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08 May


Originally posted by Revlos7

Loving those zalcano changes, is the loot now better than pre-update if you opt for less xp? (99 mining here!) or is it roughly the same? Also, when is instancing coming? Don't like bots crashing full teams

Loot + xp is the same as before if you don't opt out of resources.
Hopefully crashing isn't as problematic with the forced down changes, group sizes should feel more flexible now.


Originally posted by Vagrant_Isaiah

The failure rate on Paladin and Heros for pick pocketing does not seem reduced, in fact the paladins seems to have been increased. Paladins had a 71% chance of success (before the update) with the most viable setup and these guys are slapping me around ardy

(First hard clue in 181 pickpockets)

LOW:12 HIGH:150 to LOW: 35 HIGH: 160

LOW:8 HIGH:120 to LOW: 33 HIGH: 140

LOW:6 HIGH:100 to LOW: 28 HIGH: 122


Heya, could you DM me your characters name, want to look into why this has happened.


Originally posted by ThatFinchLad

Just to confirm the MTA changes aren't going live today? I've been putting off B2P.

They should be live right now.


Originally posted by Qqslag

Volcanic Mine

  • Solo trips are now more viable!
    • Solo runs have reduced varients on vent destabilisation.
  • Added the Mining Outfit to the Volcanic Mine Reward Shop.
  • Removed both the Kudos requirement and the reward claim requirement.

Variants or variance? I would never make a spelling mitsake, so this is inexscewsable /u/JagexSarnie



Originally posted by thgril

On similar lines, do you know how the agility ticket requirement for the mourning's end part II list is being handled?

Just been told that the quest should check for the new tickets.


Originally posted by [deleted]


3 Saves on Runite, sounds insane - maybe that's just me though.


Originally posted by Leagueofufc

When will these changes be implemented into the live game roughly? They all look amazing

In about, 10 minutes


Originally posted by bassturducken54

When you guys post here, is there a team of you chilling in a room on Reddit and twitter addressing comments? It’s cool to see multiple jmod replies in one thread, wondering if each question has a designated responder or something.

We do have an update call where we all can chat and monitor an update, I'm in one right now! Then there's normally at least one CM that will reply to things and then it's up to other members of the team if they want to interact etc :)


Originally posted by Jaguaism

  • Mining Gloves reworked to make them more desirable. Mining Gloves are guranteed to save a rock X amount of times dependant the tier of Gloves and tier of Rocks.

Small spelling error in the newspost u/JagexSarnie

That word always messes me up, thanks fam!


Originally posted by lukwes1

With Hallowed Sepulcher, is running up to floor 5 also buffed?

Only 3 and 4 have had a buff, but running all the floors hasn't had the XP/hr changed.


Originally posted by rinayuna

Are those changes still coming?

They'll be coming still, just require more time as our intention is to do a beta test too.


Originally posted by WhatTheHai

I feel like the Penguin agility course was left out from receiving Marks of Grace, any reason why that is?

We thought that we'd leave it with it's niche of being the best way to get the pet. Same with the Wildy Course giving you GP and Sepulchre having a bunch of rewards.


Originally posted by reGilth

So I'm in the middle of grinding out a Pirate's hook, I have 300 "old" tickets saved up. Are these now useless? Or will I be able to purchase the hook with a combination of old tickets and new vouchers.

I raised this with the team and although there's nothing that will do that atm, we're going to look into be able to convert them into the new tickets. Hopefully will have more to share about this soon.


Originally posted by __infi__

Readjusted all versions of the Mining Gloves and their prices.

Will there be a refund for people who bought it already? Damn I just bought it last month oof.

Unfortunately no refunds for anyone who have already brought the gloves.


Originally posted by Bookluva12

Any update on the kebbit rumours? The nerf killed all enjoyment of rumours for me and i know it was the case for many others. I know there had been mentions of some discussions about it. I know they can't necessarily go back the way they were before, but adjusting deadfall or tracking kebbits would at least make it less painful to do.

I'm unsure of any further discussions that have been had among the team, but I'll raise it when I have a chance.


Originally posted by Fribb

Typo in the Plushie section

"You have until midnight GMT on April 18th to get your hands on these fluffy FashionScapers IRL."

Thanks for the flag, this has now been fixed.


Originally posted by hirmuolio

Something is wrong with the news feed.

The "Group Boss - Varlamore: Part Two" news from yesterday is shown as being the newest news while the uptade for today is shown as being second newest news.

Also the RRS feed didn't trigger for the boss post yesterday. Today the RRS feed notified about the boss post when the rebalance post was published.

Yeah, that was a mistake on my end, as I yeeted the HTML of this newspost on the Group Boss one. πŸ™ƒ


Originally posted by Gruner_Jager

Is this out now?

It will be once the downtime of 30 minutes it done (roughly around 12pm BST).


Originally posted by GetsThruBuckner

Just wanted to say your sae bae cast episode was very enjoyable

That's very kind of you to say fam!