Blue Meridian

Blue Meridian

01 Sep


Welcome to the August Development Update!

In this blog post, the team will be sharing some exciting announcements as well as providing more progress on both Update 8 and Update 9.

Artbook + Mini-OST Announcement

That’s right! A digital artbook and mini-soundtrack will be released onto Steam later this year to coincide with one of our next major updates. Whether you’d like to appreciate the work of our artists or listen to some Jurassic jams, we’ll have you covered.

THE ART OF... Read more

31 Jul


Welcome to the July Development Update!

Over the past month, we’ve been working hard on our animal overhaul and Update 8 as a whole. In this blog post, we’ll be providing a quick status update on the release and talking about how our new AI integrates with our future plans.

Animals To keep it brief, our biggest ongoing task is developing animal AI. We’ve got a great plan... Read more

30 Jun


Welcome to the June Development Update!

In today’s blog post, the team shares what is the longest dev diary in quite some time. We’re talking animals, gameplay, pretty pictures, a painfully long word count, the whole shebang. There’s so much to get through that we’ve just gotta get right into it!

Where We’re At If you’ve been keeping up with our dev diaries over the last few months, you’ll know that the team’s been tackling a bu... Read more

01 Jun


Welcome to the May Development Update!

In this dev diary, we’ll be showcasing a selection of development highlights from May and talking a bit more about our goals for the animal overhaul. There’s quite a bit to get through, so let’s get to it!

Where We’re At
Both Update 8 and Update 9 have been progressing well on all fronts over the past month. Many players have been e... Read more

30 Apr


Welcome to the April Development Update!

With the recent release of Update 7, the game has officially been in Early Access for one year. Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen so many amazing community creations, parks and screenshots that continue to blow us away. From gigantic starships to custom prehistoric flora, your boundless creativity shows no end. Happy anniversary, PK!

The previous update introduced an expanded power system, new modules, biome presets and a lot of fantastic terrain-related quality of life changes. ... Read more

28 Apr


Welcome, Park Managers!

We've rolled out a small hotfix to address some issues with the last update. Thank you so much for your patience and for bearing with us. Please provide your feedback and bug reports through the in-game tool or our official Discord server[].

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Tyrannosaurus freezing
  • Fixed distant tree loading
  • Fixed an issue with loading saves

27 Apr


Welcome, Park Managers and happy one year anniversary!

Thank you to everyone who has played, supported and given feedback to Prehistoric Kingdom. It's crazy to think it's already been a full year, but here we are!

In this update, we've expanded the power system, added new modules and made a lot of important quality of life changes. There have also been some substantial optimizations and stability fixes, though our work on this front continues. Be sure to read the full patch notes!

The Next Update
As a brief aside, we'd like to quickly touch on the next release, Update 8. This update is going to be quite a major one for the game, including a brand new species and completely reworked animal locomotion. Due to the amount of ongoing work required, the update is expected to go live in June.

It's imperative that al... Read more

31 Mar


Welcome to the March Development Update!

March was an exciting month for the team as we finally released the highly anticipated mammal, Paraceratherium. Our early teasers managed to fool some of you with the surprise addition of Juxia, but as expected, the majority of speculation was on point. Great work, everyone! If you missed that update, you can find Paraceratherium (and more goodies) in the ... Read more

16 Mar


Welcome, Park Managers!

Just a quick little hotfix to address some immediate issues with the latest update. Please provide your feedback and bug reports through the in-game tool or our official Discord server[].

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Juxia size bug
  • Fixed Edmontosaurus kuukpikensis star rating
  • Fixed Excavation menu rating checks
  • Fixed invalid path bug
  • Optimized Paraceratherium rendering
  • Optimized rock rendering

Welcome, Park Managers!

Update 6 is here! The highlights for this patch include the reworked donation system, rock styling and a brand new animal! You can find a rundown of everything that's new in the full patch notes below.

As mentioned in our previous dev diary, the team has been working on a number of updates concurrently in an effort to better space out our release schedule. We've worked very hard to get this update out in a timely fashion, so we hope that everyone enjoys all the new content available in Update 6.

If you’re yet to play the game or think it’d make a great gift, we'd like to mention that Prehistoric Kingdom is currently 20% off on Steam!

Please provide your feedback and bug reports through the in-game tool or ... Read more

28 Feb


Welcome to February’s Development Update!

In this post, we’ll be discussing some changes to the roadmap and delve into Prehistoric Kingdom’s next update. As we’ve just released Update 5, this dev diary will be a little more information heavy.

