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12 Aug


Originally posted by alexterm

Why is there a tank parked outside of the Jagex building on Google Maps?

To stop exactly this happening.


You wouldn't find many of us at the building anymore considering we moved from there in 2005, lmao.

Fun fact: A few days before the release of Farming.



It also makes me feel sad that you couldn't PM your friend about the drop and you had to tell us instead :(


(that's our old address)

11 Aug

10 Aug


Originally posted by ReswobRS

Now ban the inferno cape buyer I’ve been tweeting you about for the past week. Or do I need a top page reddit post for that too?

I don't handle cape buyers. They are usually processed in waves because it's easier to do all the I checks at once


Originally posted by JamesWilston

Hi Mod Weath,

Would it be possible for us to have a system to see if our reports went through and were helpful in getting the bots banned? Or even just a notification that the bot was banned.

It would be great if we could offer something like this but, honestly, I can't see it happening any time soon. The backend systems that would need to be worked on for this to happen are very old and the time of the teams that would need to do the work is in very short supply at the moment.


Originally posted by Pika_DJ

or also scamming ill start reporting for games of chance now i guess

Games of chance is definitely preferred but you're not wrong to report for macroing


Glad to see that it's looking a little better today! I updated some of our systems on Friday to help keep on top of them a little better. I suspect that they'll probably come back in the not too distant future though so please continue to report them for Games of Chance and we'll continue doing what we can with the systems we have available


Sorry no, I'm not in favour of removing the Hunllef's horns from the cape.


Originally posted by pay2winye

that thing needs a complete rework, the passive does not merit giving up a ring slot at all unless it offers something offensive.

I mean... It's pretty nice for the skilling tools, but yes I wouldn't use it in combat.

09 Aug


Originally posted by macgian

Quite right, woops!


As the promotion has ended, I have requested the shortcut be removed from the homepage of the website. Thank you for flagging!


Originally posted by FourRS

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but given that the world hop limit always kicked in was really annoying. When I heard they revoked it, I thought why the hell not.

The purpose is more or less to stop the dicing bots as a whole. Sure, P-Mod would be awesome and help but that’s not the end goal. I’m honestly not going to stop reporting these accounts until all of them are gone and they have a proper prevention system towards this.

It’s to show Jagex that what they’re doing to prevent these bots isn’t enough and in my eyes it’s disappointing that a random player has to not only go down the list reporting all these bots, but also post it on a PUBLIC forum (reddit) for it to actually get attention.

The first 2 days went un-noticed and it took a further 2 posts in order to see a change (banning approx 38 bots).

It's worth noting that we're not banning the accounts because you're specifically posting about them - we already go through and ban them en mass, however they're easy to create and therefore show up often, and we have to be cautious when banning them as quite a few are often hijacked.

Also, accounts we ban won't show as random [#] names on your ignore list - that's only when we remove the display name on top of a ban.


Hey Daddybeer. Adventurer Jon is a new character and, as has been said already, guides new players. We spoke about the update here: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/smithing-and-silver-crafting-interfaces?oldschool=1

It shouldn't appear for anybody reaching a level as high as 61 (gratz, by the way). I've sent you a DM asking a couple of questions.


Expect that to be bubbly again next week.


Originally posted by Davocausto

Since when that was a thing? I missclicked and bought 5 bonds for rs3, sadly is too late

I joined Jagex in the Payment Support team back in August 2015, and we offered the same transfer service back then

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