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17 May


Originally posted by TheArzonite

120 years is a long time.

This took me far too long to understand.


Who's chopping onions?

16 May


Ah, those were the days.


Originally posted by vincent3878

Could you also add the "make x - all" buttons to the regular smithing interface? Like the one you've added to the goldsmithing interface.

Suggestion i made a couple weeks ago got some support: see post here

The issue with this one is lack of interface space.


Availability is also a factor to consider - we even toyed with producing a Mat K montage video. There's no sweeping under the rug. The first thing a player sees when they log in on a Thursday is a link to the newspost, we chose to include Mat's message in the game update newspost to ensure it'll get more eyes. A game update newspost (linked to in-game) typically sees 4/5x the amount of views as another newspost.


Originally posted by Tokesu

This is really f**king worrying. Mat K has backbone and despite all the memes he has held the future of the game and the community as the most important things.

Hopefully this isn't a prelude for the coming of MTX or other bullshit.

Whatever you will do in the future this community will be supporting you, thanks Mat!

Thanks for your words about Mat - we all feel the same way here on the team. To address your concern, this isn't a prelude for MTX


Originally posted by irrelevantnoob

MTX is coming

It's still not coming


Originally posted by XFX_Samsung

I expect a huge announcement soon concerning MTX.

Mr Gambit has reassured that nothing will change in terms of MTX.

Nothing has changed regarding our stance on MTX which is that we're not looking to introduce it to OSRS. That's the case at every level of Jagex.


Originally posted by [deleted]


Hey - sure. My DMs are open.

I don't work in Player Support, but I'll help if I can.


Originally posted by Skelux_RS

You get a cape, he gets a cape, the whole team gets a cape!

Oprah would be so proud.


Originally posted by Skelux_RS

He's been in office for 5 years? Petition to have all staff get a veteran's cape if they have been in office for 5,10,15 years just like in-game.

He's been around for 14; I've been here for 5!


Originally posted by iMikeHimself

Anyone feel a man so integral to the game & community leaving should have got his own blog post, not just shoe horned into a game update blog.

I hope this doesn't mean he's leaving on bad terms.

It's amicable - the decision to have his leaving message in the update post was for communications scheduling reasons.


It's one of those oo-ah-ah sensations. :(


Originally posted by 9axxxl5

Is mtx incoming? Wink twice if yes

It's still not, so rest easy. We'd prefer to focus on wishing Mat K the best than any MTX fearmongering.


Best of luck, mate. It's been a great 5-and-a-bit years of working with you!


Originally posted by crazifox

Mod Mat K going = microtransactions?


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