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05 Mar

    Mal on Steam - Thread - Direct
EDIT: As of April 20, RimWorld is back on Steam in Australia!

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, we've just been informed that RimWorld has just been made unavailable for new purchases by Australian customers on Steam.

This does not seem to affect existing owners - it only prevents new purchases. Anyone who already owns the game is still be able to play, receive updates and access community features like the forums and workshop. The ... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

27 Feb


Originally posted by EugeneXQ

Posted a whole story in screenshots, all 7 images in one album in Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/zjJ1iFW

  1. There is fluid ideology, with Supremacy, Tunneler, Human primacy. Precepts for "corpses:don't care", "small spaces:don't care", Shooting and Crafting specialists. Shown on first and second screenshot. Because of chosen memes, all this precepts and roles are allowed, 100% valid ideoligion.

  2. Choose to reform ideoligion, add collectivist (screenshot 3).

  3. A message that Small spaces, Corpses, Production and shooting specialists are incompatible appears, screenshot 4.

  4. According to displayed message, precepts and roles are removed. Screenshot 6 shows, that I can add small spaces: don't care precept.

  5. Screenshot 7 show that I can add Shooting and Production specialists again.

What makes this annoying is that player has to assign all specialists to thei...

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I appreciate you taking the time to put this together. We'll use it.


Originally posted by EugeneXQ

A bug still remains with adding meme in reform ideoligion, and then having some precepts and all specialist roles thrown away for no reason (in-game dialog says they are incompatible, but that is not true).

Sounds like bad joke to me. Or maybe does no one play fluid ideology, really?

We'll look into this and see if there's something that needs fixing (which seems likely). Thanks for reporting!

Any more specific repro info would be useful if anyone wants to post it.

26 Feb

    Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hey everyone, it's time for another update!

This update fixes a variety of bugs and includes a number of changes that should make the ideoligions system less restrictive and more flexible.

Key among those is a new way to play with Ideology content active, but without actually running the ideology system. The ideology system is great for players who want to do something different, but it could be overwhelming for someone on their first game or who just wants to relax. This new option allows running the game without the complexity of the ideologion system, but with almost all the Ideology content active, including the biosculpters, ancient complex quests, Gauranlen trees, public executions, and more. (Some buildings like skullspikes and loudspeakers are still buildable despite not doing much without ideoligions active - they make nice visual flair if you want them.)

We've also reworked how a few pieces of Ideology work to make common ideoligions reduce microman... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

24 Feb

    Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hey everyone, just a quick note about the Steam Deck release and RimWorld.

RimWorld works on Steam Deck as it is now, but there are a number of UI issues and some general jankiness we intend to solve with an update.

Our developer who was working on this lives in Ukraine. After delays getting the Deck to him, the current situation there means he won't be making progress any time soon.

Our tech lead Piotr Walczak is taking over Steam Deck integration efforts. However, we probably won't have an integration patch out until after the Deck is released.

To those of you excited to play RW on the Deck - We are excited too! Please look forward to updates that should solve issues you might find. If you can, consider waiting for the update before you dive in. We want the experience to be as great as possible and we're working to make that happen.

We also welcome reports of any issues on the official dev Discord ... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

18 Jan

25 Dec


We'll add a loading tip to try to surface this better.

14 Dec


Originally posted by CandorCore

Honestly deep drilling feels like the point where your bottleneck moves from resource acquisition to resource refinement. By the time I've got someone perma-stationed on the scanner my only concern is getting more crafters to pump out the masterwork weapons and armour.

It used to be even nuttier, leading to one of my favorite RimWorld comics:


10 Dec


Originally posted by RecentlyUnhinged

Pretty sure the Powers that Be have explicitly said that will never happen, given the potential for warcrimes that comes with life on the Rim.

FWIW that's actually a myth - just something someone made up that gets repeated.

Not saying we are doing any particular thing (or anything) in the future, just correcting the record.

03 Dec

02 Dec


Originally posted by XelNigma

The turret buffs are rather insignificant. The damage and accuracy isn't the issue, it's the health and fire rate that needs looked at.

The mini turret especially least needs to be looked at. Give it the damage, accuracy and fire rate of the machine pistol and there you go. Your weak, but rapid close range support turret.

High fire rates at low damage create a lot of spam in the health tab which I'd rather avoid so don't anticipate a lot of increases here.

DPS is proportional to all three: fire rate, accuracy, and damage.


Originally posted by Zaorish9

Still gonna be "Turtle Friendly" mod for me 24/7.

I have no clue why the game's developer hates tower defense players so much. It's a fun play style.

Let's dial back the angry hyperbole please. It's not healthy for the community, for me, or for you.

Also I'm not sure what you're referring to given we buffed turrets and increased the prevalence of turret-vulnerable raids.


Originally posted by Stellan72

Are you sure about that second point? This changelog item "Slaves are now worth 75% of colonists in terms of map wealth and population." seems to say that it affects not just their contribution to colony wealth (aka how their market value affects raid points?) but also to colony population.

We're gonna check this to ensure it's working as intended.
It is supposed to affect both the wealth and population side.

01 Dec

    Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hey everyone - here's a new update for RimWorld for all of you!

This wide-ranging update makes a variety of improvements - see the full changelog below.

One critical adjustment is in the proportion of different raid strategies. Previously, mechanoids were using breach raids far too often. I've been seeing feedback about this for a while, so in previous updates we did make some analysis tools and I tried to adjust things to solve it. Unfortunately, I missed the true issue and the problem persisted. After some recent feedback from ... Read more

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