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05 Apr

04 Apr

All PC servers will come down for the following update and extended global downtime on Wednesday, April 5, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CET). The downtime for this update is expected to last up to 6 hours. -- Full Spectrum Items & Gender Change Token
  • Fixed an issue where Full Spectrum Decal could only be applied as an Outfit Decal.
  • Full Spectrum Decal can now be purchased for 1 Cert or 1 DBC.
  • Full Spectrum Banner can now be purchased for 1 Cert or 1 DBC.
  • Gender Change token will remain priced at 1 Cert or 1 DBC for the foreseeable future.
NSO Repair Drone
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Drone from repairing destroyed facility objects (i.e., turrets and terminals).
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Drone from repairing objects whose base is slightly below the terrain.
With these changes the Repair Drone should now be able to repair all targets that the Engineer's Repair Too... Read more

03 Apr

01 Apr


Originally posted by Paralyzed_Penguin

What is the ball in the background

A sphere with the texture sheet on it so it doesn’t become an orphaned material in blender. I could make it protected but old habits.


These walls are heavy duty and massive. Banana for scale.

Wrel Mentioned the Bulwark Walls in his update. Here's a better shot. Now you can find shelter from the constant barrage of tank fire to read your latest issue of "The way of Vanu: Evolution through Technology".

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31 Mar

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We published the next dev letter which details further info on the upcoming construction update. Check it out here and leave your feedback down below!

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28 Mar

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