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13 Sep


Originally posted by abusbeepbeep

I can plug a USB keyboard into my switch. Any idea if Factorio will support that? I guess perhaps not since you would also need a mouse

Currently you can plug a keyboard(and mouse too) and map some actions to keyboard shortcuts, but you will still need a controller to play. In the future I want to implement full mouse and keyboard "mode" so you can just play with for example a wireless mouse and keyboard.


Originally posted by Shagyam


Can someone tell me how this is possible? I can never get this to work when I play. I always die

I captured that footage. I can't tell you how many times I died before recording the final take.


Originally posted by Agitated-Age-3658

Why not add (USB) mouse support as well? There is at least one Switch game that has it (Game Builder Garage).

It's in my plan. Currently there is actually limited support. You can plug in a keyboard and map keys to some actions, but you still need the controller to play.


Originally posted by trollied

Interesting, allows cross platform play. Their excuse for not natively porting to Apple Silicon Macs now does not exist.

Main issue is dealing with the new toolchain, all the Apple notarization, constantly changing rules and lack of backwards compatibility. Not a huge deal but it still means we need a dedicated Mac guy.
The Nintendo Switch port only happened because I'm a fan of the console so I was ok with dedicating time to it.


Originally posted by TheSkiGeek

And then after that they said they would (IIRC) "never" port the game to anything that wasn't x86.

We are many developers and we don't always agree with each-other :P


Originally posted by Terrorsaurus

The only reason it's completely doable on Steam Deck is because the trackpads. I'm REALLY curious what the Switch control layout is going to look like. This is pretty exciting, and I'm glad that official controller support is being worked on. My initial guess as to how they'll pull it off is by combining buttons into larger submenus. For example, holding RB would bring up a radial menu with things like copy/paste/etc. Going to be real interesting to see their solutions.

Pretty much spot on. Holding RB will bring up a radial menu that has quickbar items, tools(copy, paste, new blueprint book) and panels(trains, blueprint library, tips and tricks)


Originally posted by Swarley_74

Waiting 1 year the expansion without any news and see that .. my heart is broken....

To put this a little more into perspective, there's been pretty much 1 person working on the switch, while the rest of the team is working on the expansion. Don't take them as mutually exclusive. :)


For the past one and a half years I've been working on a secret Factorio project. Today we are finally revealing it.
As announced during Nintendo Direct, Factorio is coming to Nintendo Switch! It's already in the final stages and the global release date is set for 28th October 2022.

Here is what to expect:

  • All of the game's content will be available. The gameplay is not simplified and there are no artificial limits.
  • There will be no mod support.
  • Multiplayer will be available, including playing cross-platform. Nintendo Switch Online is required for online play, but not required for LAN games.
  • Save files are compatible between all platforms. There will be no save transfer feature at launch, but you can transfer your saves using multiplayer.



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12 Sep



  • Updated transport belt icons.


  • Fixed unregistering multiple events at once would not clear event filters. more
  • Fixed inactive mining drill playing its working sound for a moment when panning over it. more
  • Fixed a crash when pressing Alt+F4 or clicking the X button when in sound settings. ...
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10 Sep


Splitter no contest Splitter wins splitter is the winner the winner is splitter

22 Aug



  • Fixed LuaControl::enable/disable_flashlight when LuaPlayer points at a player with CharacterController. more
  • Fixed incorrect fluid arrows on chemical plants, pumpjacks and oil refineries more

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at ...

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20 Aug

19 Aug


Minor Features

  • Added support for SRV records on Linux and MacOS.


  • Updated the --audio-driver command line option description for Windows, and added the option for Linux and Mac.
  • Storage tanks can now show fluid connection info.


  • Added LuaEntity::stop_spider().


  • Added FluidBox::hide_connection_info. When true the blue fluid connection arrows will not be drawn.


  • Fixed a crash related to multiplayer latency and modded selection tools. more
  • Fixed an inserter activity progress being incorrect for certain orientations.
  • Fixed a sound ins...
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test release please ignore


Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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05 Aug



  • Fixed a crash related to audio. more
  • Fixed that it was possible to provide invalid path_resolution_modifier value to LuaSurface::request_path. more
  • Fixed double click interaction with number input. more
  • Fixed teleporting spidertrons across surfaces while also changing their position. ...
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02 Aug



  • Fixed a desync when using LuaGameScript::get_train_stops when there are multiple stops found.
  • Fixed a crash related to transport belts and item entities. more
  • Fixed linked container content was cleared when entity dies leaving a ghost. more
  • Fixed linked container content was cleared when fast-replacing through script. more
  • Fixed locomotives on curved rails would not snap to train stops. ...
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30 Jul


Originally posted by sbarbary


I have done as you ask pls can somebody download the save and then post something so I know and can get rid of it from dropbox.

Thanks, I have reuploaded it to our google drive, so you can remove it from your dropbox

28 Jul


Originally posted by sbarbary

I said I was going to in the original post but I don't need to it's already been reported


Assuming it's the same bug.

Posting the save is still useful for us, so we know how common the occurrence is, and we can haves up to date saves to testing

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