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15 Sep


Originally posted by Asddsa76

I don't like gating refineries and chemplant research behind setting up an oil pumpjack.

Currently, I automate tens of pumpjacks, refineries, and chemplants, along with necessary railway, then set up a refinery outpost somewhere with oil + coal + water in one go.

The new system would require going there once to set up pumpjacks to unlock the research, going back to your main base to automate refineries/chemplants, and then finally going back to set up the rest of the outpost.

We are aware of this. The gameplay changes, so you have to first acquire oil before being able to even start researching the infrastructure to eventually craft and build it. The concesus was, that it basically just adds a new constraint on the way you progress through the middle game, which can be part of the strategy.

For example, if you want to be efficient, you need to prepare a time when your factory can build what you need, while you find the oil in advance.


Originally posted by Nazeir

What happens to the infinity research when your base prod bonus is 300%? It wouldn't provide any more bonuses right? So what's the point of continuing to research it?

30 levels will probably be too expensive to make it reachable in a normal way. Or we can just change from unlimited to 30 levels, but virtually infinite anyway.


Originally posted by Asddsa76

I don't like gating refineries and chemplant research behind setting up an oil pumpjack.

Currently, I automate tens of pumpjacks, refineries, and chemplants, along with necessary railway, then set up a refinery outpost somewhere with oil + coal + water in one go.

The new system would require going there once to set up pumpjacks to unlock the research, going back to your main base to automate refineries/chemplants, and then finally going back to set up the rest of the outpost.

Yeah we will probably consider moving the entities to be along with pumpjacks while only the recipes are unlocked with the trigger. It's a little weird that you can have chemical plants and refineries without a single recipe for a bit of time, though...


Originally posted by Learwin

What was the determining factor for which recipes have been chosen? From the post it seems like high cost intermediates.

We chose several important/influental recipes. There are things like steel (Something you can do before you go to space), blue chips, plastic, low density structure and few other things. But these things can change easily, so the list might change on a whim.


Originally posted by DanmakuGrazer

Infinite crafting productivity research will make it impossible to have lasting perfect assembler ratios for endgame items, which sounds pretty exciting. Transporting materials by train to a dedicated production site will probably be a lot more effective, and you might even oversaturate your output belts eventually. Interesting stuff to think about during the most monotonous part of the game.

Also love the changes to early game research, I felt overwhelmed when I started even in the tutorial. They won't make a difference to someone who already knows what they're doing, but they'll help get new players used to all their starting tools.

Keep in mind that just few selected recipes have this research, not all.

This week we will talk about some technology and research related changes coming in 2.0 and the Space Age expansion.

Quality clarificationskovarex

It was rather interesting to read the reactions to the last FFF-375 about quality.
It sparked a lot of debate and we noticed a lot of misconceptions about it. So we would like to address some of the biggest ones:

  • When you don't put quality modules somewhere, everything works as before, so you don't have to sort everything everywhere as some people thought.
  • The random aspect of the mechanic seems to be very upsetting to a lot of people....
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14 Sep


Originally posted by Jjeffess

For modding, are Quality tiers basically a new prototype definition, or is there only a specific set of attributes that can be varied by Quality? So if somebody wants high Quality beacons to be OP, that could be a mod?

Quality tiers are a new prototype definitions and their names, power, probabilities and tiers are part of the moddable definition.
But their effect on different entity types isn't moddable currently.

13 Sep


Originally posted by rpetre

I have the impression that only a few items are going to be worth upgrading. Probably the devs decided that if quality is a property of any item, they might as well have fun and set the bonuses to whatever would make sense in-universe. From a cost/benefit perspective, I expect that just the personal items and the spaceship components (since it'll have space and energy constraints) would be worth it.

When it comes to priority, this is how I played it:

The first priority is the quality modules, as you want to improve the efficiency in which you make more quality modules, and other quality stuff.

Second most impactful are the productivity modules, as they greatly improve the production of everything.

Right after that we have the speed modules and assemblers (this includes any producing machine), as they improve the return of investment of the quality productivity modules.

Big priority is also inserters, since they are quite cheap, so making them in higher quality isn't that expensive, and with the beaconed super fast productions, inserters could become the bottleneck otherwise. This is generally very important factor, as quality is a multiplier on price, so making high quality labs, which are very cheap, might be much more sensible to do sooner compared to power armor 2, which is quite expensive on its own for example.

The personal armor/eq...

