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13 Mar


Originally posted by BioMasterZap

I mean, it says "won't be polled until"... I think they just forgot to remove the poll question.

That's my bad - the poll quest has been removed from the blog and won't be in the in-game poll on Friday.


Originally posted by Armthehobos

The town area of Hosidius reminds me of what I really appreciated about towns when I first started playing runescape; towns that were actually areas that looked like someone lived there, with homes and businesses and public spaces. Lumbridge and Varrock and Falador all are towns, and I’d argue Lovakenj is pretty close.

I've passed these comments onto West - he' much appreciates them. I like this point in particular about making areas feel "lived in" - I know he was going for that and agree that he's pulled it off.


Originally posted by DrVajanglerPhD

Needs 0 hit splat


Originally posted by whymepphard

you dont notice difference between 60fps and 15fps?

for the usual things you're doing (like fishing or afk slayer)

I'm not really paying attention when I use mobile personally; I definitely think it'd be noticeable doing something more intensive for sure :P

Maybe I should have worded that better, sorry! :)


Very much so. I personally use 15 FPS all the time. On mobile the change is minimal/barely noticeable in terms of performance for the usual things you're doing (like fishing or afk slayer) and the battery drain is a nice chunk less!


You can't see them o.o (This'll be fixed this week, thanks.)


Originally posted by Kupopallo

Watson's house is now further away from a teleport than it previously was. (Spirit tree previously). The only reason I've been going to this area is handing clues to that guy, so this update seems to affect me personally negatively. :(

Partially the reason for the Watson teleport scrolls from the upcoming clue scroll update :)


Originally posted by APOLARCAT

RIP master farmer north of hosidious

He can still be found locked in a house :)

12 Mar

11 Mar

09 Mar


Originally posted by MSLsForehead

you can expect a competitive salary

Could you give us an actual salary rather than your opinion on the salary?

No, individual salaries are negotiated on a person by person basis and relate to skills and experience offered by the candidate, within a framework we use to offer a competitive benchmark salary against similar roles in the industry.


Originally posted by FrustratedLogician

/u/Mod_Stevew, how competitive are developer roles at OSRS team? I work in London in financial machine learning but want to know whether games studios are very popular. We hire around 10% of people invited on-site, many come from local Cambridge university. Do you have similar rates of hiring or are you even more selective?

Can't really speak for dev teams as I only hire for Player Support - we hire about 25% of those invited on site, and those invited in are about 5% of all total candidates from the initial applicant pool.


Originally posted by not-a-painting

28 day wait is pretty different from other game companies tbf

Well that’s the longest wait time and is only for people who have been banned , the vast majority of which are absolutely correct. We do agree that it is too long though and you will notice we have now halved that response time to 14 days at most


Jagex Player Support Roles If anyone is genuinely interested :)

The roles are based with the rest of the team at the studio in Cambridge, UK. Our positions always attract a large amount of interest, shortlisted candidates generally match all the requirements in the 'what we need' criteria and the majority of the 'even better if' skill indicators.

We welcome applications from people who meet these requirements, but it's also worth setting expectations that we are he...

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08 Mar


Originally posted by Slayy35

We don't need answers for these questions (we had those "answers" literally years ago), we need action. You know everyone wants things like an Authenticator delay and better CS, just do it.

So you're question would be what is happening with the authenticator delay and better CS (although I would like some clarity on what you think this means)?


Originally posted by Jojoboy69king

I'm a gamer I don't respect women and blacks.

In that case you have no opinion I am interested in.


Originally posted by BioMasterZap

Probably because they didn't have any updates to share on that in an AMA? While you can ask anything, it is generally more for personal questions than "Why is Jagex going to do about X" kind of stuff.

I agree, the AMA was about diversity in the gaming industry. It was not a platform for a discussion about Jagex customer support.

We are looking at answering all the big questions that the community has, probably in a live stream. Currently that is bottlenecked behind myself as I have not had time to review the questions we want to answer. But we will get to it.

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