Speaking of the now-released update, this latest one adds the Research system, various range graphics and a bunch of little changes to Challenge Mode. ... Read more

25 Feb


Welcome, Park Managers!

Update 5 is here! This patch introduces the research system, tutorial improvements and a number of quality of life additions. You can find a rundown of everything that's new in the full patch notes below.

Over the next few months we plan to make even more strides in tidying up the game's flow and addressing some pain points alongside more mechanics. Stay tuned for our next dev diary to learn more about what's coming in the future!

Please provide your feedback and bug reports through the in-game tool or our official Discord server[].

Update 5 Features ... Read more

19 Feb


Welcome, park managers!

This fix patch addresses a few player reported issues from the last update. Thank you for all the feedback and bug reports on our Discord server[]!

There will be another update at the end of February that adds the research system and radius visuals for power generators, animal info signs and dung beetles. See you then!

  • Guests
    • Visitor needs grow a bit more slowly, plus bathroom and hunger needs stay low for longer after being satisfied
    • Module path connection status and icons are now calculated when the game is paused
    • Added more logging to target initialization cras...
Read more

10 Feb


Welcome, park managers!

In this patch, we've made a number of focused changes relating to performance, guests and balance. A number of bugs pertaining to guests have also been fixed, so your managerial experience should be a bit smoother.

This update also adds Gameplay settings to the options menu when playing in a sandbox park, allowing players to adjust various aspects of their gameplay whenever needed!

Some new music cues have been added, too! These short pieces will play when starting a new game or loading into an existing park, changing based on where your park is in the world. There are even cues for loading into a 5 Star park or one with poor statistics. A few more 5 star variants will be arriving in the future!

There is another patch coming later in February that'll introduce the Research system and quality of life fe... Read more

31 Jan


Welcome to January’s Development Update!

After a wonderful holiday break, the team returned mid-January to continue working on Prehistoric Kingdom. In this time, it turns out we crossed a rather exciting milestone… we’ve shipped 100,000 units since launching in April last year!

With your ongoing support we want to make 2023 a more consistent and even bigger year for us, targeting meaningful gameplay additions and improvements with our usual sprinkling of modular pieces and creativity. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us so fa... Read more

22 Dec


Welcome, Park Managers and Happy Holidays!

The latest Early Access update is here and it’s our biggest patch yet! Featuring 3 new species, guest management and more, there’s never been a better time to jump into Prehistoric Kingdom.

If you’re yet to play the game or think it’d make a great gift, Prehistoric Kingdom is currently 25% off during the Steam Winter Sale!

1.1 Features

Animals Say hello to Coelophysis, Dilophosaurus and Scelidosaurus! These three are the latest dinosaurs to join Prehistoric Kingdom’s roster, ushering in a new collection of early game animals from the Triassic and Jurassic.

... Read more

21 Dec


Welcome, park managers!

We’re pleased to announce that the long awaited 1.1 Update will be launching alongside the Steam Winter Sale on December 22! If you’re yet to jump into Prehistoric Kingdom or looking for a great gift, we’d highly recommend taking advantage of the 20% discount!

In this very special blog post, we’ll be giving you an overview of all the major content coming in tomorrow’s update.

Check out the trailer below!

... Read more

01 Dec


Welcome to November’s Development Update!

After a short break from Dev Diaries, we’re back! In this month’s post, we’ll be showcasing the 1.1 Update’s rich, arid architecture and providing more information on various aspects of development.

As the 1.1 Update draws closer, we’d like to show off a bit more of its eye candy while the mechanical side of the update is still being worked on. Our ar... Read more

25 Oct


Welcome, Park Managers and Happy Halloween!

The third Early Access update is here. In this special update, we're celebrating spooky festivities by adding almost 70 new pieces themed around tricks and treats. From tombstones to pumpkins, there's plenty of Halloween festivity to carve into.

For the remainder of this update, we've fixed a number of player reported issues and made great quality of life improvements such as the new GUI scale slider, enhanced text legibility and expanded camera options within Screenshot mode. Animal Information Screens are making their debut, too! Featuring an image for all the genus in the game, they're a great way to add that extra edge of realism into your park.

... Read more

03 Oct

Hello, Park Managers!

We are delighted to announce that language localization is coming to Prehistoric Kingdom in Update 1.1 later this year!

We’re open to expanding our language library based on popular feedback, so let us know your thoughts down below.

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