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Originally posted by Paralyzed_Penguin

What is the ball in the background

A sphere with the texture sheet on it so it doesn’t become an orphaned material in blender. I could make it protected but old habits.


These walls are heavy duty and massive. Banana for scale.

Wrel Mentioned the Bulwark Walls in his update. Here's a better shot. Now you can find shelter from the constant barrage of tank fire to read your latest issue of "The way of Vanu: Evolution through Technology".

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31 Mar

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We published the next dev letter which details further info on the upcoming construction update. Check it out here and leave your feedback down below!

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24 Mar


Originally posted by StrixN3bulosa

Looks good. I have one question. How do I get that cool green army man toy camo?

100s of little green army men gave their plastic for that skin soldier!


WIP Shot: Not Final Art

WIP Shot: Not Final Art

Hello gang, it's been a spell. Here are some more shots of a few of the new Construction models coming with the next update. More details to follow soon. For now just some pretty pictures. As always these are taken from blender, so in-game will be a bit less shiny, and more war-torn. Also FX needs to do a pass on them.

And f...

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