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30 Mar

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Hey @Karen0202,

That sounds... odd. Would you, or someone else in this thread, maybe be able to capture a video of this and share it here? EA_LeeuwAHQ.png

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29 Mar


If you take someone out as they are just pulling the pin, the subsequent domino effect and the kills from it count as yours as you were a part of that domino effect.

Very small window to achieve it, so well done🙂

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@Natilla4Real wrote:



1- Now I can only see conquest 32 vs 32, but before i could play 64 vs 64. Is this normal or is just me?


2- Now the game is including me even in matches that are about to end, before I only entered new or recent matches. What happend?

Hey @Natilla4Real,


You can't see this?



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Originally posted by KidElder

You are. Engineers are not worth playing. Take vehicle or helicopter out with another vehicle.

What would you change to make engineer better for you?


Originally posted by BarberNamedFloyd

Engis are not in a great spot right now and just aren't really that fun to play in 2042, their class weapon doesn't suit them and two of the specialists gadgets border on being useless.

What would you like seeing done in order to improve them?


Badass. Do you turn them into digital art or just sketch for fun? What's the story here 😊


Originally posted by xGKxDiamondz

Just Did Them As I’m Speaking And It Worked Thanks 😊

Glad you figured it out, in hindsight we perhaps didn't make it clear enough. We'll work on that!

28 Mar

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@Nihil501, no worries. If you run into any issues, please let us know! EA_LeeuwAHQ.png

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Sees Thoth pop up with a new video. Expects sweaty flanking. Always leaves impressed. Yuuuup

27 Mar


Do you happen to have some videos of this happening? The more information the better, then I can pass it along to the team. Thank you <3

26 Mar

25 Mar

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Hey @Nihil501,


Don't apologise for having so many questions! I'll try to do my best to answer them. Standard smile

How to upgrade to the Premium Battle Pass?

You can upgrade to the Premium Battle Pass in four ways:

  • Upgrade to the Gold or Ultimate Edition of Battlefield 2042
  • Purchase it from the Battle Pass menu
  • Purchase it from the in-game Store.
  • J...
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