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01 Dec

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26 Nov


I quit my job at Irrational Games, wrote a book about game dev, but didn't really want to go work for someone else. So I made a bunch of prototypes of games and one of them eventually became RimWorld.

Wait does that count?

25 Nov


Originally posted by lemoncroissantlizard

It never even crossed my mind that rimworld made use of the equator etc. Made it especially wierd for me that the game had a map before caravans, but now it makes sense

I remember back when we added the 3D planet for the first time. Previously the game had used a constrained 2D map of part of the northern hemisphere, and just used the seasons to describe time passing.

Of course once you do a whole planet with southern hemisphere you can't describe time by seasons, since those seasons are different in different places and it wouldn't make sense if you moved around.

So we had to add quadrums. Which are weird. But people were so confused about them. So many complaints asking why we were using these dumb sounding made-up words instead of just seasons like before. We had to - it's geometrically required!

Heck most of the world doesn't even have the 4 named seasons really.

23 Nov

27 Oct


This kind of thing is one reason we don't recommend super-huge map sizes.

It's not just about performance - complex games can break in many, many ways!

24 Oct


Originally posted by p0xus

Wow, I didnt think you of all people would reply. Tbh, Im not surprised it broke. I'm running 419 mods on this playthough. I don't want to waste your time going through it.

Thanks for the offer to help though.

Hey no worries, I'm always watching pretty hard for breakages after an update. We've reverted updates before when we find something that's bad enough.

But yeah, 419 mods is... a lot. I'm just proud it ever worked at all! Hopefully compatibility will settle in soon.


Originally posted by p0xus

Wooo... this update broke my ultra modded game.

"This update was tested as compatible with all savegames and mods." they say...

Can you post you log file on the Discord server so we can take a look?

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Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce a new update for RimWorld and all expansions.

The biosculpters got a focused redesign. Colonists can now automatically do their own age reversal, and initiating a biosculpting cycle takes 1 step instead of 3. There's also less incentive to do weird things like deconstruct and reconstruct the biosculpter. Overall the micromanagement burden should be much lower, especially for large colonies.

We also reworked caravan formation to make it faster and more fluid. The archonexus restart sequence got some love so it's clearer and better-tuned. Finally, there's also a bunch of smaller improvements - see the change list below.

This update was tested as compatible with all savegames and mods.

Thanks to everyone who helped test on the Official dev Discord server[discord.gg]... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

15 Oct


Originally posted by raccoon_ideology_man

Commission of art from Ricardo Tome, who also did the vanilla and vanilla extended storytellers.

Damn I was just gonna say that's an amazing match for the original style.

Glad to see Ricardo had some fun with it.

14 Oct


Originally posted by hatschi_gesundheit

Devs making a game for people to have fun with, allowing for a plethora for different playstyles (which is great, don't get me wrong!), then strongly discouraging one certain style (hiding behind thick walls and strong defences) because it's "not fun enough" or "not how its supposed to be played" or whatever.

It's not about discouraging that approach, it's about adding a variety of other approaches in addition.

As many have identified on this thread, killboxes still work great for a broad variety of threats. But, they don't work for every threat. Back when they did, the game really did get dull over time. Players would get raided and they barely even had to interact. Enemies would just file into the box and die. It was nothing but a resource delivery. And while this is rewarding in a way, it was boring to have this happen every time.

I didn't want to just make enemies stronger. It's not a tower defense game. So I made them smarter and have a wider variety of tools and strategies. So now you still get the killbox thing because it's cool, but you also get other threats to chew on for variation. And the enemies seem less idiotic.

Enemies have actually gotten weaker (and less numerous) over the years, since they no longer need the absurd st...

Read more

06 Oct


Yeah, some change here would seem to make sense. Thanks!

29 Sep


Originally posted by Mattaru

I remember the thread some weeks back with feedback on the caravan system and Tynan responding that theyll look into it

These are MUCH needed QoL improvements. Caravaning can be a pawnbreaker. Thank you Ludeon for listening to us!

Very welcome and thank you for communicating :)

Seriously, well thought out threads with useful feedback are gold to me.

16 Sep

14 Sep

11 Sep

10 Sep

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EDIT 3: The build is now live for everyone. Thanks to the mod authors of Doors Expanded for updating quickly!

Hey everyone! RimWorld update 1.3.3117 is now out. This one comes with a long list of new stuff and improvements. Full changelist is below.

Multi-ideo viability: One key thing I wanted to do with this update was make it more rewarding to have a colony with diverse beliefs. While it should certainly be possible to run your colony as an ideological monoculture, I always wanted it to be possible to claim the benefits of multiple belief systems at the cost of needing to take a wider diversity of needs into account. This would also make recruiting easier, since it wouldn't be necessary to convert everyone during the recruiting process.

We made several changes to achieve this goal.

Now, colonists can participate in rituals of other ideoligions, strengthen those rituals by their presence, and gain mood and other benefits from them. Big... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

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