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19 Nov

18 Nov

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We are here reading what everyone is saying and so is DICE.

Keep writing your feedback here on the forums and keep it constructive. @MurkaZzz

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* Tag me with @EA_Atic if you are responding to me. Thumbs up...

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17 Nov


Originally posted by USC2001

Or maybe wittwicki literally wrote ***** *** into chat the second time to throw us off lol 😂

The Internet.

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Hey @RagebyDesign 


On our website, you can find a good explanation as to what all these icons mean.



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Our filters do not presently show filtering to those who are being filtered.

i.e. When you as a user input words which trigger the filter, you will see what you wrote. Other users will see these words as filtered.

Put more simply - our filtering does work, but we're happy to review the behaviour to see about making it clearer to the individual willingly choosing to break our rules that they're at fault.

Anyone using means to work around the filter will be actioned, and we're grateful to folks who take the time to send us reports.

Relative to these examples shared - I've passed them onto the team to investigate and action as needed.

16 Nov


Originally posted by hazychestnutz

This is very interesting We'll pass this on to the team to pick up and investigate further, thanks!

15 Nov


Originally posted by Slayer418

How about controlling exit direction with WASD? I think it could be better in certain situations.

That's definitely a good suggestion that I will give some thought.

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"if i were to pre load the game now, could i still refund it in 24 hours of launching the game for the first time."




Please see information on Returns and Cancellations here:

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