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07 Jun


Originally posted by wargodiv

The spoilage mechanic looks great! I have a question though: do half-spoiled items stack the way science packs/ammo do? It would be quite inefficient if they didn't, but combining items can mess with the spoilage rate (two half-spoiled fruits spoil faster than a fresh one)

Edit: I suppose a stack can be stored as an array of how many 1%-100% packs is in a stack, displaying the 'sum' as how many full items you have and 'count' is used for the spoilage rate and inserters will extract the 'true' items, but maybe that's not the route the devs went for

They just avarage the same way damaged items average.


Originally posted by mensabaer

TL; DR: Non-linear research value falloff curve could further incentivize speed-optimized building and deincentivize horizontal scaling

I don't think this was mentioned in the FFF but I thing a non-linear research falloff would be cool - incentivizing ASAP delivery of science packs even further by not only decreasing value over time but also eg. adding an increased bonus above eg. 70% or so (a percentage that is deemed reasonably achieveable with normal efforts)

Think 70% is the "target" reseach value of 1, below, it scales linearly (to not punish slower/inexperienced players too much) whilst above scaling exponentially to eg. 3 research value at 100% (which is impossible to achieve but deliberately lacks a cut-off point, which could be a fun challenge to push towards 100% as much as possible whilst also feeling more rewarding).

Reasoning is that this would introduce a challenge of time-dependend vertical scaling which is not as easily substituted by brute-h...

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This is considerable, but I think the simple linear approach is fine in this case, because: 1. It is simple (always an important argument) 2. With the cost of transport (exporing the science to another planet means sending it by rocket, moving it by space platform, and finally distribute to laboratories back home), it seems very important to try to send as fresh as possible, instead of scaling all parts of the transportation (and consumption) of the science packs.


Originally posted by Erfar

how modifiable are spoiledge? Is it in theory possible to make scince pack-downgrade-spoiledge? sol if you not use your space science it will slowly turn into yellow, then to blue then green and then you find that you could get all your red science just by spoiling space science?

For every spoilable item, you can specify which item is created once it spoils. So mods can do crazy kind of things really.


Originally posted by pdelvo

I wonder how its going to work with the inventory. Im guessing spoilable things wont stack

Spoilable things stack, when you merge two differently spoiled items, the spoilage is just avaraged. Which is not realistic, but good enough compromise.


Originally posted by CosmicNuanceLadder

Initial reaction was that I hated it. I've always disliked the notion of growing things in Factorio, as I feel that it obfuscates the timescale of the game. If you can grow trees in seconds with speed modules, does that still feel immersive...?

By the end of the FFF, I was sold. It's totally worth the new spoilage mechanic imposing new limitations on the factory. I'd never thought of that and yet it seems so obvious—getting an item from point A to point B in a given time immediately feels like a fundamental hurdle we were always supposed to overcome.

Gleba looks like a fantastic logistic challenge, as does Fulgora with its recycling mechanics. Vulcanus looks a bit vanilla in comparison at this point.

Yes, in my recent playthrough I started to experiment and optimise for the spoilage more, and it just feels new and fun.

  1. All robots base is not good, because you can't control the flow and freshness with robots so well, so belts are better
  2. Since some of the intermediates spoil really fast, even the distance of belt between individual producers (or direct insertion) makes sense to consider
  3. I was transporting some of the fruits by belts to my base, as it was not that far as was ok, but then I made a specialised train connection, not to improve throughput but to increase the speed.
  4. All these little contraptions to keep "the best for export" are new.

P.S. You can't grow trees in seconds, you just can't put modules into the agriculture tower.


Originally posted by WerewolfNo890

I suspect the same SPM megabases will be possible as it will be done with fewer machines that have higher throughput at high quality. The question is more about can we go higher or not.

We expect (and try to prepare) for bigger factories overall. We didn't really introduce any significant performance penalties with the new mechanics.

You obviously need more stuff to be done to do the end research, as you need to produce the base game stuff + science pack on each planet + the silo transport and space platforms update.

This is partially (if not fully) offset by more performant machines, and we are planning to do some optimisations on top of that.


Originally posted by TheGuyWithTheSeal

You don't really need to update how spoiled every item is every tick. Most of the math can be done just by knowing when the item was created.

Only tricky part is knowing when an item has spoilt completly. Here i can see 2 sollutions:

  • Priority queue of all spoilable items sorted by how much time they have left. Only the front of the queue has to be checked every tick. Insertion can be costly.

