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11 Jan


Hey there!

I'm Shauny, I worked for Jagex for close to six years, during that time I was always fascinated about the lives of people who worked on RuneScape/Old School RuneScape.

Lately I've started to interview Jmods on stream about their time at Jagex and really got to dive into stories behind their projects which has been a ton of fun.

I've been in touch with /u/ModMatK who's happy to share stories about his time in Jagex and I'd love to take this opportunity to gather topics/questions you'd like me to ask him during a livestream!

It'll take place next Saturday (18th January) at 20:00 UTC on my Twitc...

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Originally posted by EATS_PAINT_WITH_LEAD

Thanks for the reply! I've just been excited at the prospect of this since the Phoenix came out!

No problem! If you check out @JagexOasis’ Twitter, you might get a sneak peek of how it’s coming along.

10 Jan


Originally posted by 07scape1122

u/JagexGambit Loving the new worn items interface already. But I noticed when in the bank's worn items if you have 1h weapon and shield equipped and then swap to a 2h, the shield slot cannot be re-equipped until you close and re-open the interface.
Is this meant to happen?

Update: this issue was hotfixed shortly after the update.


oof, didn't know the original design was leaked


Would highly recommend trying the game! ;)

There's iron man mode now, which might or might not be interesting to you.

Happy scaping!

09 Jan


Originally posted by TeamYeezy

Could I hypothetically get a bronze trophy in TL if I started this week?

Yes :) in fact, I don't think it would be too much of a commitment to go all the way up to mithril in the remaining week.


Originally posted by perolan

Wasn’t the red text for musics tracks always a thing?

Sounds like the Mandela effect kicking in. This feature exists in RS3, but didn't for Old School.


Originally posted by jackmarak

Look, it's not your fault and you'll keep your job don't worry.

Hail SonicScape.


Originally posted by jackmarak

Too late now kiddo, my dad owns Sega. He said he's gonna buy Jagex and delete OSRS and make a new 2008 RuneScape.

My worst fears have been realised.


Originally posted by Odysseus_is_Ulysses

Can someone explain the Graceful update, did the individual pieces have no effect previously?

Correct. Previously it was either a 30% bonus to run restoration rates for wearing the whole set or nada.


Originally posted by Eulaxendur

Pretty sure this was sarcasm Gambit. :P

I thought so too, but wanted to give the answer for players who do genuinely feel this way. There are some.


Originally posted by Pastry_Tray

Looks like the eating in bank doesn't work on mobile. I have two withdraw all options instead of a consume. Happy to share a screenshot if needed

Edit: you have to withdraw the food/potion to inventory (leaving bank open) and then you can eat/drink. Not sure of that is how it's supposed to be. Would be better if could do it right in bank though

That'd be helpful, cheers! I'll pass this on. Please report it in game as a bug too - long tap the report button for this.


Originally posted by AskYouEverything

Can you let us shoo it away also? It’s a genuinely useful feature and I’ve missed it

When you say 'genuinely useful' can you explain how so?


Originally posted by loyaltyElite

Yes, I saved Blast Furnace just for this graceful update.

Where did the concern for the herbs come from? Why did people want to dig up herbs earlier?

Sometimes people plant the wrong herb which previously locked them in until is fully grew or died.


Originally posted by EATS_PAINT_WITH_LEAD

Phoenix recolor when? It's from the same poll as the rest of these items.

The devs and Q&A can only make and test so many changes at a time. This is the first week that most of the team are back. You'll notice there was a lot in that poll so we'll get them done as soon as we can - I expect that particular change to be in the next few weeks.


Originally posted by jackmarak

Completely ruined the game, this isn't 2007 Runescape anymore is it.

You should have to come out your bank, equip your armour and then go back into the bank and try and remember what else was meant to go in your inventory. The will save a lot of time and it's not fair on people who have had to visit the bank loads during quests. Anyone with 200+ quest points should either be given time back from Jagex or this feature shouldn't be unlocked unless you have a quest cape. Disgusting.

Edit: Gotta say, speaks volumes about certain parts of this community when people aren't sure whether this is satire or not.

Feel free to disable these features via the toggle in the bank settings so the game stays 2007 for you.


Originally posted by StuC92

"An issue which resulted in some players receiving duplicate points for completing certain tasks will be resolved in time for the end of the League."

Is this super obvious if it happened to us?

I got 6k point for the helm exactly then stopped playing twisted leagues and don't want to lose points so close to the end and have to rush and get more.

The league hiscores are correct so if it says 6k points in a league world then you are fine. There is a chance that you have more than 6k points on your main save account which only reflect the rewards you can obtain from the shop. It is the incorrect main-save copy we are fixing not the correct league-world one


Originally posted by J0n3s3n

does the bank change also make it possible to fill rune pouches without closing the bank? that would be a nice little buff to zmi

You can already do this by right clicking the pouches in your inventory if you've already withdrawn the essence.