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15 Aug


Will find and shoot you guys :)

14 Aug


Originally posted by SmokeWiseGanja

I don't mind whatever the devs want to do with official servers, but I look forward to modded community PVP servers where I can really let loose. I mean, it's a tease right? showing us all these sweet guns, then saying "better not shoot one at anyone or zombies kill you and the npc's won't like you anymore"

We’ve toyed with the ideas of some instanced challenge areas or dungeon-type areas (like the underground mine) for people to use all their nice weapons and ammo. We’ll be sure to try to create some interesting scenarios for encountering other players as well, especially once quests are fully fleshed out.

13 Aug

12 Aug


Originally posted by V3rtigo44

The scope mechanics you are talking about are commonly referred to as “picture in picture scopes” or “see-through scopes” from what ive been able to gather.

Scopes aren’t picture in picture, they just approximate the effect without killing your FPS.

11 Aug


Please send a message to this subreddit's moderators with your QI account email address and we'll see if we can reset the linked Steam account.


Originally posted by [deleted]


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Added release times.  

10 Aug


Originally posted by Boydy73

Thank you for answering. Much respect.

I still struggle to understand why partners only, why not put it out to backers as well, have them request to join the closed alpha and explain why they want to join. Yes, some who miss out may be salty, but if it is explained well that only a very few limited spots are going to be available, and you set a high bar for what is required (maybe a form that eliminates people as they answer questions re suitability), then this would only endear your loyal backers even more, even those not interested in first access bug testing, would feel like you value them not just as piggy banks funding this dream, but as valued contributors to the ongoing success of the game. The choice of partners who are from what I can see, all only content creators, confuses me to no end. I just don’t see what qualifies them over people who backed you financially.

The partners are a smaller, better control group we've been in close discussion for a long time. Preparing backers for a test prior to CA release would take too much time for preparation. And they're not "only content creators", they've been of huge help to the game. Keep in mind a lot of the partners are also backers.

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Hello backers! If you are a non backer this announcement means absolutely nothing. But if you are a backer. Keep reading.

Some with the wondering eye may have noticed a new setting popped up ages ago here:

If you throw in your backer e-mail there.
Log back into
Log out and log back in.

You'll see a lovely new section here: ... Read more

09 Aug


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Originally posted by TheOtherSlug

Not op but will weapon nodding be in the game? What about the KO state?

Weapon modding and KO are in


What in particular are you wondering about?


I've already answered that question but I'm fine with doing this again. Partners will be given access before backers in order to help us find and fix critical issues so the CA launch will be as smooth as possible for you all. This is needed as we aren't able to find all of the issues with our small team. Once the countdown ends, we'll be rolling out keys to you all and you'll hopefully enjoy the game as much as we enjoy working on it.


This post has been removed. Suggestions are welcome, but we do ask that they be more constructive than simply a list of individual items or minute features with no explanation.

04 Aug


Originally posted by ausmomo

I'm an indigogo backer and my order doesn't appear in your orders page. Advice? Thanks

Have you followed the troubleshooting steps in the post?


Originally posted by Kannuba

in which part of the web would the supposed key appear? on orders? and from what I read, is it for the following month ?????

It will show once the release hits


Originally posted by Benj5718

Stupid question, but i bought the double barrel pack, and it says "Early access Steam (2)" does it mean that i don't get the full game on release, and its simply a early access pack??

Early access turns into the full release version of the game

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