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29 Nov


Originally posted by BioMasterZap

They likely forgot about that one specific task and were just adding CA tasks like they did for other regions. They can easily fix this by auto-completing the CHally and/or Ice Barrage CAs like they do for Diaries. All the other Raid CAs seem to be completable entirely in their regions, so it wouldn't be that out of line to do. The only other region-locked CA that comes to mind is Veng on Sire, but that is a base region one so not as problematic.

Yep, there's quite a few tasks i didn't realise how many areas they needed, and CA area restrictions completely got missed. We'll be auto-completing area-locked CA tasks just like we do with diary steps next week.

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26 Nov

24 Nov


I don't think you're playing OSRS, I think you're playing RS(3)


Hey, you submitted your request using this route - I'm sorry you've lost access but in fairness the wording on the article is very clear - including the information "If you log in with a Jagex account, data for all linked characters and the Jagex account will be permanently disabled".

When a request is received, an automatic email is also fired to outline exactly what the process involves, and offers a 72 hour cooling period to edit or revoke your request. You do not need to reply to that message to 'continue' - a response is only required if you wish to edit or revoke.

No action is taken for the first 72 hours. After that your legal request is queued for processing, unless you have revoked the request. We then carry out some d...

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23 Nov


Have just passed this on to the team, running into the same myself, investigating ASAP


I've added a list of clue steps that the team are looking into, I'll paste it here so you all can see it without the extra click:

  • Steps involving the use of Pyre Logs
  • Dance at the Grand Exchange with a Pink Skirt, Robe Top & Body Tiara
  • Steps needing a White Platebody and Platelegs
  • Steps needing the Ring of Visability/Shadows
  • Falo Clue Steps
  • Jorral steps
  • Thorgel being at the Death Altar
  • Speaking to the Zamorak Mage
  • Talking with Ambassador Alvijar
  • Clues needing Arclight
  • Visiting Evil Dave's Basement
  • Needing to have the Bar Crawl Miniquest completed
  • Speak to Thorgel at the entrance to the Death Altar
  • Dig in front of the icy arena
  • Clap in the Exam Room with Green Gnome Boots
  • Coordinate Clue at Lithkren (Need to take a rowboat)
  • Panic at Trollweiss Mountain needing a Sled
  • Speaking to Cam the Camel with a Camulet
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Did you have this clue before the game update?


Thanks for letting us know, I've passed this on!


Originally posted by Beaconring

Got Masterclue Falo the Bard right now, cant complete. Get Away! I do not speak to outlanders.

Appreciate you raising, I've flagged it with the team!


Originally posted by Uienring12

Equip a Dust battlestaff task won't complete for me, anyone else have this issue?

Try opening your Area interface. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll flag it.


Originally posted by Lewis11115

Beginner clue, hot/cold step, ending at South-west of the wheat field east of Draynor Village seems broken still. Nothing interesting happens when you dig. Anyone else with this issue?

Cheers, this has been flagged to the team!


Originally posted by Squed_

There's an easy clue step for a pink robe top outside the G.E that isn't completable without Kandarin that's still in game.

Thanks for raising, this has been flagged with the team!


Yeah, this is currently still closed for the meantime.


Originally posted by Cthulhu2027

As a Fremmy player, I still see the Ghosts Ahoy Task as incomplete. I tried opening my quest log to see if that would prompt it to update but no luck.

Thanks for raising, we're currently looking into this!


Originally posted by Status-You4260

kharazi jungles clues still in, impossible to finish

Is this on a clue that you already opened (pre-update) or a new one?


Originally posted by Psychological-Kale41

I see you added a fix for having obtained a boss pet from ToA. I got a pet from The Leviathan a couple of days ago not recieving the boss pet task completion- nor did it complete now when I opened the interface as was stadted about the Toa-pet.

Is this going to be fixed? I do want those points! It is mine, by right.

What interface did you open? It should work with the Area Interface.


Originally posted by rob_the_plug

Literally logged in to start leagues, redeemed a bond and the system update timer started.
Is there a good website / resource I can read for the next 15 minutes that will help me make area / relic decisions? Haven't played in 2 years but just hit 2 months of real life downtime, leagues seems to coincide nicely!

We've included a bunch of helpful links in terms of tips, tricks and tools that will help you in your Leagues journey. ☺️


Originally posted by Proton76

So when I teleport out of nex Crystal of Memories will actually take me back to the bank room?

Yup, that's how it should work once the update goes live.