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30 Nov



Welcome to November’s Development Update!

In today’s post, we’ll be discussing some of Beta’s day one content and how to access ... Read more

31 Oct



Welcome to October’s Development Update!

In this month’s dev diary we’ll be showcasing a modular surprise, the scrubland environment ... Read more

01 Oct


Welcome to September’s Development Update!

As we push onwards to Closed Beta (December 6th) and Early Access in 2022, it’s time that our monthly blog posts saw some change.

Once we launch Beta, Prehistoric Kingdom will essentially be a “live” game. Because of this, there’ll need to be some alterations to how we communicate and post our news. Not just to deliver the information you’re interested in, but for us to effectively show new developments when they’re locked in and ready to present.

To help the team achieve this, we’ll be ... Read more

28 Aug


Closed Beta arrives December 6th 2021 for eligible backers and early adopters!

Introducing new mechanics, features and animals, Prehistoric Kingdom’s next closed-release will be available to those who pledged for Beta Access. Our public launch into Early Access has now moved to April 2022 to give the team an extended period for some important gameplay changes, additional content and polish.

We bet you’re feeling ravenous to learn more, ... Read more

30 Jun


Welcome to June’s Development Update!

We are steadily moving towards the Beta release, with a feeling of anticipation growing within the team. Many of the gameplay systems required to move the game forward are coming together, so it’s a very exciting time to be working on the project!

While there’s no set Beta release date we can share at this moment, we can give you an insight into our process as we approach this next milestone. Other than obviously completing the gameplay systems we started, the main goals for these coming months include... Read more

01 Jun


Welcome to May’s Development Update!

This month the team has put together quite a juicy update, rich with new information and a whole bunch of major additions being worked on in the background.

Development during May was great all across the board! We saw a lot of substantial progress in key areas that ultimately led to one of the most important months in some time, bringing in a lot of important ... Read more

01 May


Welcome to April’s Development Update!

In this shorter blog post we’ll be covering the usual; what our team’s been up to and what the community can expect to see in the future! Most of our work in April was done on the game’s backend, so there’s not much to visually cover this month.

Aviary Interior by Warpath.

After pushing our... Read more

01 Apr


Welcome to March’s Development Update!

In this month’s devlog we’ll be taking a look at what we’ve been working on, what the community’s been up to and the response to our latest release!

Created by Rudi Rennkamel.

To start, we want to thank everyone who has participated in the alpha (roughly 1,300 people). You’re all buil... Read more

24 Mar

Welcome, park managers!

After taking the week-end off, we're back working around the clock to address the most urgent issues reported by the community in the last few days. Today's update revolves around massive memory optimizations, and several UX improvements, especially with regards to the modular system.

Bug Fixes
  • Animals
    • Fixed an issue that caused animal IKs not to update if time was stopped or if they were being moved, eliminating a lot of the janky leg stretching.
  • Guests
    • Guests now avoid walking inside Mini-Aviaries.
  • Construction
    • Fixed issue with multiple terrain masks multiplying their intensity together (especially noticeable on paths and path junctions).
    • Fixed terrain masks for paths and reduced their radius, as they were too...
Read more

19 Mar


Welcome, park managers!

Prehistoric Kingdom’s Closed Alpha has finally arrived! An early version of the game is now available to play for eligible alpha tier backers and early adopters. If you should have access and currently don’t, please consult our previous blog post[]... Read more

11 Mar


Welcome to our Alpha Information Update!

This is a quick post providing an update on key distribution and pre-orders. Please read this carefully as we want to ensure you receive your key in time for alpha on March 19th!


Key Distribution Crytivo Alpha Buyers For those of you who purchased Ranger Alpha or the previous alpha tiers (Ranger, Tycoon) via the Crytivo store, you will be receiving new Steam keys in the coming days. Any existing keys you may have used will be revoked as new ones are going to be automatically assigned t... Read more

28 Feb


Welcome to February’s Development Update!

With much anticipation, it’s finally time to talk about alpha release plans and all the new content we’ve been working on behind the scenes. There’s a lot of important information in this one folks, so make sure you read it thoroughly.

Save the d... Read more

01 Feb


Welcome to January’s Development Update!

It’s been a busy month here at Blue Meridian. Starting off 2021 with a bang, we launched the pre-alpha version of Prehistoric Kingdom to our VIP backers. Now that alpha’s looming over the horizon, there’s a lot of content to discuss!

Screenshot by Captain Hadro.

With much excitement, our VIP ... Read more

06 Jan


Welcome to December’s Development Update!

We hope everyone has had a happy holiday season and a safe New Years. Despite the current conditions, we did our best to push through 2020 as a small studio with the support of our publisher Crytivo, our dedicated development team and of course our fans.

We’ve changed a lot over the past 12 months, so it’s time to take a look at the past, present and future.

... Read more

01 Dec


Welcome to November’s Development Update!

In this blog post we’ll be delving into a brand new mechanic as well as showcasing a revamped dinosaur that many fans will recognize. We’ve tried to keep this one quite focused and streamlined which is something you’ll see more of closer to launch. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

At the forefront of development, quite a bit of work has been done on AI... Read more

01 Nov


Welcome to October’s Development Update!

To all of our new fans or those who recently found the project - welcome. It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, so we’ll be recapping everything you might’ve missed in the months gone by.

A handful of our developers also took part in live streams during August and September with Crytivo, so be sure to ... Read more

29 Sep

What if time could be rewritten? Discover a world of wonder with Prehistoric Kingdom - arriving Q2 2021!

For more information, check out IGN's article here!

01 Aug


Welcome to July’s development update!

It’s been a busy month for the PK team as we continue to work towards our next development build and trailer. A lot of our tasks are currently shrouded in secrecy which means this blogpost will be a little shorter than usual, but that’s okay! There’s plenty of progress to be discussed.

Right now the team’s working ... Read more

07 Jul


Welcome to June’s development update!

Last month was great for the dev team, showing an increase in quality for all aspects of development. There’s simply too much to cover, so let’s dive right into the content coverage for June.

Development Progress The team’s been swell, steadily focusing on their tasks and chipping away at the project as per usual. Mau’s been making a lot of headway tackling troub... Read more

01 Jun


Welcome to May’s development update!

Over the past month the team has been working hard on furthering the development of Prehistoric Kingdom, bringing great progress to all areas across the board. We’re finally ready to reveal some of our new changes and additions to central parts of the project, so let’s dive in!

Maps: Meet the New Playable Area

... Read more

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