Blue Meridian

Blue Meridian

01 May


Welcome to April’s development update!

The past month has been highly productive for the PK team! As always, there is much gameplay and art to cover, as well as more animal showcases than usual thanks to a certain theropod, so let’s dive in!

Development Progress Development continues to advance at a steady pace, with a lot of the work being put into the terrain... Read more

01 Apr


Welcome to March’s development update!

There’s much to discuss in this month’s devlog for Prehistoric Kingdom: featuring new progress shots, concept art, animations and audio previews!

Development Progress Despite current conditions around the world, progress goes well. The team’s trying to stay as healthy as possible and work where we can on Prehistoric Kingdom.

In the background, our prog... Read more

01 Mar



Welcome to February’s development update!

Today, we’ll be diving into what the team’s been up to over the past month and introduce you to a new team member. Work behind the scenes has continued to grow more exciting by the day as we buckle down on features and content pipelines. Let's get into the discussion!

New Hire! Joining the Prehistoric Kingdom team, we’d like you to introduce the project’s newest programmer, Seth! He’ll be overseeing developments such as water painting and assi... Read more

01 Feb


Welcome to January’s development update!

This Devlog marks the beginning of our second year of hands-on development, following 2018’s year of pre-production and planning. It might seem like a long time, but we managed to accomplish a lot of great things during the past twelve months. 2020 is going to be filled with a lot of milestones for Prehistoric Kingdom, so the most exciting news is yet ahead, park builders!

Development Progress Over the past month, we’ve been searching for a potential candidate to join the programming team on Prehistoric Kingdom. Finalising a lengthy interview process, the newest team member will be joining us shortly to help develop additional gameplay systems.

Assisting with the weight of development, Matt’s been working on automati... Read more

01 Jan


Welcome to December’s development update!

Though the holiday season has now just passed there are quite a few goodies to discuss and showcase in this month’s DevLog! With a handful of artistic treats and programming gifts, the team's been hard at work spreading festive joy to all the good little critters of Prehistoric Kingdom in time for the new year.

Development Progress The team’s been up to a lot of great stuff during December whilst tackling the usual engine headaches. Apart from addressing issues with the modular grid, support for new materials has begun to work its way into the game thanks to Mau’s automated setup procedures and Nathan’s exceptional patience in texturing new pieces.

In terms of keeping the community up to date, we’re looking to overh... Read more

01 Dec


Welcome to November’s development update!

Getting closer to the holiday season, the team’s been busy conceptualising, revising and creating new ideas and assets for the project.

New Hire! This month we welcomed a new member to the team - Lis! As an additional skin design artist, she’ll be taking on a variety of roles such as finalising VIP backer skins and creating new animal designs for future post-launch content.

Examples of her past community-made content.

We’re grateful to have her on-board as a helping hand and can’t wait to see more excellent creations!

Development Progress Last month we talked about having to update our engine i... Read more

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