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04 Sep


Originally posted by Deryn805

Will there be a possibility to enable traitor mode in campaigns for multiplayer? The one mentioned in the blog post would be perfect to bring something to do for security without really threatening the ship.

Something along the lines of "engineer is threatened by separatists, so he has to stuff 5 guns into a duffel bag and bring it to the next station".

On another note, will there be buyable cargo at some point? Currently the Berilia has insane cargo capacity, but i never see vanilla cargo missions go over 25 crates. I cant remember which mod brings it, but there's basically crates "mining station supplies" that you can buy in other stations, and then sell at mining stations for profit.

Yep, the traitor mode will work in the multiplayer campaign too! That has been one of our main goals with the traitor overhaul - nowadays, with the campaign being by far the most popular game mode, the lack of traitor support meant you'd almost never get to play with traitors. Getting the traitor mechanic to make sense in a persistent, co-op campaign has been a challenge, but judging by the feedback we've been getting from Unstable, I think we may have managed to pull it off. :)

I'm not entirely sure about the buyable cargo, but that could definitely be something to consider!

02 Sep


Originally posted by Cpt_Kalash

it caused massive issues with performance

Performance is actually not the main reason we wanted to change the storage containers. I wrote a lengthy post about our reasoning here. In short, we want to make inventory management more convenient by increasing cabinet capacity so you wouldn't need to fill all the slots with storage containers to gain enough storage space for all your items. Another reason is that it wasn't intended that you could store as many as 2880 items per cabinet - that is getting reduced to a more sane number (although, a cabinet can still fit well over 1000 items).


Originally posted by Hour-Access-4194

because the devs dont feel like adding new content to the game like a new creature or environmental threat, so the only thing they can to make the game harder is to reduce what a crew can have and do, rather than create new threats to consume resources and challenge the players as they are.

As mentioned in the post, there's going to be plenty of new content in this update: the "meat" of the update is going to be the overhauled traitor mode. I think we'll be shedding more light on that in the next blog post. :)


Originally posted by Hour-Access-4194

Next patch better be content and not just more player nerfs. Give me a new monster or two, and maybe some new weapons. Maybe some new genetic material? idk man, you're losing goodwill with me.

As mentioned in the post, there's going to be plenty of new content in this update: the "meat" of the update is going to be the overhauled traitor mode. I think we'll be shedding more light on that in the next blog post. :)

01 Sep

    Vihis on Steam - Thread - Direct

Hello everyone!

Now that we have been back from our holidays for a while, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit our plans for the upcoming storage changes. As we ... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

29 Aug


You can find all the loading screen artwork in "Content/Map/LocationPortraits/" inside the game folder. :)


I have to say that I understand why many people we're disappointed by the ending (although, it's also nice to see that many liked it). To be completely honest, I feel like we pretty much ran out of time implementing all of the new faction-related content and the endgame, with no easy way to delay the full release further. I personally would've have hoped to add more content that expands on the factions and the Ancients, and ties the ending together with the rest of the game better. Another issue in my opinion is that the ending (especially what happens at the very last moments) is very hard to understand - there are some clues here and there that might help some piece it all together, but I think it still remains pretty obscure to most players.

That being said, there is a high chance we'll be expanding on it in future updates. :)


The detonator should explode when it receives any non-zero signal. Buttons send a single signal of "1" when they're pressed. I can't see anything wrong with the circuit as you've described here, so my guess would be that the issue is somewhere in the way you're feeding the the commands/signals to the 2nd input of the equals component, but it's hard to say for sure without knowing how that part of the circuit has been built.

I recommend using the electrician's goggles to check what the equals component is actually receiving and outputting (if you haven't done that already)!

23 Aug


I think the classifications of Earth-based life forms might not work here.


Originally posted by TheKhopesh

As a general rule of thumb, always err on the side of easier on the whole, rather than harder.

There will always be players who think every game should be just shy of unplayably difficult/limited and want everything to be a Souls-like. (And they'll always press for the content to be harder and harder.)

Inevitably, following that mentality ruins the game for those in the moderate-to-opposite side of the gaming spectrum.

So just stick with following whatever makes the game more enjoyable to play, rather than what makes it more challenging just for the sake of challenge.

