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20 Sep

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Today we’re launching a flotilla of Poll 80 changes! Keep reading to learn more…

19 Sep


Originally posted by Dracomaros

For what it is worth, I personally have played GIM since release and will continue using the storage, though we recognise it has harmed confidence in the system.

I mean yeah - why wouldn't you. You work on the game. If a bug occurs while you're playing, you would be guaranteed to be able to prove it because you have access to all the logs etc, so you would get the items back in case of a bug.

You saying "I'll keep using it" rings unfathomly hollow, when the repercussion for something like this happening to you is dialling up Dan from Database and having him confirm you got f**ked, then return the item. Of course you'll use it. There's no downside for you.

More than fair - I did acknowledge confidence will be hit by this. I do hope we'll be able to restore that confidence after things are assessed and any changes implemented. If you feel uncomfortable using the storage right now, by all means you don't have to


Hey all, wanted to give you a run down of where we're at with GIM storage issues.

Firstly, we are returning the fang to Faux's group.

We realise this looks like streamer favouritism - we'd absolutely be lying if we didn't say an issue this public has drawn additional focus to the problem which is why we have to do better going forward - though stream clips can really help with investigations in the meantime! That said, we know the pain felt in losing such a valuable item is the same no matter who you are, whether you have recorded clips or not so they cannot be what we depend on.

We realise we have to do better and we apologise to anyone who's lost items as a result of this bug since Group ironman released.

So why does this happen? As many have discussed in the thread, This it is to do with the fact the clan server (which is where group ironman data is held) is distinct from the game server. It is non-trivial to avoid any possible issues here if for ...

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15 Sep


I believe this should now be resolved, apologies to anyone who was impacted. Please let me know if you still experience issues.


Hi - we've received your support ticket and will get back to you shortly. We have been contacted by somebody claiming that the character you imported is not yours, effectively raising an ownership dispute. We can't go into too much detail here, but we will reply to your support ticket.

14 Sep


That's my bad - it's been changed and Big Shaq would have been disappointed.


Originally posted by Metacarpoo

I have a question about Moths. Is the introduction of a shareable potion be a push towards exclusive/forced group content?

Don't get me wrong I'm fine with people who enjoy doing raids and bosses with their friends. But at the same time I feel that content should be designed with a variety of options for different people (like ToA and CoX) whether they want to solo or do it with friends. Instead of making content that is almost forced to be done in groups (ToB).

I'll still be voting yes since the moths themselves are not anything I dislike. But I've seen some other suggestions of new prayers that would also work like group buffs and I would hope that future content like raids 4 is not designed for groups only.

I wouldn't say a push towards 'doing' group content, but definitely opening up the idea of different group content and different interactions for group content - without trying to force you down that path.


Originally posted by immatipyou

Screw the pvp community. Complaining about salamanders being too strong? Getting bolas special removed? I was hyped for that bolas. It was going to be so much fun.

On the note of Salamanders, if you're not planning to use them against other players, you'll not need to pay the additional 'training' fee.


Originally posted by CarolinafanfromPitt

can you at least replace bolas with something interesting? Hunter spear sounds like dead content. May as well scrap spear and come back later with something unique. No reason to release something that will have no use.

Even though the weapon doesn't have a special attack any more - it still is there to set up a foundation to explore a new rewards space.


Originally posted by [deleted]


The problem with releasing the Bolas without a benefit to Hunter (the skill they come from) feels like we're setting ourselves up to definitely make content we haven't designed yet for the Bolas in the future, rather than creating it alongside a piece of content which it would fit well with thematically and mechanically.

We also didn't want to significantly change the state of PvP with The Hunter Guild, but they were not removed for strictly that reason.

Also, the spear itself is to be used with the Mixed Hide Gear to hopefully build the foundation for setting the scene to explore new reward spaces.


Only a quick one from us, if you're not at all interested in Deadman under any circumstances then this probably isn't the post for you!

But if you want to catch any of the finale, make sure to check out the times in the blog and tune in if you'd like! Additionally if you've always wanted to give w345 a go but never been able to get over the hump when it comes to starting, please check out some of the proposed feedback changes and take a moment to fill in the survey (we made this survey so hopefully it's a little less spooky than other surveys of recent note!)

Cheers all, hope you're looking after yourselves!


Originally posted by augher

Mod Sween putting in work tbh

lol, sadly this isn't real
but maybe i steal

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Interested in the Deadman: Apocalypse finale, or looking to share your feedback on the future of Permanent Deadman? Look no further!

13 Sep


Quickly copy-pasting a link to a comment from a similar thread if this is regarding the survey about 'more RuneScape games': https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/16i0kt0/comment/k0h12m5/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

To my knowledge, it's a legitimate survey, though all I know is that we did send these out at about 7pm BST today


I know it's a little late but just to confirm that this is a legitimate survey aiming to get feedback for Jagex as a studio (less-so for us as the OSRS team).

Reminder to never enter any additional details that you're not comfortable with, though I think the survey will ask for your RSN and any email you'd prefer to receive a gift card on if you're eligible, but the survey itself is a legitimate survey! (Sorry for the lack of certainty on what the survey asks for, I'm not sure if any of us on the OSRS team have been involved in its creation, so trying to relay as best as possible from the pieces of info I've got)

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