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22 May


Originally posted by CazualGinger

Good changes. Glad they're finally happening. Defending on breakthrough should be less painful.

However, the condor might need it's health buffed back to prior levels again. That thing is struggling rn, I don't think I've survived in one for more than 2 minutes recently lol

We're monitoring transport helis closely. If we see it needs further changes then we are able to make them happen.


Originally posted by FreeMeter

All good changes. Props to the team for listening to community feedback!

And we appreciate all of you for continuing to share your thoughts and feedback with us. Going through all the vehicle loadouts was a big undertaking for the team, so we're excited to get it into your hands.


Originally posted by Castortroy16

Will it drop when season 5 comes out ? New player so sorry if a stupid question



Join the Battlefield team for another podcast episode of Inside Battlefield where they discuss how we’re reworking the loadouts for all vehicles in Season 5, alongside further vehicle Quality of Life changes.

Tune in via ...

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20 May


Solo mode is great, and there are some aim training experiences within Battlefield Portal that you can use too if you feel the need to do so.

But what I would also say is, don't take it so seriously, find what you enjoy and makes you happy while you're playing and go from there. It isn't about topping the board, or having an amazing KD ratio or win ratio, but it is about having fun. Find that place

19 May



I came in here expecting to see an actual friendly TK, and I was preparing myself for 'Wat?'

This vid however is the preferred type, and very lovely stuff indeed!

18 May

17 May


Originally posted by guacamolegamerfartss

Irish Areas of Improvement


where improvement?

It's an improvement in terms of readability towards gameplay versus just dropping it and many players not understanding what it does.


Originally posted by PoopyButtholePooersn

Absolutely ZERO need for the Irish nerf

Players who main Irish usually find themselves as one of the ONLY defenses against grenade and explosive spam

Why is this something you choose to tinker with if the GAMING community has NOT asked for it?? What better model of game performance do you have than listening to the critiques of the thousands of people who play this game DAILY??

I can guarantee you right now, 100%, that once you nerf APS, within the following week you will hear an excessive amount of complaints of too much explosive spam, but hey not like you’re going to read this or listen, because if you guys ever did that, we wouldn’t have these problems to begin with

We're talking more next week about how we're addressing prevalence of explosive weaponry which spawns mostly from vehicle gameplay.

We know vehicles are not the only area where we can make improvements on that front. But that's where we are making the first changes we can talk about right now.

Stay tuned for those details.


Hello there,

With Season *5 just around the corner for Battlefield™ 2042, we’re back today to talk about some additional Quality of Life (QoL) improvements that will be launching alongside the new Season.

Dozer and Irish are the subjects of today’s discussion, as we feel they need some improvements to ensure they provide similar gameplay experience as others within their class. We’ve observed that both are underutilized Specialists within their respective classes, and we’re hoping these improvements will help towards rectifying that.

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16 May

15 May


Hello there!

Heads up - the latest Inside Battlefield Podcast episode is now available. Join the team as they talk through a preview of the gameplay enhancements coming to Dozer and Irish during Season 5.

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