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06 Mar

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Check out the revised version of the earlier Treasure Trails Expansion blog!

05 Mar


Let us know which questions you'd like answered on tomorrow's Q&A!

Questions that provoke discussion are valued over Yes/No questions.


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04 Mar


Originally posted by TheIguanaCaptain

Any reason these posts are only on reddit and not anywhere else?

Twitter? Forums? OSRS home page blog?

We're putting threads up on Twitter, Facebook and the OSRS Forums too.


Originally posted by russel204

The post you linked as the last link is deleted

Fixed - thanks!


We'd like to thank everyone who voted in the Song of the Elves poll for the main pieces of content and are delighted to see that everything sailed past the 75% mark!

As described in the Song of the Elves poll blog, we will now look to poll extra rewards and features for Prifddinas. To see what is already being included, check out the blog here.

If you have any ideas for content that you'd like to see in the Crystal City after quest completion, share them below! Additionally, you can send them in to [...

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In the revised version of the first Song of the Elves blog, we pitched Crystal Armour - the new set to be awarded as a potential drop from the Gauntlet PvM challenge in Prifddinas. Check out the poll blog here to see the originally proposed design.

Following feedback, this was excluded from the first poll so more time could be spent balancing the stats and set effect. If you have an opinion on what the stats and set effect (if any) should be, let us know down below! Alternatively, you can email your thoughts to [...

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Originally posted by freet0mbrady

I legit love chris like he was so himself back when he made these vids it really helped me love myself if that makes any sense. He really was a inspiration for me and if I didn't watch his vids growing up I really don't think I would be the person I am today. So if you end up seeing this chris thank you man.

I really appreciate your kind words! Unfortunately I'm shockingly embarrassed at my old self so I found the delete button on that video... but thank you! :)

03 Mar

02 Mar

01 Mar


Originally posted by Geturowntotz

Thank you! I apologise

No need to apologise my friend, you did something!


In these cases if you think someones life is in danger you really should just call the Police, reporting it to the platform is better than doing nothing at all, but will build in an inevitable delay. Any verified Police Officer can contact us from a Police email domain if they need to 24/7, by email at lawcontact@jagex.com and response time is typically within 10 minutes. Will will also provide a 24/7 contact phone number to verified Police officers who contact us by email.

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Here you can find some information regarding Deadman Spring Finals and Summer Season.

28 Feb


Game's back.


Originally posted by surprisedropbears

Gambit..... can you please blink your eyes if this is a crack the clue 2 clue?


Originally posted by StefanScapes

Oooooooo gambit there’s rumours the last save file is yesterday? That’s highly gonna affect so many people can you confirm?

We'll reset Old School to the state it was in just before the time of the update.

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