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31 Aug

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Hey there,


Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with support questions specific to blocked accounts through our Answers HQ forums. Instead, our Terms of Service team can help you with that. If you would like more information about the status of your account in relation to a sanction, I recommend that you create a ticket for this via the following steps listed here:


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Thanks for flagging this!

I can confirm this is an issue that we're tracking for weapons with Automatic Fire modes. We are working to resolve it for an upcoming game update.

30 Aug


There is an AEK for Battlefield 3, as well as Bad Company 2.

You unlock each Era's version separately, and can start with the Bad Company 2 version:

  • 200 Kills and Assists with Assault Rifles
  • 5000 Damage inflicted with Explosives

We are monitoring and can and will make changes to Paik if necessary.


Originally posted by JM761

I'm confused by this.

He says no to server browser for AOW.

But...they're exploring persistent servers in Portal....

But Portal servers are already persistent, are they not? You don't get kicked out between matches and the lobby loads the next map while keeping the same players.

Did he misspeak and mean to say persistent servers in AOW?

Currently if a Portal server is empty then it will not be visible to anyone. If it becomes "persistent", then it will still be visible even if it has no players.


Go to the overall Collection screen. Select "Change Era" to see Portal content.

29 Aug


Originally posted by Lawgamer411

Does the team have any intent on nerfing/reworking the flak pod on the EBAA Wildcat and MAV?

Currently it one shots infantry once it goes past its max range, as well as doing it through walls; and its leading to people in breakthrough just calling the vehicles in SOLELY to place it as far as possible to rack up the airbust kills.

Yes, we are looking at changing this in a coming game update.

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Hi @tom_looken, @kregora, Portal has never supported Breakthrough.

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Originally posted by BattlestarTide

How about a "Range" reward for long distance kills like in previous BF games? That will let us know the exact distance they were at.

Something we would love to do. But no plans to share on that right now.


Originally posted by sharkt0pus


Is the Paik change something that's being monitored by the team?

I feel like she was in a good place before because there was a tradeoff to using her scan: if you used it, it revealed you as well.

The change made it so she essentially has free wallhacks which drastically increased the amount of Paik's being used in game and made it so that you are almost always revealed to enemies on the map.

Is that something they'd ever consider reverting or are they happy internally with the change?

Yes, we are closely monitoring Paik's performance. If we see the need to revert those changes then we can and will.


Originally posted by Hawkiinz

Yeah UI is really nice now !

But is Exodus Conquest gone ? I only played Exodus cause it's 64p and I had much more fps.

Exodus Conquest wasn't a permanent Playlist. It will still rotate in and out as usual.



Originally posted by Whisperkickpapa

Is the game fun now?

Yes. But some might call me biased 🐧


Originally posted by mAnZzZz1st

Damn! That is one hell of an update in my opinion! Love the smoke bombs canceling incendiaries. The buff to ARs and subsequent nerf to SMGs is very welcome indeed. Now DMRs will be more relevant too. The BSV adjustments make sense, especially the tracers for Short and Long range. I’m excited for season 2, looks like they are finally starting to get it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Definitely let us know how it feels once we are live tomorrow 🐧


Originally posted by arunkumar9t2

It is also equipped with an Active Protection System to intercept incoming anti-vehicle weaponry. This makes the EBLC-RAM perfectly suited to lead flanking attacks on the enemy.

Does APS counter C5s and Mines?

It does not.

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