thanks.

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