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This made me laugh more than necessary ♥️



Originally posted by Falchion_Punch

Looks like links to jcw and he box jonge's finales are missing in community achievements


Thanks for posting these, great way to spotlight some lesser known creators!

Thank you for picking that up! It may be that you can't see the YouTube embed. I've added links in in case it's not showing up, can you confirm if that's worked?

We'll keep this in mind moving forwards so we ensure links are always included if the embeds don't show


Originally posted by alandutraa

Keep up the great work jmods, we love u

thanks for all the positivity - the team has really noticed it and appreciates it a lot :)

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It's our Player Showcase for March!

30 Mar


Originally posted by Robertsongaming

Is that a Nakeyjakey reference? Nice

What's not to like about infrequent but high quality video essays and displays of admirable core strength?


Originally posted by javiergame4

Do we have to use your jagex launcher to use this ? What if I want to use runelite ?

You can launch Runelite via the Jagex Launcher. But yes, upgrading to a Jagex Account will require you to use the Jagex Launcher. I've been Runelite with the Jagex launcher for months now, I think most of the players currently opted in to the beta are also using Runelite via the launcher!


Originally posted by jKnox

From that link

The email address associated with your Jagex account is the one you use to log in and the one we use to send account-related emails. If you've lost access to your email, we suggest contacting your email service provider to try to regain access. If you can't recall the email address linked to your Jagex account, we suggest trying to log in using any previous email addresses that you can remember. For the sake of optimal account security, we're unable to modify your Jagex account email or disclose it to you.

Sounds like if you lose your email, one way or another, your account is gone for good. Though it doesn’t explicitly state that old recovery information is being wiped.

This is exactly what the backup codes are for, they're your last line of defence so make sure to note them down and never show them to anybody.


Originally posted by itisjustmagic

I was able to successfully import a few accounts, but am seeing "The web server is not reachable" when I try others. Is this a known issue?

Think this is a rate limiter to prevent overloading, if you try again later on you should find yourself able to continue importing!


Originally posted by The__Goose

I have multiple accounts, how can I link them all under one jagex account?

Assuming one of your accounts has received an invite, you should be able to import any of your other accounts using the steps in the video from the blog (or this link for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1uxP6oojwI).