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⚔ We decide to finish the fight and attack! After suffering multiple blows, the enemy team runs away. As our cleric starts to heal our group, we check our pack to make sure everything is in order.

😱 Our precious gem is missing! What do we do?

😴 Rest and recover.
💨 Go after them!

To be continued...
Typically I like to play elves or elven-type characters, but with all of the amazing beard options I've been seeing lately for the Dünir (especially for the ladies), I might just have to live that short life in-game too.

15 Dec


I understand that the first tier is set at 75 because of the additions with it but what happens if you buy from multiple months? You have a lot of copies and currency you didn't really want if you just want the cosmetics.

If you already have a pre-order pack, you have the ability to purchase future individual cosmetics (at the same or lower level as your current pack) as add-ons. So that is not an issue. =P

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10 Dec


ask questions as you kill them.

"Hello sir on a scale from 1 to 10, how does dying feel?"