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02 Mar

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Hey @markagarcia94,

Thanks for the feedback!
But unfortunately, that's not how it works at the moment. Standard smile EA_LeeuwAHQ

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01 Mar

25 Feb

24 Feb

19 Feb

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Hey @UP_Hawxxeye,

Unfortunately it's not known yet if it will be possible in the future to get the weekly rewards again like it was a later introduced option in BFV. However, I've seen more posts regarding this. It's good feedback indeed and I've passed it on to the teams.


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18 Feb

17 Feb

11 Feb

10 Feb


Hey @Lordkoii,


We are unable to assist with refunds, account issues, Bans, missing content on Answers HQ. If you are wanting to find out more about how to request a refund we have a few help articles below.  


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07 Feb

04 Feb

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