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Originally posted by Yggdrazzil

This FFF was such a joy to read. I may be projecting but it looked like you had so much fun writing it.

Not wrong, thank you :)


Originally posted by teagonia

This is amazing, but of course I have seen a flaw with the graphics, which I have to criticise.

There is no gap in the junctions, only solid steel. So it'd be impossible for a trains wheel to pass another rail, since the wheels have a lip on the inside which holds them on the rail in extreme cases where the conical shape of the wheel is not enough.

There are also pieces missing which would facilitate the change of direction, the moving pieces on the inside and static ones on the outside which help the cars stay on track.

I'd like to see these point blades, frogs, guard rails, switch motors, etc..

All if the pieces mentioned on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railroad_switch

I know it would be a lot of work for all these to be put in as graphics, a lot of variations, but i think it would look better and more interesting.

At least the lack of any gap or details just loo...

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You are right and that would be a wet dream come true but that is very much unfeasible because of the amount of possible combinations there are.


Originally posted by juckele

rail signals with so many new directions that even the circuit connector (the yellow box) needed new directions

/u/V453000, I didn't notice a yellow box anywhere in this post. Any chance we could get some clarification on what you meant by this?

When you connect a rail signal to circuit network, a special yellow box apprears


There are certain areas in Factorio that we haven't really had the courage to change for a long time. One of those areas has been the rail system...

The rail system needs change?

Whenever playing the game, we'd be reminded about two annoyances that are caused by technical limitations.

So called "S-bends" are not possible - two parallel rails would need at least 6 tiles in the perpendicular direction in order to connect.

How many times has it happened to you that two of your rails wouldn't be able to easily connect.

Signal positions are often very restrictive as soon as curved rails cross any other rail. So building junctions is a lot of trial and error to see if you can signal it properly.

How many ...

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17 Sep


It's just placeholder icons don't worry


Originally posted by Mehovod

Can we now scroll logs up? In mods like SE and, especially, in multiplayer we have lots of messages in chat. It always was a problem for me to not be able to check all of them if I was AFK for a while.

Not currently, we could consider it.


Originally posted by robotic_rodent_007

Will the research triggers and research queue be in the base game, or the expansion?

Can mods use recipe specific production research without the expansion? It seems pretty divorced from the overall expansion systems that have been revealed.

Yes, this is core game feature available for everyone. (including the changes in the base game)


Originally posted by Illiander

So what happens when there's a trigger tech that depends on an unresearched tech?

Currently, it is just "force" researched instantly, but it could be tweaked.

15 Sep


Originally posted by Keulapaska

So is the scaling same as worker robot speed tech, which is exponential and get's ludicrously expensive or more like mining productivity, where it's still expensive, but attainable to get to the max? Or some combo in between.

Right now we have something in between, but it might very well be just exponential in the end, this is subject to balancing and we'll see, really.


Originally posted by ceresward

It wasn't quite clear to me from the FFF, does the triggered research progress automatically once it is available, or do you still have to select it as the active research target first?

It progresses automatically.


Originally posted by Thenumberpi314

Does this also mean that for example activating the quality mod changes around some balance to account for it? Or is it purely turning on/off various mechanics?

I think this would also be important to mention somewhere more available than scrolling three quarters down this post, like in the FFF itself. I saw a number of complaints where people said "if i dont want to use quality ill still be annoyed by it being in the research menu", which would be solved if you can simply not turn on quality for the playthrough.

No balancing isn§t planned. It would feel like unnecessary complication. Imagine having a value somehwere on a wiki, saying, oh the cost is 10 but with quality mod enabled, it is 15 etc. Or even activating quality and loading existing save finding out that balance is suddenly different :)


Originally posted by Nazeir

Awesome, does this mean an overhaul to the mod management page? Or is that a discussion for another Friday lol

No overhaul is needed. Base was almost "just another mod" which you can turn on or off since the beginning. The exapnsion is technically just few other mods on top of that.


Originally posted by NelsonMinar

Can someone explain in detail what's happening with the animation of a factory producing assembly machine 3 "in quality"? The label says

This is a simple build to create Assembling machine 3 in quality. If there's more than 100 of any quality, it recycles them hoping to get the next tier. The build only receives the basic ingredients from "the normal factory", and all of the quality complications remain here.

I get the goal but I don't understand in detail what the various lines of machines are doing.

Hi, the first row of machines is just crafting assembling machines from normal ingredients. Then, they are sorted into chests separated by quality by splitters. Each cheat has an inserter connected by circuit network reading if the chest has enough assembling machines. If it has enough, it sends that quality tier to recycling, and you hope to get a higher tier result from the recycler, or you just shove the results back to make more assembling machines for another chance to increase quality. Eventually the highest quality tier chest fills, and the setup stops… or you manually do because you discover it ate all of your red circuits 😂


Originally posted by Narase33

Can you make it possible to re-sort the research queue? I often find myself filling up the queue just to notice that I need a specific research ASAP. Then I have to delete the queue and set it up again...

That sounds like a good idea actually!


Originally posted by black_sky

God I'm so excited to put another 200 hours into a standard playthrough.

If you go nuts with quality, it can easily be more than that. A friend told me.


Originally posted by i-make-robots

u/kovarex how do you mine oil before researching oil?

You research pumpjacks, and then unlock the processing by building these pumpjacks


Originally posted by PervertTentacle

Also I like that we have one infinite research that doesn't even need space science

Doesn't it need space science period or is there a point that it will require space science?

Is it same with productivity for RCU? Is it 5 Nauvis packs indefinitely?

If so really great choice here, makes you balance different packs and gives your Nauvis base something to do while you're on the other planet building new stuff

Exactly, doesn't need space science ever.
All of the productivity researches are like that.


Originally posted by sawbladex

... okay, this just confirms to me that base quality should have been zero, because going to zero pips to 2 pips is sending me.

There is a very good reason why we need an icon for the normal quality.
We don't show the icon on items in inventory and such if it is normal obviously, but since you can filter quality only (without the item part of the filter), you need a way to display (for example), that you want only normal quality on a splitter to go right. But how do you show an icon of normal quality if there isn't one?


Originally posted by robot_wth_human_hair

I really dont think so. There are items where it will make sense more than others. Assemblers, sure. Inserters? No way. Power poles?.....maybe. this is a self limiting system. Nobody says you need an entirely legendary base from belts to assemblers.

Actually, inserters or even power poles make sense.You need to realize that quality is a multiplicator of price, so if something is cheap to begin with, making more quality version of it is way more affordable (lab is a great example), while making legendary spidertrons and such, that is where the craziness starts ...

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