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06 Sep


I really enjoyed writing the descriptions for terrible ritual outcomes.

03 Sep


Originally posted by JustDeleteSystem32

Those who are in favour of slavery never think that they may be on the wrong side of the whip.

Except OP's slave. She's no hypocrite.

Or they assume they will if they don't do it first. "Enslave or be enslaved" kind of thing.

Especially in the ancient world, tribal societies, etc I can imagine this attitude being pretty widespread - possibly to the point where it's not really remarked upon, the same way we build horrific weapons all the time today.

01 Sep


Thank you for the feedback! I've noticed some concerns about this before so just yesterday I initiated a project to smooth out caravan mechanics.

Will definitely be taking this feedback into account for that, so thank you for writing it with such detail. This kind of thing is very useful.

29 Aug


Originally posted by GermyBones




Real Estate

Lettuce Growing

Date Night!

*frantically taking notes*

28 Aug


You get no memes if you do a classic start.

27 Aug

25 Aug

24 Aug

    Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello RimWorld players! I've just released RimWorld version 1.3.3101. This one comes with a long list of new stuff and improvements for the base game and both expansions. Full changelog is below.

Fluid ideoligions: The big feature in this update is fluid ideoligions.

You can start the game in a new mode where you define a simple, minimal ideoligion to begin with. Then, during play, you'll earn development points by completing rituals and taking actions that satisfy your beliefs.

With enough development points, you can reform your ideoligion to alter memes, styles, precepts, and everything else. You'll be able to build up the complexity and intensity of your belief system as the game progresses.

The original system with stable ideoligions also remains available, if you want to play a specific belief system from the start.

Compatibility: This update should be compatible with all savegames and mods.

Thanks: Thanks ... Read more
    /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

23 Aug


Originally posted by Viklove

What part of atheism do you think defines "the moral structure of the universe," or makes "predictions about the future?"

What rituals does atheism have?

Answered in the first line in my post above. You need to specify which atheist system of belief you're talking about.


Originally posted by OneWithMath

While I agree with this statement overall, the game mechanics of ideologions do not jive with the real-world concept of ideologies.

Real-world atheism is not an organized institution with set rituals and clerical hierarchy, but hypothetical RimWorld atheists would demand regular rituals, the presence of certain specialists, and have identical restrictions on diet/activities/furnishings etc.

It isn't a big deal, but more 'neutral' pawns could give good chances for conversion opportunities, anyway.

"Atheism" is a supercategory like "religion" so it wouldn't make sense to try to find specific ideoligious beliefs for "atheism" and more than it would for "religion".

However, within the vast category of 'atheists' there are many real ideoligions.

They're fuzzier on the edges than traditional religions because they're not formalized this way (usually). But if you just look they're not hard to see.

Nationalists from America or China or many other places, LGBTQ activists and social justice warriors, communists of various stripes, radical feminists, men's rights activists, transhumanists (in the Ray Kurzweil sense), rationalists (as in the rationalsphere), environmentalists and eco-fascists all exist. Individuals mix them together to fill the hole of meaning left by religion.

In these belief structures you can always find some story about the moral structure of the universe, and generally a prophecy for the future. You can always find the rituals, symb...

Read more

22 Aug


We'll look at this, thanks.

19 Aug

18 Aug


Originally posted by doodthedud

Any plans to give actual value to the seeds themselves? As someone who is playing tribal tunnelers with human primacy, it'd be nice to be able to sell off the 7 seeds I've gained from sprout events happening on my map, even if it's just a small amount per seed. Their value right now is literally $0, which seems weird for something that must realistically be so wondrous in-world.

You're right. I'll add some value to make sense a bit, but these aren't meant to be super valuable trade items (they appear for free after all).

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