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14 Mar


Originally posted by raddaya

I'm a bit out of the loop so sorry if this has already been solved or mentioned in a previous explanation. Will this fix the problem that, if a malicious actor knows your email ID used to log in to RS, they can effectively stop you from ever logging in by spamming login attempts to freeze your account?

This issue should already be solved by switching to the Launcher and anyone that continues to have that problem should switch to the Jagex Launcher even if they aren't eligible for a Jagex Account yet to prevent that issue.


Originally posted by I_LOVE_THICK_ASS

Any chance you can share if there have been discussions regarding a native Linux package?

Currently, there are no plans to support Linux. I can't say if that will be different in the future.


Originally posted by ThambersOfBeric

Very excited for this! Didn't receive an email, unfortunately. Is there any news for the next expansion or potentially the full release?

We'll look to update the newspost & potentially more socials when a new batch is selected.


Originally posted by Excellent-Network-79

With this could i possibly seperate an rs3 character from an osrs character? I want my rs3 character thats on the same log in as my cousins osrs acc. Have not played it in 5 years because of that.

Unfortunately, there are no current plans to change the way characters or membership works.


Originally posted by frsguy

Going to assume this is a dumb question but this works with people who login with usernames?

Yes, although you wouldn't log in via the username once you've linked an account.


Originally posted by jeremiah1119

Hi Mod Sarnie. I just posted a tutorial yesterday morning about another (and in my opinion, simpler) way to get the Jagex Launcher working on Steam Deck / Linux. Could you maybe pass it along to the player support team to see if its beneficial to add to the FAQ?


Thanks! We've linked a handy guide from 7ormRS in this article, but I'll pass along your work :) - https://help.jagex.com/hc/en-gb/articles/13413514881937


Originally posted by WastingEXP

Once an account is imported into the jagex account, can you still log into the game via normal runelite? how does this work for mobile?

You'll have to open RuneLite via the Jagex Launcher to play imported characters.


Originally posted by Elprede007

Really feel like more account security concerns should’ve come before this. Things like passwords being unable to recognize capital letters

Passwords on Jagex Accounts are not only case-sensitive but also allow the use of special characters, so hopefully, that should help!


Originally posted by Anachren

Will the Jagex launcher ever get an option to fully exit when I close the window? I don't want it to minimize to the tray, I want it to actually exit. It launched the game, I don't need it anymore.

I'll share this feedback with the team!

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Let's take a look at what's next for Jagex Accounts!

11 Mar


Getting this looked into, if anybody has specifically affected worlds for us to dig into could you please drop them in the replies below?

10 Mar


Originally posted by Throwaway47321

No, don’t you understand the random guy on Reddit definitely knows more about the inner workings of a company than the guy who is literally employed to deal with it

God damn. I should have known I'd have my credentials questioned one day. I was not adequately prepared.


Originally posted by Key_Pizza9281

I'm sorry, but this is a super disingenuous bordering on intentionally misleading reply. I believe you ban a handful, but the vast vast majority are just ignored despite being regularly reported.

Since November 2022, a group of us spend 10-15 minutes a day reporting Frost gambling bots and bots spamming cape services and GP selling. We report them in game when we encounter them, we send off chunks of 5-10 RSNs at a time to the tipoffs email, and we track them on our side in a spreadsheet to see what happens.

Of 240+ bots currently reported over the last 4 months (most of them multiple times by different people), only 14 of the accounts have been banned. It was so egregious we assumed that our method of ban detection was flawed or outdated, so we sent a batch of 50 over to the bot detection plugin team and they confirmed that none of the accounts sent over had been banned as well.

Please stop giving us this form letter reply. Ignoring the problem is what it ...

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I have 7,623 banned gambling hosts attributed to me in the last 30 days.

Please do not put faith into the bot detection plugin.