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Can anyone help me i cant start the game. It starts to load in the uplay screen and it just says that it failed to synchronize cloud saves. What sould i do?
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Originally Posted by BDSM75th
But it can't help me - the same problem, but can't deal with that
Try unchecking "Enable Cloud Save Sync" and then restart your game and Uplay client. See if that works!
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Originally Posted by nadsgasm
same as mine, tonight I tried to uncheck the box and verify the details then restart but it won't work. what solution uplay you may give us to fix with it?
Hello! We now have a support article for this issue, which should resolve it.

Here you go: https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/000027321/
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Hello everyone,

This issue is caused by a corrupted local save and can often be resolved by replacing it with a new save file.

To resolve this issue please follow the steps in the dedicated support article here as mentioned by Ubi-Raziel -

Deleting this file will reset the settings, loadouts and Situation progress, so you will have to set up settings and customisation options one more time.

You will not lose your level, renown, R6 credits, operators or season pass, but you will have to make sure you log in with the same Ubi Club account.

Originally Posted by Andi_Bar.
Nach einem Match steht immer "sync data", so bekomme ich kein ansehen oder sonst was. Dieses Problem hab ich schon seit dem letzten Patch. Jemand eine Ahnung was man machen kann?
Andi_Bar, please make sure to translate you message to English please for full forum support. Your issue seems to be related to the posts in this forum - https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...g-Data-problem

We are investigating this issue currently and hope to update you on this soon, thank you for understanding.
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I believe the support article I originally suggested was for another save issue, apologies if there was any confusion.

These are still some of the best steps to try for this issue however. As Black.Beast. explains, this will reset your Situations, loadouts & in-game settings.

Thank you!
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Originally Posted by deinButterbrot
I also had the problem.

I went to Ubisoft Connect, or just the launcher, where you start rainbow.

Then I went to games, there to rainbow and klicked on the little triangle on the bottom right.
There I clicked "revert cloud save" and did, what it asked me to do.

After that, I closed the launcher and opened the game again and it asked me, which safe i wanted: My cloud safe or the one from ubisoft (i dont know how it was called)
So I clicked on my cloud safe and the game started normally and I could play just like normal.

I hope I can help you with that.
Hey, deinButterbrot!

Thank you for sharing your workaround. Hopefully this will help others with the same issue.

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