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23 Feb


Originally posted by ljmt

How u kno

Edit: thank you for the replies I had read the post already just thought that part was a bit vague. Didn’t know “commentary” was referring to those screenshots specifically

It says it in the statement. Give it a read.


Hey u/Fonduuu

Firstly, I'm sorry to hear that your account was hijacked, I know how stressful it is!

I would suggest the following after a hijacking:

  • Upgrade to a Jagex account, and secure your account with 2FA and save your back up codes both physically and digitally
  • Check your email is fully secure and not accessible to another person (I'd suggest 2FA for your email too) I'd also encourage you to review the inbox rules currently in place on your registered email address. If your registered email has been compromised, then a hijacker might have set up 'rules' which will redirect your incoming emails to another email address, meaning you might not be receiving important security information about your account
  • Be secure with your information and don't use the same p...
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Hey u/Active-Relief-5965

If you'd like to switch your authenticator app, you were correct in your assumption :)

you need to do the following:

- enable email 2FA

- disable auth 2FA

- re-enable auth 2FA with your preferred authenticator

Although from your message I think you're concerned about the back-up codes being saved to the cloud, these back up codes aren't saved within your authenticator, but they will be saved wherever you chose to download/copy them to.

I would recommend having cloud-back up for your authenticator though, as it protects against losing or breaking your phone!

- Jagex support


Hey u/Unusual_Property_928

Sorry to hear this has happened - hopefully we can get your account properly secured for you now they're back on the account.

Without access to your account, I can't say for sure how the hijackers gained access, but if a hijacker has accessed your account, then the hijack could only be for one of the following reasons:

  • They have significant information about your account which allowed them to recover it and register their own email - upgrading to a Jagex Account will remove the ability to recover your account through the legacy recovery system
  • They have access to your email
  • You've unwillingly provided your login info + authenticator TOTP (phishing/keylogging by the hijacker)
  • You've willingly provided your login info ...
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Hey u/BodybyEBT

I can see you have submitted a ticket in the last day or so, so you should receive a reply shortly if you haven't already!

The team will be best placed to give you specific advice :)


Hey u/Glum_Class_8365

I'm sorry to have to confirm what other users have said here, but unfortunately, we are not able to assist with this issue.

There is clear messaging provided to the player who imports a game account into a Jagex Account that only the player who owns the Jagex Account will be able to play on that character once complete.

While we understand that you didn't share your account with any bad intentions, ultimately, we are not able to assist with any support for a character which has been imported into a Jagex Account as a result of multiple players having access to that character.

We make it clear in both our ...

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We've made a short statement addressing a number of Varlamore-related videos aiming to dispel misinformation being spread by bad actors to turn a profit.

22 Feb


Honestly, seeing this makes me so happy! Considering this was the goal of the initial Game Jam pitch and then the team took that idea and smashed it so that things like this happens, genuinely makes me feel super proud and priviledged to be part of this team.

Big congratulations to your Fire Cape and hopefully to many more accomplishments to come!

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An update from us on all things bots, bans and ban appeals.

21 Feb


Originally posted by SerJohns

I'm not receiving password or email change emails at my icloud email as well. Not sure how to proceed.

We're still looking into this, but for the time being you'll need to submit a recovery to change your e-mail by entering your login username/e-mail and then clicking "Contact Jagex support" on the "Check your mail" screen.

You can also create a Jagex account that uses the same e-mail as your character - your character will be suggested for import if the two e-mails match, and the import is then handled by a verification link to the e-mail rather than the password. Any password management from then on will be handled by the Jagex account,...

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Super secret, init.

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It’s time to see if the prophecy comes to pass, as we revisit a truly classic quest... Defender of Varrock!

20 Feb


Originally posted by Bloonk182

Hi Mod Beano. im honestly so very sorry for reaching out like this but every other option i've tried the last 5 days is not working.
I have 4 accounts - 1 jagex account, together they have 14,000 hours of play time, all in their second year of membership paid with cash not bonds. i got a new work from home job in september 2023 and i've been strictly afking vyres with all 4 accounts since then (during work, as well as in my free time while i do other activities). Jan 8, three of the accounts got perm bans for macro major. but all 3 were quashed. i went right back to doing exactly what i was doing before since i have nothing to hide, im a legitimate player, why stop playing the game i want to. then 5 days ago i got 2 temp bans, 1 perm ban, and no ban on one of the 4 (once again even though play time for all 4 accounts will have been the exact same for months). 1 of the bans even had the appeal approved. if i was truly botting, why would i have these quashed bans and approved a...

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I can't see any specific information because I don't have the accounts in front of me, but if your ban appeals have been denied, it means we've reviewed the offences and come to our final decision. There's nothing further that I or any J-Mod can do as the offences have already been reviewed.


Originally posted by Sea_Yogurtcloset7503

How do you make a ticket? Every time I try for anything non-billing related its just redirects to FAQs and articles 

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If something can have a ticket submitted for it, this will be available as a button on the bottom of the support page. If the article you're looking at doesn't have a contact route, it's because there's really nothing to be gained from contacting us as it's very unlikely we'll be able to provide more information than is already available on the support centre.


Originally posted by Daxter276

So I do not have access to the registered email anymore. I have ownership of accounts password to play. So I can’t recover through normal email. I pay the monthly membership with a different email, that I have, I have the transaction numbers in my email for each month purchased through IOS. You can ask me any question about this account and I can 100% answer. I have no problems playing the account. I just wanted to update its registered email so I could get a new phone without losing the Authenticator. Sadly I also have no ticket numbers due to no access to the original registered email.

Ah I assumed when you said "submitted a ticket" you meant our ticketing system rather than a recovery appeal, my bad. The explanation helps clarify things a bit. Essentially, there's three options available to you:

  • Get in touch with your e-mail provider to regain access to the lost e-mail
  • Review the feedback and the page linked previously to submit a stronger appeal to allow us to apply the e-mail to the account.
  • Upgrade to a Jagex account - this will cause any previous authenticators to become defunct, and you can set up a new one on the Jagex account with backup codes to access the account should the authenticator be lost. It will also give you the option to change the registered e-mail upon importing to the Jagex account.