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16 Feb


Originally posted by Grifbanana

I got the seal but not the feathers? I tried re-redeeming the code but it told me it was already used, and I tried restarting the game but still not seeing the 1000 feathers in my inventory, just what I already had.

Code only contained the Seal! The Feathers were automatically placed in your Feather sum as long as you had played in the 7 days prior to it.

14 Feb

08 Feb


Originally posted by stidmg

Woups sorry ! Never saw that haha thank you !

No problem!!! :)


Originally posted by stidmg

Hello ! I redeemed the code yesterday but I sont see the seal and I cant redeem it anymore, Im on PS5

It’s in your Vault! That’s the box on rightmost part of the Temporium, next to the shop. You need to claim the Seal from there.


Originally posted by MonkeyTommie

It is on the internal console memory and it happens every time after a battle.

Can you please post a video? With just this info we don't know what to look for.


Originally posted by PeralvaM

In Brazil and some other south american countries Valentine's Day is celebrated June 12th. That's because the 13th is the day of St. Anthony of Padua, celebrated as a Patron of Mariage.

I did like the Oct 21st date as I celebrate my proposal anniversary with my fiancee on the 22nd

this is also interesting to know! But we already have an event for summer :((

07 Feb


Hello! Can you post a video of when this happens? And can you try placing the game in the internal console memory instead of the SD?


Originally posted by Degeit

Got luma Gharunder, 10/10 best event yet

haha woah congrats!! happy for you nonetheless!


Originally posted by greatgamer73

Sweetest Day is a holiday celebrated in the Midwest that is similar to Valentine's Day. It is on October 21st. So if you wanted this event to happen this year you could combine it with the Halloween event and we could have a big event with hearts and skeletons :)

oh I had never heard of this! It does sound like two concepts that would match great :))

06 Feb

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Really unfortunate news, Tamers. The Valentamers' Day event is postponed, likely until next year, due to a bug.

We've found a bug that is client-sided, meaning it requires platform approval to launch a fix. That can take up to three weeks, so the fixes would not come in time for the event, and it would likely overlap with version 1.3.

The bug caused players to not be able to claim the rewards, thus defeating the sole purpose of the event, so it's with a heavy heart that we're forced to postpone Valentamers' Day event. The next few events are already planned and scheduled, and we cannot find a suitable spot for a Valentines-themed day event. We're very very sorry for this, and really sad to have this happen to such a cute and sweet event.

We're giving away 1000 Feathers and the Lovestruck Seal reward for free, to all players who have logged in in the past week, as an apology and compensation gift. Please redeem the code below to claim it. It will be available ... Read more
    /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

Originally posted by agis21

I saw your edit as soon as I posted! Sorry!

Will I need to redeem the code again? Or not?

No worries! Yes, you'll need to re-redeem the code again, sorry!


Originally posted by agis21

I just used the code, got the seal in my vault but as soon as I retrieved it, it disappeared.

What is the issue with this? Any solution?

Wait until the maintenance is over, sorry! Promo codes are relatively new to us.