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17 May

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16 May

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We have resolved this issue. If it creeps up, please make a new thread about it. Thanks!

15 May

13 May

12 May

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We are investigating this issue that results in crashing after the initial loading screen. Reloading the game will get you past this issue, you may need to try a couple times to get past it. Please check back next week for further updates. Thank you!
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Howdy folks. For the past few months, the team has been hard at work overhauling our Construction System. Much of this process was shared across social media, as well as on our site and forums. Today we would like to officially introduce you to FORTIFICATION. Coming May 17, 2023. Yes, you read that right. You can plan, build, defend, or attack starting Wednesday the 17th. Along with Fortification, PlanetSide is turning 20 this year! Check out the anniversary activities below. Breaking Ground This update's foundation has always kept these two core values in mind:
  • Allow builders to deve...
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11 May


You are worthy of Vanus' legacy!

spoiler: It's a chuk-e-cheese ball pit.

09 May

08 May

05 May