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02 Oct

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Hey @h9po0stzuz4t when posting on AHQ please do so in a polite and constructive manner.

Going to lock this as it is neither and is just a foul-mouthed rant that adds nothing. You can be frustrated and annoyed, that's fine but it also needs to be something beyond just a rant:

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28 Sep


Originally posted by 02Alien

Are you going to continue to maintain this anti cheat after the game stops receiving content or should we expect it to go the way of BFV and be filled with rage hackers and redeploy hackers?

Which are still a thing, FYI. Maybe consider bringing this to the game that needs it the most?

EDIT: The hack in question, from the cheaters perspective. every time they fire the suicide revolver, it redeploys the entire server. Quite literally killing the game and total silence from DICE/EA.

This is a very good question, and while we will be responding to most of them once enough time has taken place for us to collect them I do want to answer this one:

Updates to EA Anticheat are performed outside of the game client. What this means is that no matter the status of a game, support continues in regards to EA Anticheat.

Naturally, I cannot share anything outside of anything we have already discussed above, but the question you have asked is very fair and I will be asking the same. Thanks!


Hello all, As part of our ongoing efforts to create a safe and fair experience for all players we're transitioning Battlefield™ 2042 over to EA anticheat with the launch of Season 6 in October.

When we transition over to EA anticheat you won't notice anything different when logging in and playing, but this transition will enable our teams to be better equipped to find and remove players that don't play fair.

When we say PTF...

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Genuinely love this, keep on enjoying games OP!


Always amazes me that during times where you have a luxury of aim, multiple chances(bullets) there's an essence of fail.

But when it comes to a scenario where you're in short supply and have one or two uses, your usually a lot better.


Originally posted by Krieger22

You also can't set squad orders when you're downed or dead, so getting hosed in the middle of setting an objective can cause you to lose squad leadership too

Will fire this stuff through to the team responsible for squad order functionality!


Originally posted by DPsx72

I wouldn't fix it. Randos can't be trusted and I prefer to be self sufficient in case the rando roulette doesn't play nice. It's still a team game so that's good enough.

That's not really Battlefield mentality though, sure self sufficiency goes a long way but relying on your team will ultimately secure those wins in a much more reliable way?

26 Sep


Tom Straatman (Community Manager) is joined by Torbis for another Community Spotlight! In this episode we get to know our community member Torbis as we talk through his journey as a Battlefield player.

If you'd like to join a Community Spotlight in the future, let us know! These episodes are about meeting our fellow players and are open to anyone.

Listen to Inside Battlefield on Spotify, or YouTube:

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25 Sep

13 Sep

    EA_Darko on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @sybermanser so long as a user is not being abusive or breaching the rules then how they play the game is not something anyone but them can decide.


If a user is cheating or breaching the rules or creating a toxic environment you can report them here: ...

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12 Sep


Today we're back with a special episode!

Tom Straatman (Community Manager) is joined by LoganTheBrawler for our first Community Spotlight. In this episode we’ll talk about Battlefield from the perspective of our players, and get to know Logan as a member of the Battlefield community.

You can listen to the full episode via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and by popular request now also on YouTube:


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11 Sep


Hi u/knofunallowed,

Thank you for your feedback, We are assessing this and discussing this accordingly. We really appreciate the time you have taken to share this opinion, and the name most definitely checks out.

Yours sincerely,


09 Sep


Thank you to all that had taken the time to fill in this survey! It's now closed and I can't wait to get digging into the responses.

Have a great weekend!

06 Sep

04 Sep


Originally posted by VincentNZ

Could I please not have to give the community team good marks every month. They are the department that fulfills or surpasses expectations generally.

I would very much more like to talk about the UI/UX department, the vehicle design department and, most of all, the weapon design department and give assessments about them.

Community team is fine, really. The rest is the issue.


Thank you for that, if you ever want to raise feedback like that please send it through too.


Hey there folks,

We're back with another Battlefield 2042 Community Survey!

These surveys allow us to better understand the needs and feedback of you, our community, around certain topics in Battlefield 2042 and your experiences in the game!

Take a moment, make your voice heard, and fill it in for us,

We're truly thankful for your time:


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03 Sep

Click here to view the Vehicle Counts for Discarded, Exposure, Kaleidoscope & Stranded. ...
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02 Sep


Originally posted by Temporary-Purpose431

our penultimate map rework

???? Are we getting another rework?? Renewal perhaps??

Typo :')


Originally posted by navyproudd34

I'm so excited

Happy Cake Day ;)