  • Not doing any math when the item spoils, instead checking for spoilage when it's interacted with (processed, displayed, etc.). Probably requires more code changes (but it's pretty much what was done already for quality). Maybe breaks current production statistics logic.

More or less this. The spoiling mechanics is pretty cheap performance wise, it wouldn't be viable otherwise.


Hello, last week you've seen how Gleba looks, it's time to get a glimpse of what you can do there.

With the idea of being a biological planet full of life, it seems reasonable to expect our engineer is about to harvest some of that.

We already have ways of harvesting nature, specifically trees. On Nauvis we either just hit them with an axe enough times, or later our construction robots take care of that friendly forest devastation.

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These tools aren't quite up to speed to be a part of a mass-production chain in our factories, though...

Both of the Nauvis methods are initiated manually so not the best for automation, and the trees don't grow back - so once an area has been harvested, you need to move your operation further.

Agricultural tower

The Agricultural tower is a new machine unlocked on Gleba. It automatically harvests trees in ...

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31 May



  • Updated the format of the machine-readable modding documentation to version 5.


  • Fixed a crash when exiting the game while steam authentication is failing.
  • Fixed a crash when starting the game with fractional scaling on newer wlroots compositors.
  • Fixed a potential desync when calling LuaGui::is_valid_sprite_path() with a sprite path starting with "file.".
  • Fixed a potential crash when switching audio device fails. more

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings)...

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Making a new world in Factorio is relatively "easy", just create a new set of tilesets for the ground, add some new models of trees, create a bunch of new decoratives, some decals (optional), a new skin for the cliffs (optional), and bam! you get a new planet. Well, to be fair, you also have to play with the terrain generation noise and autoplace algorithms, experiment with proper LUT's, and adding some new shader won't hurt either if you want to succeed.

The problem of making it from this simplistic perspective, is the danger of falling into a superficial automatism. So probably all your planets will end up looking the same with just different colours.

Gleba is the one planet that has all the things needed to make a new Nauvis-like planet in Factorio, but it is still different on many other levels. What makes Gleba very special, at least to me, is how we twisted the core-concept of the planet and pushed the necessary elem...

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24 May

We have another exciting batch of facts for you today.


The ability to Redo things has been requested ever since we added the Undo. Adding Redo was one of my first projects at Wube, and one I've been super excited to announce for a long time. Now in addition to using CTRL+Z (or ⌘Z) to reverse a build, deconstruct, or upgrade order, you can now use CTRL+Y (or ⌘⇧Z) to re-issue a previously undone order. You can also use the new redo shortcut in the shortcut bar. It works exactly like you'd expect.

The new "redo" shortcut lights up when there's something to redo, and is disabled when there's nothing to redo.

Undo information and confirmationStrangePan

One thing that is often super annoying and destructive, is undoing actions (sometimes by accident) and something far away from a long time ...

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17 May


We update the Switch version when a new Factorio release is made Stable.

So right now PC version is 1.1.107 and Switch version is 1.1.107

Welcome to Fearghall's Factorio Friday Facts! (FFFF, if you will.)

Over the last few months, you have seen asteroids a few times as a background part of some other FFFs, but for all their understated majesty, they were actually quite a complicated trick to pull off! Come with me as I take you on a 3720 to 1 journey through this asteroid field.

Asteroids do concern me

We first started with placeholder asteroids that were just the same as any other sprite - a 2D pre-rendered image with lights and shadows as part of it. This worked, but it looked pretty weird that the asteroids were all orientated the same direction, and only moved in the XY plane without rotating.

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Early placeholder asteroids by v453000

So rotation is something that we were talking about going into the asteroid design process.


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16 May


Writing a 3D game engine / rendering pipeline is way more work than a 2D game engine.

With the game engine being written from scratch by a only a few people (in the beginning), 2D was the natural choice for speed of a working prototype.

10 May


We know you love to blow things up, and the Space Age expansion will be bringing ever more advanced and powerful ways of bearing arms against your enemies.

Rocket turret

The rocket turret does what it says, it shoots rockets:

  • 3x3 powerful long-range turret.
  • Unlocked on one of the three initial planets.
  • Minimum range of 15, and a max range of 36 (improved +10% for each quality level).
  • Shoots any type of rocket (including atomic bomb).

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Graphics by Jarosław; Sound effects by Ian

It is very useful as an upgrade for Space Platforms, as laser and gun turrets alone start to struggle on larger asteroids. Each size of asteroid has resistances to different types of damage, but more on that another week.

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