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09 Mar

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Originally posted by sirdiealot53

thanks tiggr :D

hows your time off? hows the baby?

It's getting routine now, and it's pretty great I must say :). Finally have time to play games for the first time off work for like 4 years. Got some catching up to do.

08 Mar


Originally posted by DigTw0Grav3s


  • Good variety of options.
  • Looking forward to the rumored AA launcher.
  • Frag Grenade Launcher should probably compete with PIAT and 'Faust for slot space.


  • The medical crate needs some reason to take it over the pouches.
  • Desperately need some gadget variety here. Less things that explode and more utility.


  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give limpet. つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • I'd like to see a bangalore option, with an emphasis on destroying fortifications.


  • Best variety out of all of the classes right now. Build gadget variety like this.
  • It would be nice to buff the sniper decoy up a little bit.
  • This class is crying out for a trip flare gadget.
  • Bring back K Bullets to take advantage of the bullet penetration mechanic, and hinder vehicle repairs.

General notes:

  • Current variety is poor.
  • AP mines ...
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When in doubt, Limpet out!


Originally posted by gmiwoj

IS THIS... a full frontal shield in a stationary AT gun that protects you from getting instantly sniped?

what kind of super advanced magic space technology is this?! what's next? maybe it can even turn around?

just imagine the possibilities! if we had couple of those, war would be over in a week!

The first person animation doesn't suggest it, but you are actually in full cover when aiming/idling the gun. The player is only exposed during reload. I am 99% that's how it since we released the Operation. Wasn't like this on launch though.


Originally posted by NoctyrneSAGA

Yep. This kind at least. Impact damage can be non-linear but blast so far is linear only.

For now.

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Originally posted by klarcwgrizwald

You hardly hear anything about it anymore but they are definately not right yet. Way too many wtf still with gunplay and after a few games my eyes are strained from trying to see into every dark nook and pile of wood. If i adjusted my screen anymore it would be solid white. Footsteps are also still hit and miss.

For netcode, turn on netgraph - and record video and post it for us! It will help find any remaining issues and fix em.

For visibility, specific areas and places called out usually is he way - it's based on per weather lighting settings and it's per area as well. So shoot em!


I’d love to see the Limpet Mine return to support. It was such a fun and unique gadget. I’d also like smoke grenades to be an item every class can use, and refillable by ammo crates. Just the smoke grenades not the grenades that cause damage.

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Originally posted by CornMang

I just looked it up to be more sure but I am fairly certain that DICE Sweden is making BFV, I couldn't find any sources saying LA make the game.

Do you have any by chance?

Hey, I sure was part of both - and we're one DICE...

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I might be on parental - so I am donning my player hat: Dice pls!!


Originally posted by natemach97

Hey! I have a question for ya that you may or may not be allowed to answer. When you say that "I designed the Rush setups on both" do you mean that you and only you designed it, or you worked with a team to design it and you were the lead on those? I understand if you're not allowed to tell me that, but I would love to know.

Also, I really enjoy seeing you and other DICE employees being more and more active on Reddit. Keep up the good work, wishing you and yours the best

I and only I set up where the objectives are placed, where the combat area is going to be and where the spawns are, as well as some other things, at least on Narvik and Twisted Steel.

I haven't designed the specifics of how Rush functions as a game mode, that is up to our great game-mode team. :)


Originally posted by vitalityy

You need to look no further than the map design of BC2 and BF3 for inspiration on how to do rush correctly. I'm sure I dont need to tell you that the rush gamemode requires far more attention to detail than conquest due to the linear playstyle of the gamemode. I'm going to be honest, releasing rush 4 months post launch on only 3 maps seems like a way to set it up for failure, and die hard rush fans like myself don't hold much faith. I fear that fumbling this role-out in combination with the gamemode getting stale as its only 3 maps will lead to you guys saying "Hey guys we tried Rush, it just wasn't popular" and if thats the case, I and all the people I played rush with in past titles will be gone for good.

From my perspective at least, this is a chance to let you guys be in and help us define if Rush has a place in Battlefield V, and what that means. I'm very grateful that you and others spend so much time voicing your opinion in a constructive and detailed way - that way we can make the game greater, together. :)


Originally posted by Kestrel1207

First of all I wanna apologize in case I came off as overly harsh when saying something like "absolutely atrocious", of course it's just massive exaggeration, you know how people do on the internet. Didn't mean to insult anyone's work or anything like that, obviously.

I didn't get a chance to play Narvik's second phase yet, unfortunately, but the 1st and 3rd sector on Narvik kind of has similar issues to the ones I mentioned for Twisted Steel.

1st phase Narvik currently is:

It's pretty much the same thing. The MCOMs are very close to the out of bounds in direction of Attacker spawn again, meaning that essentially, if the Attacker can push out of his "spawn", they're directly at the MCOM.

Here's my very awful and not really thought out at all microsoft paint attempt to show what I'd change:

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It might be just from my experience working on Breakthrough, but I've always been a little bit wary of giving defenders too much combat area movement away from the objectives because it can result in them taking positions the attackers doesn't expect (which is normally fine) and spend most of their time shooting said attackers in the side, which is a pretty common cause of frustration - "I get shot from everywhere" etc. Flanking and moving up as a defender is a valid strategy though - so those two things kind become two ends of a scale that have to be balanced.

That said, I agree with what you're saying and will take it to heart, and will likely at least change sector 1 Narvik. Thank you again for giving such detailed feedback. :)

07 Mar


Originally posted by Reclusifer

Really dont see why they didnt just tweak the breakthrough maps ever so slightly. That would of sufficed.

Anything that you personally would like to see?


Hello! I designed the Rush setups on both Narvik and Twisted Steel! Thank you for the informative feedback post!

I hear you about the first two sectors on Twisted Steel, its all very valid feedback! :) Do you think the 3rd and 4th sector are better?

How do you feel about Narvik vs Twisted Steel? I wanted to give the defenders more room to maneuver on Narvik, especially in sector 1 and 2.

If you have any more specific feedback (I'd LOVE to see some scribbles on the deploy screen or using the spectator tool) don't be afraid to tag me or write it here. Thank you!

06 Mar

The end of an thunderous journey is nigh, as Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes enters its final weeks. Before Chapter 3: Trial by Fire arrives, there are, however, plenty of Battlefield™ V happenings left in Lightning Strikes. Below, we’ll detail Chapter 2’s final Chapter Event, Unstoppable Force, and its two Weekly Challenges.

The Weekly Challenges contain some tasks related to ...

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Originally posted by UniQue1992

edit: I'm stupid I read it wrong and thought Florian was against it. My bad!

I think you didn't read my reply

05 Mar


It's not the first time that i see this feature suggested but it's for sure something that i would personally love to see down the line!

+Bonus points for my liberator kill

DRUNKKZ3 not DRUNKZZ3 !!!!!!

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