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11 Sep


Originally posted by hostjad

Yup. u/jagextwisted is still active too. He's still banning all gambling groups if you report them, I try to report as many as I can. I've noticed that he doesn't ban the Coin Fair hall in 355, I'm going to reach out to various content creators and see if they can make heads or tails of this.

Bit late of a reply, but if I haven't already banned it I'll take a look cheers.


Originally posted by lordrorpington

Banned too from thieving elves, all I did was reading a few mils worth of gear with Alts. Never traded more than 10m total on the account’s lifetime. RSN: Zeeecks

I've removed the ban on this


Hello, jmod here replying as requested. I'm glad you have retrieved your toe back and that you are getting a good night of sleep. You can expect some news about this topic in the game update newspost (Wednesday) where it will be addressed more officially. In the meantime please do take care of your remaining fingers and toes - they're very important!


Originally posted by canfi1

No update in newspost :(

game update one is on wednesday <3


Originally posted by Molly_Hlervu

Will reaching Varlamore require boss fighting with complex mechanics? I would hate it to be locked behind PvM.... Too much of the skilling content is locked this way already. Some of the 'Master' quests are harder to beat than 'Grandmaster'...

Access to a skill guild should be related to the skill itself, not combat proficiency. Like the guilds of Farming and WC: they are a (rather) new content in a (rather) new continent, but still to access them you need only a level in the relevant skill.

I'm not going to give away the specifics but getting into Varlamore will be straight-forward :)


Originally posted by WastingEXP

Are rumours 1 and done tracks or are they more akin to slayer tasks in it's hunter 130 antelopes?

EDIT: Just had some clarification that you'll get given a creature and you hunt until you get the Rare Creature Part to complete the Rumour.

Yeah, you'll hunt X amount of creatures per rumour.


Originally posted by gitanas_nauseda

Omg an audio blog ft. God Sarnie himself, thats awesome, one of my favorite things you added to spice up the wonderful blogs you put out :D. Any news on colosseum blog when to expect?

Thank you for the lovely words! :D I can't give the specifics, but it will be soon! What I can say is there will be another Varlamore blog out before the Colosseum one - so stay tuned!


Originally posted by ElderNeo

this is all fine but feel like this misses a trick in adding something really high level and cool. nothing here seems like it will make hunter actually fun and worth doing, its just slightly better versions of existing mediocre content. it would be cool if we could begin real, actually difficult hunts which take around an hour from the guild, which require skill and have serious gp rewards.

There's nothing to say we can't introduce this in the future, either with later Varlamore releases or as a standalone piece. Personally, I'd also really like some Monster Hunter style hunts or something really huge to track down and hunt.


Originally posted by Minotaur830

Very cool but when are we getting the Cox QOL blog? The update itself was supposed to be this/next month so why does Varlamore have priority?

It's being worked on, I can't say specifically when, but it was because of myself the Varlamore blogs are getting out so soon, as I want to have these conversations around the content/polls earlier rather than later.


Originally posted by Lewufuwi

Wow, I've literally not been so on board with an update like this in such a long time. There was scarcely a thing on there that I disliked. Maybe the bolas snaring and praying ranged making the wilderness even more annoying, but that's a minor nitpick.

Now this is the kind of update that Forestry should have been (although couldn't have had because Woodcutting already had uses).

I want to be playing this update already.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the content pitch, is the Bolas the only thing you'd want tweaked - if at all?


Originally posted by MaybeIAmThisUgly

Not sure I’m a fan of the hunter version of slayer tasks being called rumors. I wouldn’t go to someone and say “hey I heard a rumor that there’s white-tailed deer in this forest” they’ll tell me no shit. Maybe sightings? Not sure. Just my 2 cents.

The thematics are more focused on Varlamore hunters having not really ventured across the seas, hence why it's rumours rather than assignments/tasks.


Originally posted by incorrectComments

I already feel guilty for not doing the 200 different dailies available in the game. Hunter rumours is an instant no from me which is a shame because the pet looks sick.

Can I ask what makes you think of Hunter's Rumours as dailies?


Hey - ask the account creator to make a Jagex Account (if they haven't already) and then get them to contact us here, we'll do all we can to help and all being well we can move the character from one Jagex Account to the other. Heads up - it's important that the creator (not you) is the person who contacts us


Originally posted by TikTok-Jad

you’ll be unable to eat another piece of Hunter Meat until one tick after you’ve received the full amount of healing it provides

It would be a little more interesting to allow players to eat meat again, but have it forfeit any delayed healing that hasn't kicked in yet. So if you just ate an antelope for 17 hp but you can't wait for the extra 4+5 hp to hit, you can eat another meat to immediately heal 17 again and just reset the stack of pending heals.

It's an interesting idea! I'm keen to see how many players agree with your suggestion!


Originally posted by [deleted]


Thank you! That's been changed now :)


Originally posted by HOSMARGARCIA

Hello. Everything looks awesome. A sugestion. Can we make aerial fishing more relevant along with this update? Make the fish caught with this method more useful in some way. For example, include then in the new hunter/cooking content. And also make the greater siren a wieldable new salamander weapon? Maybe between black salamander and the new mountain salamander in terms of stats.

Something we wouldn't probably visit with the Hunter Guild as it's already quite chunky, but definitely not off the table if we visit Hunter again during Varlamore's release.


Originally posted by Pitiful_City_317

wow wasnt expecting a varlamore blog so soon! very excited for this.

on another note. any update on a timescale for the COX blog? thought i would see that one before any varlamore stuff

looking forward to the hunters guild!

I want to make sure we have these discussions earlier rather than later so the devs can have plenty of time to refine and work on the content with a poll looming on the horizon.


Originally posted by TypePuzzleheaded5267

Love the idea and the content seems awesome. Hopefully will break up the monotony of daily bhouse runs/chinchompas.

However, realeasing a new skilling outfit while leaving the old outfits redundant definitely feels wrong. Have you thought about making those outfits work in their specific locations? It could be as a reward from the shop. Like the polar outfit giving a 5% catch rate and 2.5% xp boost when used in that area above Relleka.

It's something we definitely want to revisit and the weight reduction is a step in the right direction, but maybe it will be something we can do if more Hunter content comes from Varlamore.

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