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02 Aug


Originally posted by Enza-Denintendo

Thanks for the tips,

would you recommend LastPass or KeePass, or is there no real difference between them? I was about to add it as an extension to my Chrome browser, but i'm skeptical about giving all my information to this extension. From my understanding, it stores all your passwords and encrypts them so that if your computer is ratted, your saved passwords are atleast safe from hackers?

But what about the developer of this extension? Or am I being too silly here. Which one do you use?

I don't know enough about KeePass, but LastPass seems to be safe. Of course, you're always trusting the developers of LastPass to not be shady, right? But that happens with everything. You trust your bank to not be shady, your email, facebook etc. There is a line that you can't go any further than that.

So for now I'd vouch for LastPass. Its last breach was, AFAIK, in 2015, and you were safe since (quote) "your passwords are salted, hashed and stretched, and only ever stored in that scrambled, irreversible form".

I use LastPass, have been using it for years, and didn't have any problems with it ever. And it's nice to not feel the "fear" of a hack!


Originally posted by iamworsethanyou

...no, no, you not there.

You.. I.. uhm..


Originally posted by erikbond

Hi u/Mod_Stevew I'm wondering if you could clear up the ins and outs about P-mods. I see there's some information on the Wiki page, but it might be useful to get some more attention on the costumer ser.... I mean Reddit :). I would really appreciate it!

What is it you wanted to know?

01 Aug


Originally posted by KarterJP

I heard woox drinks his bathwater. Which is not surprising considering matk is a god. He's from a different planet. Women love him. Men wanna be him. Gay men wanna be IN him. The OSRS community gave him crabs, and he made crab lemonade. He killed John Wick's dog, and John Wick apologized. I heard he once snorted $11... in quarters. This man is such a legend I just can't take it! OMg I think I'm orgasming from thinking about him. Matk, if you see this, I want you to put it in me. No, put two in me. I wanna taste your statistics and feel your British on my tongue. I want a thousand little matks inside of me. OMg matk! D long spec me, daddy! OH UGggGhHH!!!

Thanks for the offer buddy.


Originally posted by Mofoe_Cake

I'm sure you've had this feedback already, but if not, it would be very helpful to have the singing bowl menu have the same items every time and have them grayed out or something if you're unable to use them. The current way leads to a lot of misclicking.

Love the gauntlet btw <3

We have a job in to investigate what we can do regarding something like that already don't worry, and glad you're enjoying it!


Originally posted by wooshed_ashore

When will you wear a Verac costume for us, little fanservice please?

I already have! I just keep it private.


Originally posted by MikeHawkIsGod

it's good to see you so often at the gauntlet, hanging out and chatting with players

Best way to get feedback is from the people sat doing it there and then, it's more natural that way :)




Maybe if you turn the monitor upside down, squint your eyes, close your eyes and turn off the monitor it's kind of like Verac's? And even then only like 4%.


If you have the requirements for SOTE, Elena's in prison.


Originally posted by thedoctorstig

Will be interesting to see how Zalcano's drops work now.

We've now added a section under the NPC changes called "Zalcano's Reward Calculations" to the newspost. This should help clarify the changes.


This clue step will be fixed and have a minor change with the update about to go live today. See below from the newspost:

  • A clue scroll step involving bowing near Lord Iorwerth has been changed to bowing at the Iorwerth Camp.

Originally posted by insomniuhhhh

I would like it better without the spikey bois

The spikey bois are the Hunllef's horns, unless you haven't noticed, the top of the cape is the Hunllef's head.


Originally posted by Ganselot

What does the Zalcano change mean (also as others mention, what about the tick manipulation-situation)? Could you elaborate?

tl;dr - multiple people can get the pet now and MVP now gives an additional drop. We'll add more information to the news post in the coming minutes.


Originally posted by stuielooiee

Any word about tick manipulation at Zalcano like in yesterdays QnA?

We have added something to attempt to mitigate this in this update, as we mentioned yesterday on the Q&A.

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