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  • Fixed that updating a mod would re-download all of its dependencies if they were not enabled. more
  • Fixed that Build control was allowing binding to controller buttons that would not work. ...
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12 Sep


Originally posted by SorryAboutTomorrow

Is it not pretty common to have a remote factory that build something like plastic and bring them to another part of your factory via trains? If you add some quality modules to your plastic factory, you have to deal with the factory producing multiple quality types of plastic that have to get loaded into trains.

You could use quality modules in these specialised remote Factories, but in practice people (including me) just use the improved productivity modules in these to avoid having to deal with quality items on a big scale.

And if we need a plastic locally in higher quality, it is usually a smaller scale, and we do it locally, or just avoid it at all.

The point is, that using quality on a big scale remote setups is a probably a super late game strategy, which is hard to manage, and the motivation to do so is to squeeze the extra quality output for the sake of complications which could be a wanted challenge at this point.

10 Sep


Originally posted by Ansible32

Oh ok. I thought quality would come regardless, in which case managing malls would be a nightmare because you might limit a chest to one stack and then you get two different qualities and the assembler output is jammed even though you potentially only have one item in the stack.

If quality probabilities would be automatically applied everywhere it would be a horrible pain indeed.
Existing factories will work as before, the only change happens when you insert quality module somewhere, and then, you need to deal with the outcome.

I'm afraid that more people got confused about it.


Originally posted by laserbeam3

Does that mean that until quality is researched, you only get normal quality items? Otherwise it sounds like stacks would break.

The start of quality is slightly unclear in the article.

"Not all of the quality tiers will be available from the beginning" sounds like some quality tiers are available (but invisible) from the beginning of the game. Even though the next phrase suggests that's the beginning of quality research.

You cant normally (without usage of cheats or editor) get the quality modules before activating the research, but yes, theoretically if you cheated the quality modules in before the technology would be researched, the modules wouldn't really do anything useful, as they couldn't go higher then normal quality.

Here, by the beginning, we mean the research of the first tier of quality modules.


Originally posted by Argonanth

I'm more worried about my trains. I know they've said there will be some updates to trains but right now everything would instantly break. The current (and common) way of handling trains is just a "wait until full" -> "wait until empty" but this doesn't work if you never get a full stack of whatever quality was inserted into the train.

I never saw a base where people would transport quality stuff by trains. It is something you rarely want or need.


Originally posted by salbris

I hope there is also a major overhaul of inventory planned because while vanilla is not a big deal my modded inventories are already a complete disaster to navigate. This is certainly only going to make that worse.

Nothing forces you to keep different qualities of the same item in your inventory at the same time. I rarely do it.


Originally posted by M1k3y_11

Well, there goes my smart train station system. This will be a big challenge to support "mixed" belts of items.

I never saw anyone putting quality stuff into trains so far, it would probably be useful if someone went the most extreme path, but for normal cases, there is no need for that.


Originally posted by Ansible32

Does this mean I'm going to need circuits to set up a basic mall with sensible limits? Will I be able to make blueprints that don't care about quality? In a lot of cases it sounds like quality would just break a lot of stuff we do presently.

No, why would you?
Why would quality break anything? I think you got confused about how this is planned to work. As long as you don't explictelly insert a quality module in the assembling machine, there will be no quality related mechanics.


Originally posted by KuuLightwing

I actually think that random element fits factorio. As others pointed out, the kovarex process and the uranium processing also has random in it and it shows how nicely it breaks the design monotony.

Kovarex doesn't have randomness though, does it? It's deterministic, 40 U235 + 5 U238 = 41 U235 + 2 U238. Which is kinda the problem with these, compared to uranium. With uranium processing, I have to deal with randomness during the initial bootstrap process, after which I have deterministic production of U235, and random U235 is just small additional bonus at that point.

With these, if I need longer range power poles for some reason, or the fabled 25% productivity modules, I have no choice but to engage with RNG. And considering how many modules I'd need, and how slow are they to make, it's going to be just a nightmare. Oh, and you added quality penalty for speed, so we'd have to build absolutely enormous factories that just craft modules ove...

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I don't understand the confusion. Yes, it would be annoying if you had to do it manually, but the point of Factorio is to automate everything, even the taming the process of the randomness.

With the uranium processing, even if you get the kovarex process, you still have an imput that is result of a randomised ratio, and you have to deal with it.


There is one key thing which is probably miscommunicated: The "speed module quality penalty" does not mean that if you put Uncommon ingredients in an assembling machine, you will get Normal outputs.

What it means is, if there's an assembling machine with quality modules, you Really don't want it to be influenced by any speed beacons as it will reduce the chance of uptick.


No! :)

... and as you've read in the FFF I'm sure, higher quality mining drills drain less resource which effectively multiplies with mining productivity,

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