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30 Jul

29 Jul


After release the plan is to do different parts of Canada or the northern US as dlc, afaik. We are definitely not short on feature ideas in terms of updates though, no worries. Obviously we hope you guys love/will love the game when you get to play it :p

28 Jul


Originally posted by Hammer-Dance

Hey! Very excited for closed alpha! Quick question, are we going from a closed alpha into a beta state? Or is there going to be a long down time where we can’t play again. Basically I’m asking, will we be able to play and test through closed alpha all the way to release?

That's the plan. If nothing else, it shouldn't be a long period of downtime between the closed alpha end and early access beginning.


Work on the closed alpha for days on


Originally posted by SysFader

We started by creating an 800 pixel x 800 pixel canvas divided into 8 x 8. So each square is 100 pixels x 100 pixels.

Because this is the grid given by Erlite in sneak peak (the size of the Closed Alpha map)

Afterwards we imported the map behind the grid and started attempting to find something relative we could measure to scale the map into the grid (purely out of curiosity). For this to work we had to find a way to convert pixel units into meters then meters into kilometres.

At first we tried using the overpass, but since overpasses can vary in length this was thrown out.

You can't rely on a constant when it is a variable.

Someone suggested using the baseball field. The general conciseness was that it is a "little league" size field.

From Home Base to First base is 60', there are 18.28 m in 60'.

We divided 1000 m by 18.28 m which is 54.7 (this means that 54.7 Home base to ...

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You can't rely on a constant when it is a variable.

I can tell you right now that the baseball field is probably not to scale. Your best bet is going to be going off of the width of the roads.


Originally posted by chrisprantza

I want to support the development very much but I can do it by giving a smaller amount as well. Not all of us have the ability to give away $35. Thanks for downvoting me for stating this guys. Also, if they decrease the price then me and some other people like me will be able to donate too. It’s better for two people to give 50-60 dollars than them not getting any dollar at all. Jesus Christ downvote me for saying this...

Honestly man I can understand where you're coming from but unfortunately we can't really do anything in terms of price-drops or a sale as it'd be pretty sh*tty to the people that have already backed the game.

27 Jul


Originally posted by ironcolklink

Ah I see. Thank you. I probably should have looked around before wasting your time.

Lol, don't worry about it


Originally posted by CasoPrime

So, what if you just found out about this game a few days ago and want to get involved. how would i get a key, or is it possible?

Still possible! You can get packs on the Qi site linked in the post, or use the indiegogo page linked in the sidebar.

26 Jul


Originally posted by AWOG8888

The bad part is that people can be so harsh. It demoralizes developers and can make the game fail.

On a bad day about 30% of the posts on here make me hate the fact I’ve sacrificed so much time on this project.

It can be soul crushing when you spend hours solving a bug just to get a DM about how I’m human garbage or worse than EA.


Originally posted by V3rtigo44

Whole nother set of animations?

maybe, if so not in it's first implementation more than likely.


Decent chance of this, yeah. If not at launch, wouldn’t be surprised if it comes soon after CA starts.

25 Jul


Originally posted by [deleted]


That isn’t even true, in-fact most of our boomstick tier backers are people that are in the partner program. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean that’s it’s a bullsh*t excuse.


Originally posted by corajor

Oh, so we will receive a Steam key???

Sorry if this was asked before.



Originally posted by MidWestMind

Which is a swerve from what we were told.

What do you mean “test range”. Only a portion of the map has been actually tested?

When the delays started late last year, I (many of us) offered under NDA to stress test servers and report bugs and problems. I doubt to this day the server has been tested full capacity plus whatever else that bogs the server down like many items in storage, etc.

Even a more experienced dev team like Gamepires has huge problems, just read about their latest .4 patch.

The attitude of the entire dev team the last ~8 months has made me do a complete 180, to being pretty damn discouraged.

I mean idk what to tell you, stuff changes during development all the time. That’s just the nature of the beast. And no, the test range is the shooting range that’s been in the weekly updates, separate from the main map.

Sorry that you feel that way about the project. To be frank if we constantly just worried about how people feel, none of us would be able to focus on work. All we can do is just make the best game we can in the time we have and be happy with that. People being people doesn’t help, but we can’t control them, so we get on how we can, even they make us feel deflated, or annoyed, or depressed, or aggravated, we still have a job to do.


Originally posted by MidWestMind

None of the surprises have been good so far. Not a complete open world map, now partners get game first because of server problems. Which I touched upon in my post last week that got shadow banned because we’ve haven’t seen full multiplayer video yet

Well we got to expand the CA map quite a bit from 5x5 to 7.5x7.5 km, there’s now an actual test range that players can use now, claims are pretty fleshed out, etc etc but I can understand how that’s upsetting. And the only part that isn’t in the main map is the city of Calgary which was for perf reasons, the rest is seamless open world


Originally posted by MidWestMind

I didn't even get an email confirmation I backed the game, not even sure if they have it on file

Message someone on the discord so they can verify for you, shouldn’t take too long to check. Better safe than sorry


It would be, but afaik because of the way steam does games that aren’t technically going to be “released” it’s not possible for us to do this.

If this changes I will update here though.


Originally posted by Nurver

You just said there's no evidence of threads being locked where people weren't harassing your team or breaking rules, where this screen shot proves your team locks threads which make them seem less than ideal.

“As far as I’ve seen”

Where in there did I say that threads don’t ever get locked

Also there are other rules about posts being substantive in some way and maybe it was determined that it was not, even though it was “positive”


Originally posted by Nurver

Stop lying, and STOP replying at this point. You are ruining your fellow developers name and credibility. No one is attacking anyone or being disrespectful except for YOUR comments here.

Dude I didn’t lock that thread, I don’t have knowledge of literally every moderation action that gets taken.

If you’re this committed to hating or distrusting everything I say, why even respond to me? I’m not going to stop interacting with the community of the game I’m making

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