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15 Apr


Originally posted by i_haz_a_lyfe

Are you sure this is confirmed?


14 Apr

13 Apr

12 Apr


Hello @sandor2501 


If you have activated the code for the game Battlefield 2042 on EA website, then it would be a PC version of the game. Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer this game to PlayStation 5. All the codes associated with PlayStation platform can only be activated on PlayStation website or PlayStation console. All the codes activated on EA website are only for PC versions of the game/content.


11 Apr


It's been live for an hour or two, give it time for others to learn the ropes :)

And since you failed to educate others in how to play the mode, here's a guide for them:

  • Attackers, plant lances inside enemy objectives. Protect the device from being disabled. Escort and protect the lance carriers.

  • Defenders, locate and eliminate Lance Carriers before they are able to plant, if they are successful in planting, defuse it.

  • It's a two-round mode, the fastest team that secures its objectives or receives a higher score, wins.

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