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Aw, it was so great to meet you. Loved the questions you asked. I hope I wasn't too awkward! 🤣😅

Glad you felt the panel was informative. I was so nervous, that room was packed!!! 🥰💕

27 Mar

24 Mar


Originally posted by Pshieldss

Will we be getting Freehold information soon?

We haven't shared any ETA, for when Freeholds will be featured on a future Development Update Livestream.

We know there are players excited to learn more about Freeholds, and see buildings, and cosmetics on those buildings, working within that system. When we're ready to share this on a livestream, we definitely will. 😎


Originally posted by BrokkrBadger

any news on when to expect more class reveal type content? Thought we were gonna do a string of those after tank but alas =(

Mage is the next archetype we plan to feature! 💫

While we won't focus on the Mage during the March Development Update livestream, it'll be on one of our next livestreams. 😎


Originally posted by FLBNR

Will this be a deep dive of Carphin or a tall climb?

This livestream intended to be more of a brief glimpse than either a deep dive or tall climb of the Tower of Carphin. This won't be a full dungeon crawl.

If you're excited to learn more about our lore and dungeons, you won't want to miss this livestream!