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12 Mar

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09 Mar


Monday is gonna be PACKED, because not only are patch 1.3 and Season 3 dropping, a new event is also starting: Leprechaun's Eve

Don your greenest clothes and keep your eyes peeled for boots of gold. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with us from next Monday until April 2nd!

I do my little dancey dance

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08 Mar

    /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

The camera when outside of battles hasn't changed, it's been the same forever. Inside battles the initial camera position is still the same but as you said, it now has movement after a specific time has passed.

06 Mar

05 Mar

    /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Yeah. The pvp community is very present on Discord (both the official server and other non oficial ones).

There’s are temcs.gg now!

04 Mar

    /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Weird take tbh.

  • The delay is out of our hands and we can't do anything so we can't change that.
  • The system needs to have three items in the shop each week (we can't change that without a patch because we weren't expected a week without items).
  • The system doesn't support discounts or setting the items for feathers. We also can't change that without a patch.

So what exactly are you waiting for here? Should we add the three worst items ever so people are more annoyed just so we don't gain any money? There is no FOMO involved because all items in the premium shop are going to rotate to the daily shop in a few months.

03 Mar