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14 May


This is absolutely mental!

And here I am, trying to understand the controls and somehow managing to keep throwing my sword away.

13 May

12 May

11 May

10 May


Hello there!

Today we’re sitting down with our Engagement Team for another preview of Quality of Life changes coming during Season 5.

As one of the most frequent requests by the Community, we wanted to let you know ahead of time that Squad Management will release as part of the upcoming Season 5 update. We understand that you’ve been looking forward to this feature for quite a while, and we want to start with acknowledging your patience while we’ve worked to make it available for you. The team is keen to get it into your hands, so let’s tak...

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09 May

08 May


Hello there!

Heads up - the latest Inside Battlefield Podcast episode is now available. Join the team as they talk through a preview of the Squad Management and Squad Orders features coming during Season 5.

Tune in via ...

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Originally posted by luiscarnage

About Squad Orders, there are no mentions there about leader takeover.

You know, when you request orders and the leader gives you no sh!t, you get to be the new leader. Nobody wants a leader who does not lead IMHO.

If you don’t want to be the leader then you can pass it someone else.


Originally posted by immortale97

Those podcast are so cringe , they waste half of time to read fake questions and give the classic corporative answers that means literally nothing and are just used to mix the waters and help the lawyers

Can you clarify that feedback? We just give a short preview of the features. There’s no Q&A in this episode.


Originally posted by HyperXuserXD

Probably soon with dev note like how they did with the vault weapon update info

Correct. Blog is upcoming.

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