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13 Aug


Originally posted by inb4_btw

Bind, Snare and Entangle are the spells on the standard spell book that allow you to prevent your opponent from moving for 5, 10, and 14.4 seconds respectively. Currently, these durations are halved if cast on an opponent who is using the Protect from Magic Prayer. In response to player feedback, we will remove this condition.

So how exactly will this work when updated? Bind/snare/entangle will just be full duration when protecting from magic?



Originally posted by nxqv


What is your goal with the gmaul changes? Because to me, the upgrade item makes the entire change pointless; if anything it will make the current situation worse. Right now the gmaul serves as a cheap overpowered KO weapon, if that becomes gated behind the upgrade, then new players looking to get into PvP won't have that option whereas the more experienced players who've gotten the points will have it and will just stomp them out. But for people who pvp regularly amongst themselves it doesn't really change the situation of it being a cheaper AGS.

I think the issue here is the binary nature of balancing the maul spec - either you leave it at 50% to get 2 specs or you don't. I see this proposal as being the worst of both worlds.

My personal opinion is that the maul is a dumb weapon and should just be nerfed into unviability with no ifs ands or buts, but I can see how that is a highly unpopular option with so many acc...

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If you think the GMaul should be made completely unusable, we're not likely to agree, but I'll explain the thought process.

Because it's a cheap weapon used by lots of players, we wanted to maintain it's viability but at least increase the cost to use it. Locking the spec behind a limited resource item like the attachment described in the blog will make it more expensive to use. Prior to any of the rework changes, it'll sit at a value of at least 500k, based on how much emblems are going for right now. This seems fair for a +1 spec weapon with low requirements, or is at least a step in the right direction.


Originally posted by iStingerX

What happens to existing points? Does it get converted to the new system based on a ratio or are you forced to spend it?

Players would have to spend these during the grace period before the conversion.


Originally posted by Yeshua-Hamashiach

Jagex actually went through with Dinh's Bulwark changes despite gigantic community backlash. Makes actually no sense to me.

We listened to the feedback and altered our approach, as is described in the blog.

Instead of reducing all of its stats by 10 points, we will instead reduce its Magic defence bonus from +18 to 0. This is a relatively minor change in terms of how often spells are likely to hit.


Originally posted by Thisnameisnotracist

How is the issue of emblem farms addressed here? This seems like it will only make them more lucrative. Did I miss something?

The emblem system in the proposal is zero sum. So no gold is generated from it overall, meaning one individual can't profit by killing their own accounts.


Originally posted by GregBuckingham

Dang that’s a big blog lol. As someone who doesn’t PvP at all, does this update change much for other players?

If anyone has a TL;DR I’d appreciate it

Here's a TLDR.

We promised a Bounty Hunter rework at two consecutive RuneFests. Unfortunately we weren't well-placed to offer the updates, and the PvP community were understandably annoyed. The team are committed to making things right, and the leadership team are empowering us to do so.

You felt BH wasn't rewarding and it was convoluted. We've made things simple. You now get points for killing your target, for embarking on a killstreak, and for reaching kill milestones (like Slayer task completions).

There are also 'Player Bounties' which are bespoke tasks requiring you to kill opponents in a certain way.

We're changing the store system too.

We'd like to add crates which would serve as a consistent GP income. They'd contain supplies, but also unique items like weapon upgrades, corrupt weaponry, and a cosmetic which reflects how many players you killed.

Mysterious emblems currently lend themselves to 'boosting' and limit t...

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Originally posted by wakaflockarob

I just need to get good :) I truly enjoy PVP in it's current state. I just hate getting way outplayed every fight due to being "new" to the scene. I always end up getting on ready to pk, end up dying 4-5 fights in a row, then getting off of the account for a couple weeks lol.

That's fair - if you didn't have time to check out the last one, the upcoming (second) LMS beta will be a great place to practice without paying for gear and supplies. Same will be true when it's in the live game.


Originally posted by MrNicka244

What made you decide 30 was a good combat to limit bounty hunting to? Are there any specialty accounts that will be left out of a 30 combat minimum?

The lowest brackets start around there - most of them are a lot higher.


Originally posted by Countertoplol

Will non-pkers still be able to buy a rune pouch through mysterious emblems? This was unclear to me in the blog.

They would not - if you don't wish to participate in BH, you'd have to get the Rune pouch from the Slayer reward points shop instead.


Originally posted by wakaflockarob

I am almost inspired to create a PKing account...

What can we do to get you over the line? :P


Originally posted by DaedalusMahda

This would actually motivate me to PvP

I'm glad to hear that!


Originally posted by lostscaper

Removing emblems from wildy slayer will never pass, these are huge incentives for people to do wildy slayer in the first place

What if it came with an increase in value for Wildy Slayer elsewhere like buffing Larran's keys?

12 Aug


Thanks guys, I would like to point out that this is now the third account I have 200M in all skills on.


Hey, this isn't a bug, the Elven scout that has replaced Ilfeen will be able to recharge this for you, however you've been attempting to talk to the scout that replaced Islwyn and Eluned. If you head to the two areas that Ilfeen wandered you should be able to find the correct scout.


Yep, it's made of climbing, it literally says it in the description!

On a real though, will change it on Thursday.


Let us know which questions you'd like answered on Wednesday's Q&A livestream at 5pm UK time!

Questions that provoke discussion are valued over Yes/No questions.



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