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01 Jun

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Hi, we're aware of spam servers as well as cheat selling servers in the server browser, and we're taking a look at both to issue some countermeasures as soon as we can. We're sorry for the trouble, it's unfortunate that some players are using the server browser for this kind of activities. Until we can counteract these on our end, the best course of action is simply not to join servers that look dubious.

29 May


Originally posted by Monke12ed

I sure hope the GitHub code for the game being public has nothing to do with this unfortunate event

Having access to the source code makes it easier to pull this kind of stuff off, but it would've most likely happened regardless if it's public or not. You don't even necessarily need the game's code at all - it's quite easy to just look up the Steamworks API documentation, see what kind of a request you need to make to Steam's servers to get your server listed publicly, and write a program that sort of pretends to be a Barotrauma server and sends a bunch of those requests to Steam. And I actually suspect that's what these people are doing, I doubt they've actually got this many "real" instances of the game running.

But in any case, I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. As mentioned in this other thread, we'...

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Originally posted by IcyNote_A

Happy to see you are working on it. Don't you mind if I use your message as reference for people who asking about spam?

Feel free, until we can implement a proper fix for this it's good if people are aware what these are and how they can temporarily work around the problem. :)


It's someone (or a group of people) spamming fake servers onto the server list. Here's an earlier thread about the same issue:

We are working on some countermeasures against these spam servers, but as mentioned in that earlier thread, it's unfortunately a somewhat tricky problem to solve. There's no easy way to automatically detect whether a server is legit...

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Originally posted by Alternative_Cap312

Nah not really. You can try to contact a developer about this but they don’t really care about ingame problems.

This is honestly a little depressing to read, considering almost our whole team is currently working hard on addressing issues reported by players (see our issue tracker) as fast as we can and trying to get things patched asap. Also, as a side note, about third of the open issues in the tracker have already been fixed, but our QA team (that tests the fixes before we close the issues) is also absolutely swamped at the moment, so we can't get fixes into the public build as fast as we'd hope.

As ...

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24 May

19 May

17 May

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This turned out to be a bug with the priorities of the pets, thank you zelda for reporting it on Github!
A fix has been pushed on our private dev build, and it will hopefully be included in the next patch.

But still, even after the fix is live, keep in mind the mechanics of the pets. Especially the fact that in order to eat, the pet needs to be hungry, and that Peanut cannot move if someone is looking at it. Leave the pets fully alone in a room as a workaround for now, as they will prefer following players or other pets to eating. In addition, if the health of the pet is low, they will prioritize eating more. Hope this helps!

16 May

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Hi, please post about looking for crew under the "Recruiting Crewmates" subforum (, not here on the General forum. Also, please don't post very often – that is spammy.

I am moving this post to the other forum now, so you don't need to make a new post.

15 May


Please don't call out individuals or groups of individuals in public, no matter how badly they've treated you. The drama potential is immense and we don't want that!

If you have feedback to give to a host, it's best to take it straight to them (and always be polite about it).

If it's related to something that moderators or developers can help with (subreddit/Discord/Steam forums), use the report function, send a modmail or otherwise directly contact without creating a public post.

11 May

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Hello everyone!

We have just released a hotfix to fix a couple of issues in yesterday's patch.
See the changes below.


- Fixed "hash mismatch" errors when trying to enable a mod that's been updated in the most recent patch.
- Fixed "the submarine contains entities with duplicate IDs" error message when loading a submarine that contains multiple shuttles/drones.
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

10 May


Hi! In case anyone is wondering: we previously talked about a 1.1 patch, but that version numbering was erroneous (1.1 will be a bigger update, not a patch). In other words, this is the patch that we posted a preview of, a little over a week ago :)


Hello everyone!

We have just released the first larger patch since the 1.0 launch. The patch addresses many bot AI issues such as bots not changing oxygen tanks, getting stuck on ladders, and failing to get on turrets, to name a few.

Additionally, the patch introduces many other fixes, including several multiplayer fixes to reduce disconnections and network issues. We’re also adding a reworked version of the Typhon vanilla sub and various smaller fixes to other submarines.

See the full list of changes below, and make sure to update your game to the latest version!


Misc changes and improvements:
- NPCs who offer services don't get turned hostile regardless of your reputation. If you've got money, they'll be happy to serve!
- Attacking outpost NPCs can't decrease your reputation by more tha... Read more