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20 Mar


Thanks for the video. QA was able to reproduce the issue and spotted the problem. Will be fixed soon :)

19 Mar


Hmmm. Recently I was pointed to this thread so I just tried my dev build and the touchpad swipes were still working fine just as before. Am I missing something? Is this not working for everyone or just one person?

P.S. Keep in mind, hold functionality has never been supported (both BF1 and BFV) since I haven't found the time to implement it.

18 Mar


We've been doing permanent bans on HW id in Battlefield since a long time ago.

It works against the casual cheaters but any decent cheater can change their HW id and bypass the HW bans in Apex, Battlefield or any other game.

Nothing interesting in that article which Battlefield anti-cheat hasn't covered already.

16 Mar

15 Mar

14 Mar


Originally posted by FullyLowkey

I thought this was already fixed. Either way yay for bullets going where the sights are.

Yes, it was fixed in general but found some math bugs which were introducing a bit in some cases.

All math is fixed now :)You will not notice much besides you may get the feeling that you aim better :) Magic

Lots of players won't notice any changes because there are no changes in the weapons visuals and whether one's bullet went 5 pixels or so off or not is not that easy to tell (unless one is a really experienced player or a pro)


Originally posted by stuwoo

As u/cedimedi said, previously you could switch to the other fire mode after shooting a round. Now you have to wait for a reload to switch fire mode.

A comment from u/braddock512 when asked was as follows:

It created an animation bug when switching ammo type between firing and reloading, so it was intentionally disabled for now. I'm chatting with one of our weapon devs right now to see what the status is.

This happened as a result of fixing not being able to switch to secondary.

Ah, thanks for clarifying. :)


Originally posted by Forgd

Please fix Twisted Steel for the love of god. The attacker do not need a tank to take objectives in that mode. Its ridiculous to give them one. Playing Attack isn't fun cause its too easy. Playing defense isn't fun cause its impossible. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

So you'd rather not have a tank at all? Or one tank per team?


The chat system in the game changed (vs. the one used in BF1/BF4/etc.) and the new one doesn't have the feature to show system messages. When/if that gets reimplemented, Fairfight messages can come back.

And even though you don't see any stats currently, every day lots of cheaters are banned for good from BFV

13 Mar


Originally posted by stuwoo

Please fix mode switching between reloads. Loved this gun at the start.

Can you elaborate a little bit?


I love this so much. Sharing it internally. Thank you 🙏 for making it


I’d love to see transport vehicles take a little more damage before they go immobilized. It seems like the first hit from any explosion they slow to a crawl and you have to abandon them.

As far as vehicles to add I’d love to see B-17s,B-24s, and B-29s. I loved the B-17 in BF1942 and the muromets inBF:1. I’ve always been a fan of the slower heavier bombers vs the current fast ones in game. To round out planes the P-38 lightning just looks to cool not to have on my armory screen.

Soviet Katyusha Rocket trucks. Another one of my BF1942 favorites. It should be weak as a transport, but rain fire death onto the battlefield.

Finally my favorite vehicle from BF1942 submarines. I mean who doesn’t want to stealthily surface next to an enemy boat, climb up on its deck and knife everyone in gun emplacements?

11 Mar

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09 Mar

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