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I owned every AC game and played 95% stealth...Stealth in this game is broken. They can see through walls, buildings and sometimes when they do spot you...It goes instant red. Please resolve these issues. If not, I will get a refund because the game is broken.

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Hey @icekingof74

You can try changing the difficulty of stealth elements:

• Open the Options menu in game.
• Switch to the Gameplay tab.
• Locate the Stealth section.
• Select Stealth Difficulty.
• Choose Apprentice (Easy)Assassin (Default) or Master Assassin (Hard) to change the difficulty.

Hopefully that will help you out playing in a stealthier combat style.

9 days ago - Ubi-Woofer - Direct link

@IceKingof74 - Thank you for sharing the link to that Reddit post with us. This is a topic that we've had raised to us previously, and feedback has been passed to the development team accordingly. Could you possibly share a video clip demonstrating the behaviour you have noticed whereby you are noticed even when approaching an enemy / objective in stealth, or under cover? If spotted, can you also show that the reaction is immediate? It would also be helpful if you could clarify the overall difficulty you are playing on in terms of the story as well as stealth. Thanks!

@VINI_K1_123 - As above, could you also provide a video that shows the type of experience you have had with the stealth mechanics in-game? Please also let us know which difficulty settings you chose for the story / stealth. Thank you!

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Hello there!

@blacktiefamily - Thanks for sharing that video with us. Just to confirm, is this a video you created yourself, or is it a video you found created by another player on YouTube? We can then include this information in your report.

@VINI_K1_123 - Thank you for providing us with additional feedback from your own experience with stealth in-game, and for providing suggestions on how you would change this. I'll forward these suggestions to the development team for further consideration.

If you are able to record any issues you've encountered with the current stealth behaviour in-game, please don't hesitate to share these videos with us so we can take a closer look.

Thanks! 😊

1 day ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Thank you for confirming this blacktiefamily, we will pass this information onto our AC team.

Should anyone be able to provide any more video examples of this, in different locations, using different approaches, please post some in this thread and please show us the stealth options you are using in the menu.

We will happily pass this on to the team as feedback and to help try and replicate the exact same situations.