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12 May


Originally posted by spider4929

I have the issue. I'm from SEA (South-east Asia) and the ping jumps to 100-150 after a few minutes from joining a server.

We'll look into SEA!


Originally posted by Wasabi_Toothpaste

Does looking down make your crouch shorter too?



Originally posted by tianthetsar

They have some cool tricks but they always fall for chamber morphs. It makes it stupid when they have no helmets because i can kill them in 3 seconds.

Bots have various personalities that are defined by probabilities to do certain things, which range from accels, drags, parries, chambers, morphs, feints, ducking, footworking, etc., as well as fall for certain things. In the end, we ended up making their behaviors fairly tame, because otherwise it was just no fun to play against in most cases. It might be good to expose them in the future via some parameters, modders will be able to use the full system as well.


This is an extremely rare bug that we only saw once before. Some anecdotal evidence can help, like if others see him tiny as well, etc.

11 May


also side note: if you drag this just doesn't work lol

but we're looking into countering it like I said a bit earlier today


Originally posted by Lumi-is-a-casual

and thus the meme became reality


Originally posted by addysonclark3

I used my 10k gold to buy weapons.

Nearly half the weapons took my gold but didn't unlock.

Is there any plan to compensate players like me?

I got 10k because of issues, then lost nearly all of it due to more bugs.

You didn't lose the gold. It may appear to have disappeared, but it's still there, so don't worry. We're not sure yet why that happens and are looking into it, but it'll return, either on restart of the game, or steam. Some people needed to reinstall as well. We're looking into it.


Originally posted by NNRRHS

Same here. We need help from devs please u/Jaaxxxxon

What regions?


Originally posted by NNRRHS

What region?


Originally posted by NNRRHS

We need help from devs please u/Jaaxxxxon

We are looking into it!


Originally posted by DavidisGamingHD

Can I ask, what are the plans to counter this? (Without giving too much away for cheat creators to learn from)

I haven't seen anything like this in-game yet, but I have encountered folks aimbotting with bows - a minor inconvenience which is easy countered. Most game devs don't really tell us what's going on in terms of combating cheaters, and it frustrates players/makes them think nothing is being done. If the cheating does get worse, it'd be nice to see a post in regards to it, just to make players feel a little more comfortable in the notion that something is being done behind the scenes.

We're looking into countering it, that's all I can really say atm.


Originally posted by FatNdBald

There you go Silver, lets hope some dev sees it

We know, dw


Originally posted by Sporeking97

Why would the solution be disabling ladders? That makes literally no sense to lock off pathways and areas. Just let the AI climb them, problem solved.

It's very easy to abuse AI that climbs ladders, they'd basically be lining up for free hits one after another, just like in Mount & Blade sieges :)

10 May


Originally posted by Cole2CB

My home page says Release Build #4. I’ve restarted multiple times and looked through steam but there doesn’t seem to be an update available. Is build 4 the same as patch 5 or do I need to install the patch in a different way?

Was an error on our part regarding naming


can u do one but with the frying pan set to the tune of tokyo drift
thanks love ya


Originally posted by jorsixo

Hey, Do you guys have any plans or intentions to make a performance/optimization patch?

The boys and i are struggling with frames, frost map ruins fluid for example but the Forrest one is really slow. Otherwise we are having a great time, keep it up, it's amazing

We take optimization seriously, our last big pass was before release, but we will undoubtedly revisit it in the future.

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