I don't entirely agree with this, although I do see where you're coming from. Many people feel the challenge (and overcoming it!) is what makes a game more enjoyable - and all the way back from the legacy days, being a very challenging game has been a part of Barotrauma's identity. And actually, we do get quite a lot of feedback about Barotrauma being too easy once you get past the initial learning curve and figure out the best strategies for different situations (which I don't entirely agree with either). So finding a good middle-ground isn't easy!

That being said, I'm not entirely sure what the difficulty has to do with the storage container changes. If anything, it should make things a little more convenient since the larger stack and cabinet sizes mean fabricating a ton of storage containers to expand storage capacity is no longer necessary.

22 Aug


Originally posted by Knifetoface

Performance wise, is it better to have 100 iron in one slot in a locker or 100 iron in a container in a locker?

Is the issue bots targeting the items or physics on those items while in lockers? Both?

There is a small performance benefit to storing the items directly in the cabinet, but that wasn't really a factor in why we wanted to do these changes. The main reason was that the storage capacity was so limited that you essentially had to use storage containers to store large amount of items. Another reason was that it was never the intention that you could store as many as 2880 items per cabinet - that many items does lead to performance problems. The changes will limit that somewhat, but we feel that with the larger stack sizes and bigger cabinets there should still be more than enough space to store a reasonable amount of supplies - and of course, if you absolutely have to be able to store almost 3000 items in a cabinet, mods are always an option. :)


Originally posted by GreenArmour406

In the coming weeks, they’re going to be pushing an update that will remove the suitcases (storage containers) while increasing storage locker capacity and stack sizes for items.

This isn't true, see

The update will also take a little longer to finish than a few weeks: the "real meat" of the update, the overhauled traitor mode, still needs some more work. :)


I posted a lengthy comment here explaining our reasoning behind these changes and addressing some of the concerns that have been raised.

I would also like to point out that the info in the latest blog/Steam post is no longer completely up-to-date: our current plan is not to remove the storage containers entirely, we're just putting some restrictions on how they can be stored in cabinets (by having some extra slots specifically for storage containers or other "nested containers"). We feel that with that change, and the significantly increased stack and cabinet sizes, we're at a pretty good middle-ground where there's plenty of space in cabinets without having to resort to filling each slot with a storage container, you can no ...

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21 Aug


This looks like the "Transparent" line of sight setting. It allows you to see a dim view of the "background structures" and the exterior hull of the sub, with the brightness being tied to the amount of ambient light. I suspect one of the mods has a biome with an unusual amount of ambient light, making the view brighter than usual.

I suspect this isn't what's causing the performance issues: rendering the background at a slightly higher brightness should have no impact on performance. If the performance got worse as soon as you entered this biome, my guess would be that something else in the biome is causing the performance hit: perhaps a very large number of level objects (like some environmental hazards or things that emit light).

19 Aug


We feel that being able to easily carry a stack of 8 tanks (or even several stacks!) essentially meant you could always carry so much oxygen on you that suffocation is practically never a risk, which kind of removes an important challenge from the game. Imo, it's a little strange that running out of oxygen is practically a non-issue in a game about underwater exploration! :)

I also feel this change is pretty minor - with a single tank lasting over 10 minutes, you can still easily bring enough oxygen for a very long EVA mission by putting an extra tank or two in your toolbelt for example. And with higher-quality tanks, oxygenite tanks, abyss suits and cargo scooters, you can take that even further. Or in other words, there are still plenty of ways to extend the EVA missions way beyond the ~20 minutes two regular normal-quality tanks give you, you just have to put some thought into it and/or compromise on what other supplies you bring with you.

I'd also like to point ...

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07 Aug

    Vihis on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
This sounds like it could be the same issue as in this topic:

So in short, check the server settings and see if the ragdoll option has been unchecked. If it is, enable it and see if that fixes the issue.

20 Jul

    Rokvach on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by pks: Assigning orders controls are very bad.
Lack of proper keyboard shortcuts was unacceptable back in like 1995.
There are keyboard shortcuts for assigning orders, for example you can press middle mouse button > 3 > 2 to assign a crew member to fix leaks, there's a priority system as to which bot receives the order mechanics being the first then engineers and so on, this depends of the type of order.

There is also a priority system on the types or orders a bot has as each bot can have up to 3 active orders the management orders are highest priority like fix leaks, repair devices or even cleanup then comes the operate orders like operate weapons or reactor so with the keyboard shortcuts you can... Read more

14 Jul

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